Singer Has A Confession

confession 1[Hollywood Street King] This R&B singer doesn’t exactly hide the many Confessions he needs to make.

The one we’re talking about takes us back to the time when X marked his spot. The situation is said to have directed our blind item subject in showing his beard NO TLC… telling her, “It’s My Way or the highway.” That’s what’s been revealed as the reason behind his 2003 break-up from one female Scrub.

We’re told the Burn began back in 2001, when one Hype Williams protege made our blind item subject Wanna put the Toronto director on. Our tipster tells us the cold truth of the boy-BFF’s relationship forced her to feel the Chill-y… and, there went his baby.

Here’s the drop: “Those two dudes were all caught up in each other… and she got super jealous because they were inseparable.”

Today, he’s got major baby momma drama. His former X-man has since Twerkt it for Bussa Buss, and headed his Worst Behavior with Drizzy.


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  1. EstuaryKPommelhorse says

    Ace, I hope all those clues help you Usher in the correct answer… 😉

  2. BoA says

    That’s a really easy one ! It’s about Usher

    Clues beeing: Confessions(his biggest selling album), TLC & Chilly are self explanatory, Burn is a song off of Confessions

  3. MotherOfUnicorns says

    Singer: Usher
    Confessions, My Way and Burn are all his songs
    He also dated Chilli from TLC. Scrubs was a TLC song
    And he always has baby mama drama with Tameka.

  4. Violets says

    For Sheezy I have no idea what I just read. However since it mentions chill-y and scrub and a breakup in 03′ I’ll say this is about… Usher.

  5. makenna2j says

    usher!!!! he was dating Chilli from TLC and his albums named had confession in it.. has two sons with exwife so that is the baby momma drama

  6. calumsmom says

    I get the clues (too many to mention — Confessions, TLC, Scrub, Burn, Chili, etc.) are referring to Usher and Chilli, but I have no idea what this blind is trying to say… I am getting OLD.

  7. worldsoldestkitten says

    I’m sorry … is this English?

    Whatever it is, will someone please translate it for me?

  8. jem2007 says

    Singer: Usher
    His Down Low fling: Director-X, a Canadian music video director from Toronto.

  9. blackmahn says

    I only understood about a third of that. I don’t think I’m black enough. :-) But I did manage to figure out it’s Usher. His album Confessions. Chill-y is Chilli from TLC with whom he had a relationship that ended in January, 2004, etc.

  10. Lis1234 says

    Usher, hint being his famous songs confessions. he also dated Rozonda ‘Shilli’ Thomas from TLC

  11. gossipalooza says

    Easy! Usher!

    Plenty of clues in this one: ‘many Confessions’ – Usher’s album Confessions, ‘no TLC’ – Usher dated Chilli from TLC.

    But who is the boy-bff??

  12. Visha says

    Usher for the win but my God I do not even undertand what this whole blind is sayin besides the gay parts

  13. Visha says

    Oh wait I think I get some of it regarding Usher’s relationship with Julien Christian Lutz known as X who is a Hype Williams protege and has worked with Drake. So is he now dating Busta Rhymes?? Wow the messiness here is amazing.

  14. candymandie says

    I love how some blinds are crazy hard, with almost no clues, while others are so way beyond obvious. It cracks me up! Ace really wants us to know it’s USHER. ;-D I wish all the blinds were this easy. lol

  15. Ginger KyD says

    Take that and rewind it back… Urrrsher got the voice to make ya booty go (clap)
    Usher is a real SCRUB

  16. Syl says

    Argh. Usher and that gorgeous Chili as his beard and I wished I knew who gluons b’friend was.

  17. swaggiest says


  18. MonaLisa says

    Seriously? Obviously Usher – you basically said it! Dated Chili Thomas of TLC, “Confessions” R&B singer, “Burn” singer, etc., etc. Not sure who the other dude is, tho.

  19. greenEggsNspam says

    Singer: Usher

    The director who was Hype Williams protege is Little X, who’s from Toronto.

  20. memesnowbelle says

    Singer: Usher
    1. “It’s My Way” = Song: My Way 1997
    2.Burn = Song: Let it Burn 2004
    3.Confession: Both Confessions song
    4. Female Scrub breakup & “relationship forced her to feel the Chill-y” : Chili from TLC

  21. KittyBennet says

    This has to be Usher. Dated Chilli (Chill-y) of TLC (female scrub). Singer of: “Confession: Part 1”, “Confession: Part 2”, “Gotta Let it Burn”, “My Way” and “You Make Me Wanna”. All referenced in the post.

  22. angel_luv says

    R&B Singer: Usher
    Ex-Girlfriend: Chilli
    Baby Momma:Tomeka Foster
    No idea who the BFF is

  23. crickettu says

    Wow if that doesnt scream Usher I don’t know what will. Ton’s of Usher clues “confessions” “no TLC” “Scrub” “Burn” “chill-y” “there went his baby”

  24. AnastasiaBeaverhausen says

    I have no idea what this blind actually means…but the singer is Usher!