The Blockbuster Secret Romance

heart fire[Blind Gossip] There are reports that these two costars of an upcoming blockbuster are doing everything possible to keep their “secret romance” quiet.

Well, we have all the details for you!

Hold up. There are no details. Why not? Because there is no “secret romance”! This is all the work of publicists. They love having young stars in relationships when they are promoting a project. It helps them sell the film, the TV show, or the album.

Remember the fake coupling of Kristen Stewart and Robert Patinson from Twilight? The fake coupling of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith from Glee? The fake coupling of pop stars Taylor Swift and Harry Styles?

We told you that RobSten and MonChele and HayLor were fake, and we are telling you that this one is fake as well. This is exactly the same situation. Two young, attractive stars. Young audience. Project to promote. Same desire for publicity for the project.

So, sorry to burst your romance bubble, but this “secret romance” is a lie. They may fake it for publicity, but there is no way that that this Actor and Actress would ever be a real couple in real life. Why not? Perhaps it’s because one of them is not interested in the other gender. And that is something they would really rather not have publicized.



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