BG12345: Monday

justin bieber 4Good Morning, Blinders!

We have mixed BG12345 for you today! That’s a combination of five new and SOLVED blind items starting at 1:00 pm EDT.

We promise it will be a heck of a lot more pleasant than sitting through a deposition with Justin Bieber.

Speaking of Bieber: What a tool! Actually, tool might be an understatement. How many different words are there to describe his behavior over the past couple of years?

Love, Ace

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  1. mommagoosed says

    Yay for the BG12345, not so much for the Dweebs. So many derogatory adjectives due to his behavior… dweeb, tool, loser, twerp, twit, jerk, etc., etc., etc…

  2. elliedee says

    Thank you, Ace!

    Words to describe Bieber’s behavior –
    moronic,stupid,idiotic,asinine, brainless, spoiled, selfish, arrogant (and these are just the printable ones)

  3. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    I just saw the deposition. Tool IS an understatement. The whole thing about “Did you say film? Did you call that a film?” What an a$$h*le.
    Btw, love the pic of Bieber. His abs are painted on with a stencil and spray tan.

  4. 2BEAUCOUP says

    I hope he’s SOON
    those evil brothers,
    Neal and Ben Dover!!!!!

  5. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Nauseating, annoying, disgusting, infuriating, entitled, immature, gross. Honestly, I could go on.

  6. FairyMay9 says

    I was just going to ask, where the hell are his parents? Well, it turns out unless I heard the report wrong that his father was smoking pot on the plane WITH him, and they both refused to stop. I’m behind on my Bieber news, cuz I totally don’t care. But as a mom, I really can’t imagine if this were my child how I’d be allowing it all to happen? He’s 20, I get it, he’s legal. But it all started when he WAS a minor. So, tell me, WHERE were his mommy and daddy? I don’t get it. I don’t get it.

    And I REALLY don’t get those pants.

  7. ravenglass says

    Good Morning!!!

    Apparently, this TOOL is back in Selena’s tool box.

    His behavior is ruining his own career & if she doesn’t stay away from him, he’ll ruin hers too.

    • FairyMay9 says

      And that’s really what it is, it’s tragic. This is a person who is clearly a product of the people he’s surrounded himself with, and he’s been allowed to surround himself by his parents. I have to point, again, to the parents, allowing this to happen to their child. It’s so very sad.

  8. Best Man says

    Yeah he’s a tool. Spoilt. And entitled. But I feel badly kicking him when he’s down. He’s a product of a system that exploits kids and they implode. His parents seem just as bad as he is. It’s hard to watch the slow self destruction of a young person whether famous or not. Lindsey, Britney, Miley et al or even some of the rich kids I grew up with. They had the money and the opportunities but no love or support from their parents. It never ends well.

    • Samra1116 says

      Elitist, entitled and just bad behavior—-
      Don’t listen to anyone
      He needs help badly
      Yes people
      No self control at all
      Only in hollyweird—can they keep doing the same things with no consequences.

  9. jersey6332 says

    The thing is, I don’t know why Selena still wants to be around him. I mean, in one of the previously solved blinds, justin is the reason she’s not talking to some of her celebrity friends. Maybe it’s taylor swift cuz they were at the vanity fair party and there was no interaction apparently. Why is Selena so keen on helping him when she needs help too? Ace once said she’s one of the nicest people in the industry and this just shows she is. Justin, on the other hand, is just ridiculous. I can’t believe he still has fans! He already has a bad public image. Can you imagine if people REALLY knew what was going on behind the scenes? He’s got to go and leave hollywood.

    • TrueBieberBabe says

      Justin has plenty of fans left and I am one of them. All the items of press about him are not true. I am read stories about Justin that take a grain of truth and stretch it into something else that it is not. I have been at a concert and witnessed an event and they I read the press write-up about the event and it is so different is not what really happened. Then what happens is that each internet site takes the same incorrect story and just cuts and pastes the same incorrect article. Then before you know it, this untruth is now considered truth. So, believe me you cannot believe all the you read about Justin. People are talking about his behavior during the deposition, but no one realizes that Justin was sitting there for 4 1/2 hours answering questions that had nothing to do with the pap case. The 2 or 3 minutes that TMZ has shared is toward the end of the 4 hours. People should stop bullying Justin and try to offer support for him.

  10. RuHa says

    Over the past year he was:



  11. CatBallou says

    Have you seen the clip of him f-bombing the poor court reporter who just asked him to speak up? Man, his lawyers moved him out quick after that.

  12. Naija_girl says

    He’s a tool on camera when he knows it will leak and the world will watch it. He’s a peacock posturing cuz he knows his stupid fans will love him no matter what he does.

    Did anyone else laugh when he said YouTube was “detrimental” to his career when he meant instrumental? Freudian slip at its funniest. I can’t wait till he becomes another Where Are They Now star. Every generation has one and he will be ours.

  13. LeahLynn28 says

    He’s really a too,but he’s also a loser,an idiot,a d-bag,mmature,dumb,stupid and has a huge ego.Justin is also a talentless and annoying fraud.And he’s a drug addict and an alcoholic too…a bad role model for the young people.
    Now i don’t understand why is Selena is still going after him for publicity…his reputation is bad and he is destroying his career with his behavior.If she continues seeing him,her reputation and her career will be destroyed too.

  14. Stars In My Eyes says

    Juvenile, lame, stupid, idiotic, pedantic, puerile, silly, dumb, feeble-minded, half-baked, half-cocked, three cards short of a full deck, has marbles loose, natural selection in reverse, moronic, uneducated, ridiculous.
    I knew that thesaurus I just bought would come in handy!

  15. Stars In My Eyes says

    And to everyone wondering why Selena took him back, I have the answer–drugs and booze. Addicts have to stick together you know. If she really wanted to be sober, she’d stay the heck away.

  16. PinkPetals says

    So much anger towards him. He is simply another victim of a system that pumps these kids out for money & then dumps them when they are messed up & not profitable. Selena is no better. She just has better management & PR. All of these children (Lohan, Miley, Demi, Selena etc) are the products of uneducated, fame-hungry parents, who lack business sense and sign their kids over to management teams that promise to look after them. The parents aren’t bright & believe the execs at the big companies. Yes, the kid is a total douche bag but would you sell the soul of your 13 year old boy to a record company. I wouldn’t. He had NO chance from the beginning.