Two Shocking Story Lines In Reserve

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[Blind Gossip] There are some celebrities that like to see themselves in the press every day. Too bad that doesn’t mean that they are sharing what is really going on behind the scenes.

This guy is from a famous family. Lots of money and lots of publicity on a daily basis. In case you are wondering what he is doing far away on the other side of the country, away from his family and the cameras and the spotlight, we have your answer.

He is in rehab.

Has been since last summer. Started out as an inpatient, has now transitioned to outpatient, living very close to the facility. He is being treated for a serious eating disorder and severe depression. His family doesn’t want you to know how far he has gone in harming himself, so for now that are pretending that if he just ate a couple of salads and did a little jogging, he will be all fixed.

And while his famous family is not there with him, he does have company in the form of his secret family. A woman and her young son. His young son. Yes, he’s a father. The boy is approximately the same age as – and looks similar to – his sister’s son.

Why is the family keeping these major events quiet? Because they are holding them in reserve as two more television show story lines for the family to exploit for financial gain if their ratings continue to drop.

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It’s Rob Kardashian! Source:

On March 19, 2014, was the first to tell you that Rob Kardashian was at a rehab facility being treated for severe depression and an eating disorder.

At the time we published the original blind, Rob was being treated at a facility in Miami. He began treatment there on an inpatient basis last year, and then transitioned to an outpatient basis. That’s why he had been living in Miami since 2013. However, the treatment was not entirely effective, and Rob continued to suffer.

Kris Jenner was really angry that we exposed Rob’s true condition and his actual reason for being in Miami. Her plan was to focus on Rob’s weight in the press and to say that the embarrassment over his weight gain was the reason that he was absent from/unwelcome at family events. She wanted all the focus this year on Kim Kardashian’s wedding. She planned to keep Rob’s rehab a secret for as long as possible so that she could reserve the truth as a surprise story line for one of their reality shows.

After we ran our story Kris immediately started arranging to have Rob moved to another rehab facility so that she could continue the deception. On March 25th, Kris Jenner and Rob boarded a private plane together, with Kris claiming that she was “taking him to fat camp.”

Only he wasn’t going to fat camp. He was go to another rehab center.

Star Magazine picks up the story from there, via its sister publication RadarOnline:

Rob Kardashian Checks Into

Treatment Center: Report

Rob Kardashian has been struggling with personal issues for several months, but finally, he could be getting some help: According to a new report in Star magazine, Kim Kardashian’s younger brother is currently being treated for depression at The Meadows trauma and addiction treatment center in Arizona.

The only son of the late Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has packed on the pounds from weed, alcohol and prescription cough syrup, according to the new report.

“Rob has been checked into The Meadows for about a month for substance-abuse issues,” a source told the mag.

As Radar has reported, the struggling 27-year-old reality star recently reached out to his sister Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Lamar Odom.

Rob did not go on the family vacation to Thailand, and an insider previously told Radar he “has completely retreated from the family, and from his friends. But within the last few weeks, Rob has reconnected with Lamar.”

Rob’s depression is likely driving all of his issues with food and drugs and alcohol. However, in cases where comorbidity (the simultaneous presence of two diseases or conditions in a patient) exists, you have to get the patient clean first. Thus the need for rehab. We wish him well in his recovery.

We’ll save the details of the second story line for later.

Congratulations to all of you who guessed this one correctly. Sashas was first!

rob kardashian weight


Blind Gossip has been telling you for months now that Rob’s rehab story was one of the story lines that was in reserve.

Well, the rehab story line has now been activated!

TMZ is helping the Kardashians take the first shot:

Rob Kardashian Deep into Sizzurp and Weed
Family Pushing for Rehab

rob kardashian sizzurpRob Kardashian’s family wants Rob to get help for what they say is a very bad drug problem … sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ.

Our sources say the family is well aware of what has been going on with Rob, depicted by these photos during a drug-fueled party a few days ago.

You can see Rob holding a double cup … the container of choice for Sizzurp.  The cup on the table actually has the words, “Codeine Boys” emblazoned on it.  He’s also seen smoking weed.

We’re told the Kardashians have been calling rehab facilities, but Rob refuses to go.  They feel desperate because they don’t know what to do and hope pictures like these may change Rob’s mind.

The Kardashians have stepped up before … attempting an intervention for Lamar Odom’s drug problem.

Your eyes should be rolling so hard about how the family is trying to spin this. They “want Rob to get help,” “the Kardashians have been calling rehab facilities,” “they feel desperate,” “the Kardashians have stepped up before.” These are all key PR phrases designed to manipulate you into thinking that the family is good and caring and that Rob is bad and a loser.

Kris Jenner wanted Kim’s wedding to be front and center in everyone’s minds this year, and she was genuinely annoyed when Rob’s issues threatened to overshadow his sister’s story. She had to refocus you so that you thought that Rob’s issues were all about how he looked. Bring on the comments about his weight and self-esteem and wardrobe! Bring on the traveling personal trainer and the phony trip to fat camp!

Now that Kim’s wedding is over and the ratings are dipping, the rehab story has been activated and pushed to the front.

We will say it again: Rob spent a lot of time in rehab in Miami last year. He then did another stint in rehab in Arizona. For the family to pretend that this is a new issue or that they are trying so hard to get him to go to rehab for the first time is is just a huge lie.

Please Note: This is a Blind Gossip EXCLUSIVE. You must credit Blind Gossip by name AND provide a working link to our website. It’s probably just easier to use the social media links below. Thanks!

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