Yes He’s Leaving: Part 1

man leaving 2[Blind Gossip] This Actor on a current prime-time television series hates one of his male Costars.

So what did he do about it? He plotted to get him kicked off the show!

We told you about this situation in an earlier blind item. The Actor met with the show’s producers to tell them that Costar was the reason that the show’s ratings had declined and that they should replace him with someone else!

Well, the Costar read the blind item, found out that this event really happened… and all hell broke loose on the set! Costar confronted Actor. During the day. On the set. With everyone in the cast and crew watching!

It was an all-out screaming match!

Actor told Costar: You are ruining the show! You aren’t good-looking or talented enough to be anyone’s love interest! You’re naive to think that people on the show are really friends with each other and that we don’t talk behind each other’s backs!

Costar screamed right back: I thought we were friends! I can’t believe that you betrayed me like this! I can’t believe that you would mess with my career!

Everybody got dragged into the producer’s offices over the next couple of days for multiple meetings. People were crying and yelling. A decision was made.

Costar is OUT! He wasn’t fired, per se, but he was strongly encouraged to leave. He will finish out this season, but that’s it. He will not come back at all next season. Not even for guest appearances.

Producers will spin his departure as a combination of plot modifications/he’s pursuing other interests/we all love him and wish him well, etc. But you’ll know the truth. He was pushed out by a nasty coworker.

By the way, there were also two actresses and another actor also involved in this mess. We’ll tell you all about that in Part 2 tomorrow!



TV Show:

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  1. emmyj_21 says

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee

    Seems a shame for someone who was bullied so much during high-school to be bullying somebody else like this. How quickly some forget where they come from.

    • caligrlth25 says

      I think Colfer has a stick up his butt bc nothing progressed between him & Darren after they had hooked up. I remember from a previous blind that,Chris was mad at Darren bc he was bisexual and Chris felt that Darren should choose or something lame like that. This is beyond catty and I dont get why him and Lea are doing this, bc after glee those 2 are pretty much done with bc they will be forever type-casted. Darren can easily get out of being type-casted by doing independent movies and things like that, which I think he’s already started pursuing. karma is a b**ch and Chris & Lea will find that out soon enough

  2. Naija_girl says

    Darren Criss?!?!?!

    Chris Colfer?!?!


    Hoooly shnitzzle. This show just needs to be put out of it’s misery.

  3. gummiebear says

    Darren Criss is leaving Glee thanks to Chris Colfer. I guess Chris got his way, that bastard. This just upsets me on so many levels.

  4. letsgetlost says

    Actor: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    TV Show:Glee

    This is so sad. I hope this is not true!

    I love DC. I think he is “good-looking and talented enough to be anyone’s love interest”. I just registered to type these words to say thank you to DC. Thanks for the past four years. You don’t know how much time I have been spending listening to your singing. I will follow your career and have no doubt you have the talent and charisma to be successful in whatever project you set your mind to.

    Bye-bye Glee. I have been watching the Show for too long maybe. Thanks for the entertainment! It would be a lie if I say I haven’t been enjoying the show. However, it’s time to say goodbye. No reason, just need a change.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I definitely agree that this is Darren and Chris. I don’t understand why Chris would say Darren isn’t good looking, though. Darren is absolutely adorable and Chris really isn’t. From the little I’ve seen of the show, Darren is also very talented. It would be the show’s loss, in my opinion. I found Darren to be far more talented than Chris on the few occasions when I watched the show.

  5. mariaj says

    Ok, NOW i think the popcorn is mandatory:),this is even BETTER than i thought. Can’t wait to enjoy the comments.

    • Okayeah says

      Knowing the goings-on behind the scenes *almost* makes a person want to start watching Glee again, doesn’t it?

      • alina says

        Almost, but even this doesn’t make the writing tolerable anymore. The funniest thing about this story possibly being about Glee is somebody trying to blame any actor for the show circling the drain. I can’t even blame that guy from the talent show who’s the worst actor of the bunch because he got stuck in a dull as dirt plot about catfishing for several episodes that never even got resolved. Nobody could have pulled that off.

  6. mesden says

    “Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss will most assuredly stay on as series regulars until the very end. Ditto the major story arcs.”

  7. memommamo says

    Chris Colfer
    Darren Cris

    Sad – I think Darren Cris is a better singer/performer than Colfer and his baby girl voice. JMHO. Glee is going downhill anyway – the new cast sucks, and the episodes are just getting more annoying as far as plotlines go.

