Anything But A Male Virgin

male virgin 2[Billy Masters] Could it be that a certain virginal young man was anything but prior to his highly publicized wedding? So say two people who swear they can prove it.

Turns out he enjoyed being chased far more than being chaste just months before being catapulted into our collective consciousness. When these former paramours came to light, they threatened to topple what was a tenuous grasp on fame to begin with. Far more damaging than his dalliances is the fact that one of these whistle-blowers is another guy!

Male Virgin:

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    • Okayeah says

      Not married – guessing you mean Kevin, but I think it’s actually some bachelor dude who claimed to be a “born-again virgin”. I saw a headline that said he was getting married.

    • Fan says

      Wow, I forgot about him and his “new” virginity. I heard rumors when he was on DWTS.

  1. pattyc24 says

    Male Virgin: Sean Lowe

    But I’d just like to point out, he never said he was a virgin. He declared himself a born-again virgin, so he fully admits to have sex before. So people claiming to have slept with him wouldn’t have been false. The guy however, is surprising.

  2. ravenglass says

    Sean Lowe (The Bachelor)

    Pretty much all of the guys from “The Bachelor” & “The Bachelorette” have set off my gaydar!!!

  3. SouthJerseyGirl says

    The bachelor that just got married – Sean Lowe and his virginal bride, Catherine Giudici.

  4. NOTellebee says

    The Bachelor person who then gave a million interviews about banging his wife. Real classy, homie.

  5. Ahem says

    Kevin Jonas, obvi. His wife is bearding for him, but I get the feeling she`s type A sexual anyway, so everyone wins! PS – has she given `birth` yet??

  6. everythingthatshines says

    could it be anyone other than Kevin Jonas? Surprised they’re not both guys

  7. ivyleaguer says

    kevin Jonas. I am not sure of any male celebs who purport to be virgins. seems strange.

  8. travoltasbeard says

    This is crazy…On of them IS NOT a guy? Total surprise!!!!!

    Kevin Jonas

    P.S. I Love the “Whistleblowers” Double entendre! Magnificent and sneaky!!!

  9. lasvegasmom says

    Male Virgin: Kevin Jonas
    Zac Hanson ? (this is my first time guessing sorry if i’m way off!)

  10. augustmom says

    Has to be a Jonas brother! Which is the one in a beard marriage with the new (Filipino) baby? That one.

  11. I Am PunkA says

    Sean Lowe from The Bachelor.

    Ne never claimed to be a virgin, just a born-again virgin. He seems to enjoy the attention.

    Totally buy he was banging chicks, not buying that gay lover.

  12. Zander24 says

    Sean Lowe.

    The phony “Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars” alum — he also fits in with the BI referring to his “tenuous grasp on fame.” Gay, Gay, Gay. He will do anything to extend his 15 minutes. Probably is trying to get his own reality show now.

  13. KWDragon says

    This sounds like the Bachelor who just got married. I don’t even know his name, but his new wife (“Mrs. D-List”) was Instagramming pics of herself in bed, implying he had finally lost his virginity.

    Welcome to my big, fat who cares!

  14. AlliCat says

    The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe? Although he actually claims to be a “born again virgin'” despite reports…

  15. Stars In My Eyes says

    Too easy, like the subject of this blind.
    Sean Lowe of the Bachelor fame.
    Now please oh pretty please tell me Whine Pablum has secret male lovers.

  16. JaneDawson says

    Kevin Jonas’ wedding was anything but highly publicized. He wishes!

    Sean Lowe the conveniently “born again” bachelor.

  17. jerzeygirl says

    Going with Sean Lowe on this one. Whether or not you like them the Jonas Brothers were very famous. Sean Lowe’s grasp on fame would be considered tenuous.

  18. goldieb says

    Not Kevin Jonas. The JB’s were nationally famous WAY before his wedding and had MUCH more than a “tenuous grasp on fame”.

    Going with “The Bachelor” Lowe. “CATapulted” = “CATherine.”

  19. MonaLisa says

    Kevin Jonas? Fake marriage, fake pregnancy, maybe “technically” a “virgin” because he is (probably) gay and has probably been with men before.

  20. seattlegirl says

    Totally going with Kevin Jonas here. The photo is a clue, and the clue is the big eyebrows and dark hair and super cheesy quality of the pic. Kevin Jonas is cheesy as all get out, we already know him to be a massive liar, his desperate grasp on fame is widely chronicled. There is no one else it could be. Gosh I hope his sex partners come out. Would LOVE to see it on the cover of People. BTW, what’s up with baby pillow these days anyway?

  21. gossiphoundxx says

    I doubt it’s Kevin Jonas. The clue fits more with the guy from The Bachelor–he claimed he was a born again virgin for at least the last year before he went on the show. This blind makes it sound like someone who was just recently became famous and these hookups were just before that, so this whole thing went down in the past year to 18 months. The Jonas Brothers first became famous back in 2007, not in any way recently.