His Latest Partner Is Very Very Expensive

woman money 25[The People] Which Hollywood A-lister’s latest partner is a very, very expensive ho*ker?

Hollywood A-lister:


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92 comments to His Latest Partner Is Very Very Expensive

  • melly123

    Could be anyone

  • NoseyNana2008

    Kanye West :)

  • emmarose

    Justin Bieber
    Chantel Jeffries

  • Fan

    Bradley Cooper and his leechy girlfriend Suki, or Clooney and his new girl? Either one doesn’t look attractive enough to be that expensive, though.

  • Visha

    George Clooney and his latest beard Amal Alamuddin although I would think being a barrister means she is at least well paid she would not need to be a hooker but given that she is BEARDING George she must love the money that much to fake being with him. Now seriously where can I attach myself to these lucrative contracts with these powerful closeted male actors??

    • MissNormaDesmond

      Clooney’s new girlfriend is a very well respected lawyer (she’s represented Julian Assange). No way she’s a call girl.

      • 2BEAUCOUP

        Who you kidding,NORMA.

        ALL LAWYERS ARE *!!!!!

      • PinkSlip

        While I can think of a slew of lawyer jokes to support your comment, 2BEAUCOUP, I’m afraid MissNorma is right: the lady in question is just that, a lady. She’s a world renowned barrister who advised the United Nations in their dealings with Syria: hardly anywhere near callgirl material.


    Bradley Cooper FTW!

  • Wannabe Sherlock


  • dontpanik

    I cannot even begin to narrow this down. At what point do you differentiate between a high paid * and arm candy you have sex with and lavish gifts on? Today’s hooker, tomorrow’s trophy wife.

  • Bromance1979

    I’m going with George Clooney and his new girlfriend Amal Alamuddin.

    I doubt she’s a hooker, but I have no other guess. Since The People is a British site and she’s a barrister in London, that’s why I chose her.

    • buttercup

      It’s most certainly not Alamuddin.

      Suki Waterhouse is also British. And for a “model,” she has the crappiest taste in hair and clothing.

      • carriebradshaw

        she is a model- currently face of Burberry Brit Rhytm fragrance, she landed few other campaigns and covers. she could be also a hooker, but she definitely works as a model and is pretty succesfoul at the moment.

      • carriebradshaw

        *succesful, sorry

  • PapillonLover

    Duh!! All of them!

  • Kerzep

    Whoever he’s dating now

  • purplecat

    Clooney and some Z list “independent” woman a.k.a his latest beard. not buying lawyer gf story

    plus this lady in red looks like his ex elisabetta or whatever the hell her name was

  • JenJenJen

    George Clooney? Thought his latest gf was a lawyer though…..

  • stolidog

    Leo DiCaprio and Toni Garn (and most of the victoria’s secret girls before her, probably…)

  • mrsjaymack

    who’s clooney dating these days?

  • real313

    A-lister: Bradley cooper
    Partner:suki waterhose (she British the people a British magazine)

  • justcurious

    darren gough and amy childs? there is no link to the story, so i went to The People site, and there are quite a few articles about them being just friends, then one confirming he’s left his wife, but not for anyone else, then stories that they ARE together… the denials along with the abundance of stories make me think it’s them. but i just re-read hollywood A lister, and i have no idea who either of these two are, but she looks like a hooker. Expensive, but not really really pricey, that implies class and sophistication, which she doesn’t look to possess.
    Really dont know, but The People is a UK site.

    • lizt

      O dear you need a lesson on British Celebrities. Darren Gough is a retired cricket player turned reality TV star. Amy Childs is a reality TV star,not a hooker. However your description of her as “Expensive, but not really really pricey, that implies class and sophistication, which she doesn’t look to possess” is 100% accurate. Brilliant, considering you didn’t know who she is!

      • justcurious

        lol, yes i’m Australian. And not a cricket fan, but sorry about Shane Warne on behalf of everyone! :)

      • lovethissite

        I can’t stop laughing at your response, lizt…as if a “reality star” can’t be an escort??

      • lizt

        Pretty sure Amy isn’t a hooker, but if she was there would be nothing high class about her !

  • sourpatch575

    Fassdong and that Madaliena girl whatever her name is…..
    She’s been with Butler, Dicaprio bunch of other ppl

    • QubbuQ

      Why is a woman who dates several men disgusting? You don’t know her or how she does what she does. Leonardo is supposedly gay, so anyone dating him is doubtfully doing much other than being present. Anyway, slut shaming is a ridiculous waste of energy. Any woman who knows what she wants and goes out looking for it is alright in my book. Just because you wouldn’t do something doesn’t mean someone else is disgusting because they would.

      • Okayeah

        No, the disgusting part is the bedding down with dogs. All. The. Time.