  8. lottablue says

    Ick. If TPTB at Glee have chosen Chris Colfer over Darren Criss, then I am truly done with this show. I have stuck it out as this show has become more and more stupid, insipid and self-aggrandizing, and I have fast forwarded through that simp Kurt’s scenes. Blaine is the one character I enjoy and now it appears that he is a goner. So I am too. Adios Glee.

    • HermioneG says

      Ha, good for you! I salute your loyalties, even if I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum. I did the same thing when Blaine took over the show and it became Blee and, worse, the Blam show. Now I’m probably going to tune in again, provided that Sam just disappears or at least shuts his humongous mouth and stays quietly in a corner trying to write with his feet, as seen in episode 100. I could bear Blaine in NYC in small doses, but Sam… no freaking way. But if Blaine leaves, I’m good with it.

  9. jersey6332 says

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee

    I can’t believe Chris Colfer would do that to Darren Criss. and now, Naya Rivera is leaving too? Lea michele has done some terrible things! First all that fakeness about the relationship with Cory and her “grieving” when she had a secret getaway with a mystery guy, cocaine and drugs and now this? and chris colfer? I’m very disappointed to hear this about him. Hollywood really screws you over man. Seems so perfect on the outside but so much cattiness behind the scenes

  10. Lin 23 says

    If this blind item is really about glee and the Actor is Chris Colfer and the Costar is Darren Criss,I would be really disappointed.Trying to have your colleague fired behind their back and probably replace him with someone else is one of the worst thing that a person can do.It really shows the quality of their character.Even people who hate Darren and the character of Blaine will admit how unprofessional this plot is.Glee is going downhill for a lot of reasons.Mostly because of bad writing and the loss of its main characters.If they really think that by loosing more of its season 1-3 stars the ratings will go up,they are wrong.

  11. Lin 23 says

    And I guess that the two other actresses are Lea Michele and Naya Rivera(or maybe Amber Riley) and the other actor Chord Overstreet.

  12. yourPRisajoke says

    Well, based on the related blinds, this is obviously Glee.

    If it is, I’m hoping that the co-star leaving is Chord Overstreet, but I suspect that they are trying to get us to believe that it is Darren Criss, and that the Actor is Chris Colfer. Since Darren has played the love interest to Colfer’s character for several seasons now, and his songs have been among the best-selling Glee songs on iTunes, I can’t imagine that the argument that he’s not good-looking or talented enough to be anyone’s love interest would be made in his case. Actually, if that’s the argument, I would guess that the co-star might be Kevin McHale, although he’s a great singer.

    I think this is a PR attempt to get us thinking that Criss and Colfer don’t like each other, to distract from the recurring rumors of a relationship between the two of them.

    • luckyXIII says


      It’s no secret that glee’s ratings are at an all time low. It’s actually really embarrassing. I wouldn’t put it past anyone connected to that show to pull a move like this to attract drama seeking viewers. It’s definitely a PR attempt but I think it has more to do with bringing in viewers during these last few season 5 episodes than it does rumors of a relationship (though not counting that out). You can’t tell me that people won’t tune in to see if they can spot any animosity between the actors in question during scenes they have together.

      The argument just doesn’t make sense. The Kurt/Blaine fandom is one of the biggest ones out there and you’re telling me the producers decided to oust one of them? Please. The writers have always said that Rachel/Finn, Santana/Brittany, and Kurt/Blaine are endgame couples. Literally said that to appease fans. Well, Cory passed away and Heather had a baby so at the beginning of season five, two of those couples were no longer. What did the writers do? They had Blaine/Kurt get engaged because they already lost two out of three of their biggest fanbases, and it’s pretty clear they didn’t want to lose the Blaine/Kurt fandom. I just don’t buy that they’re okay with losing them now. And the reasoning behind it? He’s not good looking or talented? I’m not a fan of him but i’m not deaf either, you can hear talent there.

      Unless everyone is wrong about who the actors in question are, i still think this is some kind of weird move to get people talking about the show again. I don’t doubt for a second that they all fight like high school kids, it’s pretty naive to think that they all get along like best friends, i just find the move strange on the producer’s part. The show is horrendous now, it has been since season 2, I really doubt firing one person is going to be the cure all. Interested to see part 2 of this now.

