The Real Father Will Surprise You

michael jackson 5[Hollywood Street King] He’s a singer said to possess DNA which proves he was fathered by MJ. This after reports of the “positive” test results made headlines. Here’s the problem… not only does a tipster tells us the press play “was staged”, they say it’s the King of Pop’s Pops who may be the true biological daddy of Miki Howard’s 31-year-old son.

Don’t believe me… Just ask Flo Anthony. Know why? According to our source, Joe Jackson didn’t only once serve as the “Love Under New Management” songstress’ manager, “he was smashing her too.”

Here’s the drop: “Miki was pregnant with Joe’s baby but she went home and told Augie Johnson, from the group Side Effect, ‘You’re the baby daddy.” Ike Turner once told me, “Miki will do anything for rent money and crack c*caine.” Our industry insider now confirms Ike’s revelation, “Miki Howard used to smash older men in the record business.”

The Real Father:

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    • Sea Turtle says

      I think Brandon Howard is a spitting image of his mother Miki Howard & Ike Turner is the father.

  1. CatBallou says

    Probably anyone’s guess but I suppose Joe Jackson

    Kids probably just as lucky he wasnt raised by him

  2. rorythedragon says

    I read she once went by Billie, hence, “Billie Jean’s not my lover…” I still think it’s someone in the Jackson family, Papa or other because B. Howard sounds like and looks like a Jackson.

    • luvprue1 says

      Yeah, I believe He the son of Joe Jackson, which would explain why he had some of the Jackson DNA.

  3. GrannyGoose says

    “Billy Jean” makes SOOOO much more sense to me now!

    The Real Father: Joe Jackson

  4. iknewit says

    As soon as I heard this story I knew it was Joe Jackson who fathered him. He has that same creepy vibe as Beyonce’s dad. Eeeew not sure who would be worse.

  5. Visha says

    The Real Father is Joe Jackson whose son just came out saying he is MJ’s son. The question here is was this blind meant to be this easy or am I not getting it?

    • kspeedian says

      LOL I thought the exact same thing. What exactly is blind about this? Either were both missing something, or they forgot to remove the damn answer… I mean it says right there, “The King of Pop’s Pop.” I love that people are still debating/discussing it though, lol we’re all blind addicts!

  6. silver_girl81 says

    Brandon Howard definitely looks like a Jackson. Probably best that he wasn’t raised by Joe Jackson.

  7. missmissy says

    I don’t know… there were reports that the original lab that tested the DNA also tested material related to MJs brother. They found there was no relationship to any of them. This was a TMZ report I think…

    I think the whole thing was set up to provide publicity for the “kid’s” music career.

  8. jeeves says

    Brandon looks weirdly like Michael (esp. around the eyes and cheekbones), and what’s more, has that soft Jackson voice and some of his mannerisms. There must be some Jackson in there somewhere, probably Joe.

      • jeeves says

        Just watch that vid Brandon did denying any involvement. It’s like looking at MJ through a distorting mirror.

  9. Booboo1068 says

    The fact it was staged is really not a news worthy. Most of what celebs put out is staged or preplanned (scripted). All the worlds a stage right?