BG12345: Wednesday

camel 40Good Morning, Blinders!

It’s Hump Day, and we have lots of good gossip for you!

You will be getting a mixed BG12345, which is a combination of new and SOLVED items.

We’ll be starting early today in order to give fans of the celebrities featured in today’s items plenty of time to foam at the mouth and yell at us.

Let the guessing, foaming, and yelling begin!

Love, Ace

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  1. ravenglass says

    Good Morning, Ace, BG Crew & Fellow Blinders!!!

    Sounds like we’re getting some 1D blinds today. I’m not a Directioner but I’ve had “Story Of My Life” stuck in my head for days. Is this how becoming a Directioner starts? Uh oh!

    Looking forward to the gossip!!!

  2. guiltywhispers says

    Guessing, foaming, yelling: Only 1D, Miley, Bieber and Teen Wolf inspire that these days.

  3. travoltasbeard says

    Aha! This MUST be Brandi Glanville Gossip, M’lud Ace.

    M’lud, Will the Trolls be out in force?

    M’lud, Will they read the studies done about online trolling and published by the Independent newspaper that say online trolls display sociopathic behavior?

    M’lud, Will they read the studies that say online trolls do it mainly out of idleness and boredom?

    Ergo, will they then get a life?

    M’lud Ace, methinks not!