1. Vagabondage says

    Actor: Robert Pattinson
    Woman: Caitlin Cronenberg

    She’s married now, but was single when they met on set filming Cosmopolis in Toronto. Caitlin was a stringer (photojournalist/blogger) for her father, director David Cronenberg. She was single then. RPatz has been filming in Toronto for a few weeks now.

    • missmissy says

      I thought about him too, but he was so outspoken about cheating before the Kristen Stewart thing, I thought maybe not.

      Of course he is an actor…

      I think he is A-list. Maybe “A-” list but still up there.

      Good guess.

      • danimart1105 says

        His interview about “why do people cheat” came out not long after he was seen partying with Al Turki and Sarah Roemer. At the time this outing was called a “business meeting”. And Caitlin has dissed Kristen on Twitter in the past. So, not ruling Pattinson & Cronenberg out on this.

    • oldstephens says

      In what universe is Robert Pattinson A-list? Nothing but a bad TV series actor.

      • Okayeah says

        I don’t think you know who Robert Pattinson is…while I fully agree he’s not A list, he’s not on TV either!

      • luvprue1 says

        Rob is considered A list actor because of his popularity. Not because of his acting skills. Although he is a pretty decent actor. He is A list because he has big following

      • Minderella says

        Oh, he’s A List honey. Even I know this, and I’m not really a fan. I don’t think this blind is about him, though. He seems a bit conservative.

    • senseandsarcasm says

      I doubt it. He’s very close with her father, and just because they’re friends doesn’t mean it goes beyond that.

      I’d say he’s not off sleeping with a married woman after what KStew did to him.

  2. AH says

    Idris Elba, what with the stringing and his Stringer Bell role and the lack of other A-list Brit actors? (The picture would hint otherwise.)

    • laurandorder says

      Lack of A-list British actors? Really?

      I didn’t think they were that thin on the ground.

    • rosiedoes says

      Tom Hiddleston
      Benedict Cumberbatch
      Chiwetel Ejiofur (newly inducted, I grant you)
      Robert Prat-inson
      Ben Whishaw
      Tom Hardy
      Christian Bale
      Gary Oldman
      Daniel Radcliffe
      Jude Law
      Damien Lewis
      Gerard Butler (arguably tenuous)
      Ralph Fiennes
      Henry Cavill
      John Hurt
      Colin Firth
      Liam Neeson
      Daniel Day-Lewis
      Anthony Hopkins
      Sean Connery
      Michael Cain
      Kenneth Brannagh… and those are just the ones off the top of my head.

  3. Fan says

    I assume he’s single, since it doesn’t mention that he’s married too…I thought of Benedict Cumberbatch, Henry Cavill or Tom Hiddleston…but aren’t Henry and Tom gay?? I don’t think of Tom Hardy, R-Patz, Charlie Hunnam or Jude Law as A list.

    • justcurious says

      Guy Pearce is Australian. If there is a British Guy Pierce i have never heard of him. Have to wonder if R-Patz would do that after it was done to him (having someone disrespect your relationship by hooking up with your SO).

      • missmissy says

        I thought the same thing about R-Patz. He would have been there but for his interviews about cheating.

        Opps on the Guy Pierce.

    • luvprue1 says

      Yeah. Jude Law came to mind too
      When I read the blind. But than there was no mention of the married woman working as a nanny. LOL! So what about Jonathan Ryes Meyers?

    • Zap The Sheep says

      that’s who came to mind for me at first. With Hacks being a clue to him playing in Hackers.

  4. raslebol says

    Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell? she’s separated but again married and they’re rumored together even if he says it’s untrue

    Benedict c? Fassbender? Gerald Butler?

  5. BleuDog says

    I’m sorry please correct me if wrong, but I assumed Benedict Cumberbatch is gay?

    • rosiedoes says

      Nah, he was in a long term, co-habiting relationship with an actress before he really hit it big.

  6. dorie says

    Actor: Rob Pattinson
    Woman: Caitlin Cronenberg.
    If true it would break this thought of him being gay or being such a perfect man.

  7. NotNow says

    How are some saying Tom Hardy isn’t A-List? He’s one of the most in demand actors there are and has the perfect fame where the pests aka tabloids stay away from him. His IMDB ranking was number 1 all of last year and even this year, with no movies out, he is number 25. He’s starring back to back in movies. Guys love him, girls drool over him. Tom Hardy is most cetainly A-List. But I don’t think the blind is about him. It is funny how him and Noomi Repace? (Girl with the dragon tattoo Swedish version) are starring in like 3 movies together. Wonder how Charlotte feels about that lol.

  8. cblackwelder says

    I don’t think it is Robert Pattinson but the picture looks awfully similar to Breaking Dawn wedding sex scene.

  9. red31 says

    This is Pattinson as the day is long. RP and David Cronenberg’s daughter, who is married. There’s been rumors about those two since patz was in her dad’s film in 2011.

  10. Her says

    This is Rob Pattinson. He’s been linked to Caitlin Cronenberg since he filmed that god awful Cronenberg movie. Idk though.. He’s not generally considered A-list.

  11. dont_know_dont_care says

    To those who question whether Pattinson “would do that” after it happened to him, he got together with Kristen Stewart when she was still in a relationship and he was apparently with Nikki Reed. If true, karma is a bitch, Pattinson.
    Why he’d want to do that again… Well, actors/actresses may moralise in interviews but I bet they are full of shit half the time.

  12. claudia.mastro says

    Benedict cumberbacht.maryl streep said that while shooting august he was the only one not wanting to sleep in the same residence they all did

  13. Sol22 says

    Pattinson and Cronenberg (my money is on both father and daughter). About him saying he wouldn’t cheat, I think he does his best acting in interviews. Definitely him.