Actress Left Something Behind in Car

car-crash-1CDAN – It’s amazing to me what people will do when they are whacked out on drugs. In our latest contribution to the idiot drug users hall of fame we have a C list actress on a middling ensemble drama. I say middling because it does so-so in the ratings, but nothing that people are dying to see. Anyway, our actress got into a fender bender. She wasn’t hurt, but the car was totaled. She was shaken up about the accident. So much so that she left some baggies of white powder in her car when it was towed to a repair shop. Freaking out when she got home about where she may have left the baggies, she called the repair shop and said the following. “Hi, this is _________. My car was towed there earlier today. I think I left my coke in there though. Would you go check and see if it is there? It is in the center console.”

At first the person on the other end really thought the actress meant coke as in the soft drink Coke. When she realized what it really was though she told the actress that she would need to come down to the shop and claim it herself. One hour later the actress did just that.

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