1. bg565 says

    The image makes me think of Sleepless in Seattle, but I highly doubt this is Tom Hanks, but oh what if it were! With Meg as his NY lady?

  2. css1014 says

    Actor: Warren Beatty was in movie Secret Affair
    NY based Woman: ?? Miranda Kerr-lives in NY, worked for Victoria’s Secret, an opportunist

  3. VenomousBede says

    First time poster!

    LA Actor = Tom Hanks? Graphic made me think of the scene in “Sleepless in Seattle” where plane’s path traced across map of the U.S., from from Seattle to Baltimore.

    No idea re: NY woman

  4. ravenglass says

    Sarah Jessica Parker, said in a recent interview, that she spends a lot of time in L.A. & loves it for “so many reasons.”

    She is a New York woman.


  5. lily is my puppy says

    That picture also makes me think of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can. So my guess is him and someone who likes to fly.

  6. annasophie says

    This could not be more vague. Way too general and cryptic to guess, which I take to mean that this item must be a Hilfiger and a potential legal mess if revealed.