      • mariaj says

        while i agree with you that the plotting seems really stupid AND selfdestructive, i have doubts about all this being a PR move. I mean, we are not talking about fake relationship, we are talking about higly unprofessional behaviour, we are talking about actors plotting against others actors back, things like these can cut any chances of career you may have, why Lea or Chris, or Lea and C’s pr, would agree to do or APPEAR to want to do such things? OR do you think this is the show’s pr? But even so, even then would be self-defeating, cause if part of their wiewers think that the two actors are so mean, then they will leave. No, i have really doubts about this. Well, sure i didn’t even think that Chris would be so unprofessional to bring his BF(?) on set, walking around looking like a sad homeless and sometime getting in the way of the crew, so…

  13. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I loved Glee when it first began but haven’t watched it in a few years (the story lines were just too dumb.), but since they are all going to be in their 30’s soon, it’s time for them all to get the hell out of high school and into something age appropriate.

    Actor – Chris Colfer – Kurt
    CoStar – Darren Kriss – Blaine
    TV Show – Glee

  14. Spanct says

    Are we adding the bit where the actor and co-star hooked up once or twice, or leaving that bit out. btw It’s the actor who’s not attractive enough to get a hot love interest in real life, not the co-star.

  15. _lolalot says

    The first blind made it seem like Glee, but this doesn’t sound like those people at all. It also doesn’t make much sense. Why would the co-star be fired and encouraged to leave?

  16. mariaj says

    But, if really this is about Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, Chris, do you really think that GLEE is worthy all this?I think it could be better, and for you,if YOU leave that now dead and offensive show.

    • alina says

      This. It can’t be worth the hit to any of their reps for being difficult, backstabbing divas who can’t work well with others. It’s one more season. Suck it up for the remaining episodes and walk away looking like a professional. It’s easier to book your next gigs that way. People don’t like working with people who try to get their coworkers fired and create drama. I’d expect this was a show with more life left in it.

  17. sssss says

    What an a-hole! Don’t know their names but this is about the guys from Glee. Actor is just pissed because Glee sucks now and no one watches it, and his fame is going to come to an end soon!

  18. stolidog says

    So, I think we’ve all guesses that this is about Glee, and it involves Chris Colfer and Lea Michelle getting Darren Criss kicked off the show, but, seriously? Chris Colfer and Lea Michelle think the audience is so vapid that Darren Criss is bringing down the show because he’s not good looking enough? That’s just bizarre.
    There are a million reasons why Glee sucks (cough, talent contest winners, cough), but Darren Criss’s face is not one of them.

    • TeacherKat says

      If this is the correct guess, I don’t think his face is the actual reason they want him fired. It says they hate each other. I assumed that comment about his looks was just something thrown out in an argument, not the real reason for wanting him fired (though it also mentioned his talent as well in the argument so who knows).

  19. tricaltra says

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee

    It seems pretty short-sighted of Chris Colfer and Lea Michele to screw over their co-stars for a show that is swirling the bowl. I don’t think either has a whole lot of range so making enemies now will only hurt their careers down the road…just ask Teri Hatcher.

    • MikeInSanJose says

      I feel bad for Darren. Don’t really know much about him. Seems like a genuine guy. And sounds like he was caught completely unawares by this betrayal by Kurt and Rachel.

  20. graysonsmama says

    The timing of this suggests Costar might be Josh Charles, the show being The Good Wife, with Chris Noth as Ahole actor #1 who can’t handle the fact that Josh Charles is hotter or better than he is.

  21. mariaj says

    Btw, if this is thrue, i have to say, Glee’s declining rating are not D. Criss’s fault, though he has some. The real problem of Glee is the lazy and so AWFUL writing, but the same i think Glee should have ended after season 2 AT MOST. Well,sure D.Criss has had the fault to push that dull, idiotic Blam, so, yes, he has his faults, too.

  22. infinity216 says

    Actor: Chris Collfer
    Costar: Darren Chris
    Show: Glee
    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    Actress 2: ??
    Actor 3: Adam lambert

  23. Fan says

    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss

    What threw me off was the comment supposedly from Chris to Darren about not being good looking enough? Darren’s alot better looking than Chris.

  24. tessiec32 says

    I’ll be so gutted if this costar is Darren Criss of Glee. Better not be! If Naya Riviera leaves too then there’s not much hope for Season 6, I’m guessing it was the actor who plays Kurt who pushed him out…i thought more of him…will be so disappointed in him, if this turns out to be true. Hi, Ace do you have a timeframe of when there could be an announcement?