      • bamazalea

        You are entitled to your opinion that sleeping around is not disgusting, just as Sourpatch is entitled to their differing opinion. Accusing him/her of “slut shaming” is ironic being that you are trying to shame them for their opposing opinion. We all have different views on morality/immorality and it does make this world somewhat entertaining :)

    • ShhDontTell


  • tink

    Leo D, his new girl

  • Minderella

    Suki Waterhouse!

  • sherlock

    Are we sure the A-lister is a man?

  • boyjack4

    Bradley Cooper
    Sukiyaki Waterhouse???

  • boyjack4

    Suki. Geez!

  • Palermo

    George Clooney’s?

  • candymandie

    CARLOS ESTEVEZ !!!!!! OH, charlie, you rapscallion you.



  • Beans200

    Definitely Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea

  • stonn

    My first guess was SIMON COWELL and his baby mama. Don’t act like some of y’all right here didnt think the same thing when you first read this blind item!

  • augustmom

    I’m with Sherlock! Therefore, Demi Moore and her new Boy Toy-don’t know his name, or Susan Sarandon.

    • sherlock

      I heard Demis’s latest toy boy refused to sleep with her unless she paid him because he found her unattractive.She became very upset naturally,but she paid up!

  • Trix

    Fassbender and that Romanian chick

  • Saptosa

    Simon Cowell

  • SkyeBlue

    Mel Gibson?

  • AuntieMama

    A Lister – Michael Fassbender

    Partner – Madelina Gahener (or whateva). she’s a veteran passaround girl.

  • carriebradshaw

    The People is britisch, right? Clooney is in London, so must be his new girlfriend.

  • TruthBeTold

    This is definitely Michael Fassbender.Read it somewhere that she is no good!!!!

  • IAmSage

    Hollywood A-lister: Charlie Sheen

    Partner: Brett Rossi

  • SheilaK

    Shoot, SHEEN and his hooker fiance

  • Katmandu

    I don’t know, but have always wondered: what is it that makes a “very, very expensive hooker”? What’s the difference between a very very expensive ‘ho; Peaches down at the “Gentlemans Club”; or some unfortunate creature catcalling from an alley?

  • bleargh

    After reading all the comments about Clooney and his new ladyfriend… To be fair… Attorneys are like hookers. They will do just about anything for the right amount of money. So I think the guesses are pretty accurate.

    • ravenglass

      GOOD ONE!!!

    • Fergus

      Yep. One is totally amoral and will do anything to fund their lifestyle by taking advantage of the weak willed and desperate, and the other sells sex.

    • Booboo1068

      There may be some over lap in so e cases with lawyers but there are lawyers who choose to do pro bono work and or work in positions that pay much less then avg and provide legal services to under served areas/ people. Also, there’s the minor issue of schooling; in Canada it means 3-4 yrs undergrad degree, take and pass LSAT, 3 yrs law school (AFTER application process and being ACCEPTED), articling and passing a 2 phase Bar exam. I’m not sure of the exact process in Britain but it takes about 5 yrs and there’s ALOT of weight put on the school the undergrad degree is from and obviously grades in order to obtain a required apprentice type position.

      Not saying it’s not possible Clooney’s new GF isn’t a HPH but if she is, she does have brains.

      • justcurious

        that’s what makes her more expensive. I’d imagine the hot bimbos are expensive, but the intelligent hot ones are really really pricey.

      • Booboo1068

        Point taken. I’m not up on HPH services but as usual I’ve learned something new through this site : )

    • Townsend

      IA with you. This is a contract to maintain a certain image. Sex may not even be involved.

  • nomnom

    Kanye of course. :)

  • pisces0023

    Bradley Cooper and Sookie Waterhouse….The “A” in A-lister is for A-Team.

    • Fergus

      She looks too stupid to be a hooker. Those chicks are usually like sharks circling the swimmers. Dead eyed, and always watching. Like a Kardashian. She just seems dumb enough to believe his male roomie and saving himself for marriage make perfect sense.

  • jennnjen

    charlie sheen!

  • Booboo1068

    I agree it could be Bradley Cooper.

    There was a Blind a previous Blind about professional (and some well known) models also working as high priced hookers/ call girls (whatever).

  • miumiu

    Suki Waterhouse & Bradley Cooper

  • ryse

    Charlie Sheen

  • anonymouse

    I would have never guessed Fassbender but after the clues here I did some Internet recon and y’all are right… it does seem like she has a not-to-hidden history. However, truth be told, many models (and supermodels) are high priced hookers.

  • keylime_elf

    This has got to be Bradley Cooper and his Lolita girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

  • Mooseknuckle

    Because the blind item is gender non-specific I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s director Bryan Singer and his porn star boyfriend.

  • Bump

    Its Fassbender

  • kermit1969

    Britney Spears and her alleged former “law clerk” boyfriend.

  • lynda

    Charlie sheen is very giving with money. Who names a child suki? Parents are great a losers. ..ah yeah my sweet baby girl…let’s name mesohorny. Dumbass