  25. SupremeBeingofLeisure says

    If it’s Glee, all of them save Jane Lynch will be unemployed and forgotten within five years. Enjoy the fifteen minutes.

  26. CatBallou says

    Sigh this cast is a mess!

    Chris Colfer – Actor

    Darren Criss – CoStar

    Glee – show

  27. luvprue1 says

    Some one on Glee? I do not watch Glee but I am aware of all the crap that goes on behind the scenes.

  28. ohhjenna says

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee

    Darren is so much better than all of them, I’m glad he’s leaving. He could be doing so many more bigger and better things than the shit show that is Glee.

  29. Tanzania says

    Dang. Glee sounds like a mess right now.

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: GLEE

  30. GWC says

    Based solely on the image – A Mad Men ousting. Jon Hamm doesn’t love Vince. I don’t love his character.

    • loremi says

      That’s what came to mind when I saw the picture, but the final season is about to start in a couple of weeks and so ‘finishing out the season’ wouldn’t make sense.

  31. republicanbunny says

    This has to be The Good Wife. Chris Noth is the actor who was nasty to Josh Charles. And the actress is Julianna Margulies.

  32. I Am PunkA says

    Wow. So Colfer went after Criss.

    That is some serious gay on gay hate right there.

  33. Grammaticator says

    Actor: Chris Colfer

    Co-Star: Darren Criss

    TV Show: Glee

    Yes, the best male singer (and also best looking) guy on the show is just DRIVING down the ratings. Jealously is suit Colfer wears very well.

  34. Bianca says

    Really hope is Darren Criss from Glee!!! I can’t stand him anymore!! He was great at the begining but now I’m so sick of him!! And that charade every time he goes to an event, with that aweful beard and PR team. He went to a LGBT event the other day, playing the “oh look, I’m so straigh” card, with his beard!!!! is so disgusting to see already, we all know what’s going on!! He’s such a hyprocrite, I don’t want to see him anymore in this media!!

  35. sdenzel says

    Woow whoever it is, this is just disgusting. I know people sometimes can’t stand each other, but to sink so low… I feel sorry for Darren (since I think it’s about him).
    This just makes me wonder: Is Chris Colfer such a mean person? (and Lea Michele?) Or is there something about Darren?
    I read in other blindgossip articles (which I presume are about Glee) that Darren is Bisexual but he doesn’t want to come out and Chris had problems with it. Maybe that is a reason?

  36. 20twenty says

    If related to those other blinds, then:

    Actor: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    TV Show: Glee

  37. Blacky says

    The Show: Glee
    Two Feuding Actors: Chris Colfer & Darren Criss (Popular Addition)
    Two Other Actresses: Lea Michele & Naya Rivera (Yes She’s Leaving)
    Other Actor Involved: Adam Lambert (The replacement love interest)

  38. Revisionist says

    Surely I cant be the only person in America who finds Kurt annoying as hell. I cant really see watching a show featuring Leah and Chris. and If it wasn’t for Naya I wouldn’t have even watched this long

  39. rodieb123 says

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee.

    Sad if this is true. Darren was the best part of that show.

  40. chibeacher says

    Paul Guilfoyle (Jim Brass) is leaving CSI, Josh Charles is leaving The Good Wife, Could it be one of them?

  41. Jennie says

    Darren Criss
    Chris Colfer
    I know lea michele was one of the actresses ploting against him shes a mean cockehead

  42. leannael says

    Who DOESN’T love Darren Criss more than Chris Colfer and Leah/Naya/all of them? Darren Criss was the ONLY reason I watched at all, but no longer. Get your feet out of that nasty bog, Darren, and go on to bigger and better things. You are the star. We all know it.

  43. MsOverstreet says

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV show: Glee

    Sooo much drama going on behind this show!

  44. Lelaina Pierce says

    This is obviously …

    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee

    Darren, if you read this… Love Ya! You’re awesome, better than the rest, and will do so much better for yourself than on that sinking ship!

  45. heyimstoked says

    Actor: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    Show: Glee

    Wow…it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  46. pikasupageti says

    Actor: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    TV Show: Glee

    I really hope this isn’t true, is Chris really capable of such devious action?

  47. missmissy says

    Darren Criss
    Alex Newell??

    The consensus on the other blinds seemed to suggest that Chris Coffer was in the mix, complaining about other co-stars. Maybe I am naive but I have a hard time seeing him trying to push out Newell. Criss seemed to have a healthy ego though.

    If it is Alex, its too bad. I love the character.

  48. greasybitchs says

    this could be the good wife with will dying or this could be benson from law and order suv

  49. bangthegong says

    Actor is Chris Colfer, Costar is Darren Criss, show is Glee.
    And ugh. There is no way I’m watching next season, if this is true. Not because I’m especially a Blaine/Darren fan but because I can’t stand the idea of Chris and Lea acting this way and getting rewarded for it.

    Not to mention the whole thing with Naya Rivera, as well. Kurt was one of my faves on the show (never liked Rachel), but Santana was my all time favorite, aside from Mercedes. No one wants to watch a show about stereotype Kurt, insufferable and awful Rachel, and a few of their random friends in New York getting everything they want and pretending that none of the other cast existed.

    That show is messing up. They first messed up with all of those nobodies they tried to replace the New Directions with, Degrassi style. Now they’re messing up by feeding Lea and Chris’ egos and letting them stay deluded enough to believe that they are big celebrities and should have this kind of pull on their show.

    Next season is going to suck. Nobody wants to watch Rachel getting everything she wants and never being reprimanded for being a terrible human. And with these blinds about the terrible things Lea has done and now Chris has done, the last thing I want to do is support any bit of Glee that has been tainted by their egos. The show jumped the shark after season 3 anyway.

  50. tallulah_jay says

    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss

    Team Darren…Colfer and Michele are AWFUL people. Darren is so much better than that show.

  51. hihotintin says

    For some reason the Good Wife pops out at me.

    Actor being Chris Noth / Peter Florrick
    Co-Star being Josh Charles / Will Gardner

    He was recently killed off the show supposidly its because he wanted to move on with his career but it just seemed weird when I watched the video of them talking about it. Also Josh Charles has been described as weirdly hot – again just a gut feeling I have.

  52. hbrown says

    Glee. Chris Colfer wanted Darren Criss out of the show. I know previous blinds brought Adam Lambert into this too, but he’s no longer filming, so whoever was involved in this debacle as the OTHER male actor in part 2, it won’t have been Lambert on set.

  53. spikelb says

    You’re naive to think that people on the show are really friends with each other . . .
    People were crying . . .

    Sounds like high school . . . gotta be GLEE !

  54. Aelis says

    Obviously Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, and Glee. Though I don’t understand why Colfer would do something so nasty so close to cancellation. I don’t care if you don’t like the guy – you can deal with it for one more season.

  55. ishiphappy says

    Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Glee.

    Honestly, if this is true so many people are DONE with Glee. First Naya, now this. I’ve met Darren and yes I am disapointed he hasn’t come out and lugs that nasty beard around but he does not deserve to be kicked off Glee. He works hard, is talented, and is good looking (what the F Colfer?) If every article about those two is true, it seems they used to have something and now things are “tense”. Who knows who did what, or what happened, but shame on you Chris and Lea (and any anyone else involved). This whole thing is high school all over again and its so sad they could not remain professional.

    Darren, your great but shave your beard and get the hell out of your PR contract because Ricky is dragging you down.

    Chris, I am so incredibly disapointed in you. I used to admire you but now…you are acting like a child. For someone who sturuggled with bullying, take a look at yourself. You getting involved with Darrens career is a new low. You (and other involved) are the reason I am done with this show.

    Glee, your last season is gonna suck. No one is going to watch thanks to this. giving into what Lea & Chris want makes you look terrible.

  56. Wrigley says

    As a fan of the show and its actors, including Chris, Darren, Lea and Naya, I really hope this is NOT true (same with the supposed item about Naya). It’s disgusting, despicable behavior and shouldn’t be tolerated. News flash: we all have to deal with people we don’t like, at work and in life. Grow up and be a professional! IF these two blind items are true, I could never support another project Chris or Lea did. I think Darren/Blaine has been the best post-season 1 addition to the show.

  57. kerplunkin says

    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss
    The 2 other actresses are Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, who seem to have a feud going on.

    If this is true, it’s one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever read. This show is in the crapper and there is no saving it, the least this cast can do is suck it up and get through this last season with their professional reputations intact! They’re gonna need it because god knows their careers are probably just going to all go down hill from here. Guess they’ve all been playing high schoolers for too long, cause that’s what they are acting like.