His Bizarre Oscar Good Luck Charm

lucky[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which male Oscar-nominated star’s good look charm is ladies’ panties?

He does not think of himself as a cross dresser but insists that wearing ladies underwear under his suit will help him win.

He has had the “lucky panties” for two years now and is convinced that he cannot win unless he is wearing them.

Only his stylist knows about it, but luckily for him – his stylist has LOOSE LIPS! WINK!

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  1. blossipguesser says

    I have no idea who this is but this is a very common fetish. Most guys who wear panties are straight, it’s just that no one likes to talk about this. I don’t know what the percentages are but I’m sure many straight guys were in the audience with panties under their tux.

      • jeanmedia says

        What? Why would a men wear panties? Isn’t it uncomfortable for them? Oh God…

        And BTW I have no idea who this could be, but it’s definitely a stupid thing to do IMO.

      • ivyleaguer says

        I know a guy who would wear his girlfriend’s panties but it was out of necessity when he ran out of clean undies himself. whatever works I guess.

  2. ravenglass says

    Jared Leto

    The lucky panties have obviously worked; he’s won a few awards this year.

    Leonardo DiCaprio will now use the Victoria’s Secret catalog to order himself a pair of panties instead of a “girlfriend.”

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      I agree especially since he played a cross-dresser in the movie, i am totally on board with this guess.

  3. sssss says

    Bradley Cooper. He has been nominated the past two years for an Oscar. Lucky also refers to his superstitious character in Silver Linings Playbook.

  4. KimiD says

    Loose lips (sink ships) immediately screams Leo (Titanic reference) but I’ve got some bad news for him…if he’s wearing them to ensure a win…well. Sorry. Not working for ya.

  5. Kelly says

    I feel that this must be Matthew McConaugh or Jared Leto although I can’t think of any other time they were nominated for anything.

    So I just don’t know.

    • Luzhin says

      I thought of him, too, when I saw the green/lucky/Irish visual clue, but I think he much too well-endowed to fit into women’s underwear.

  6. AuntieMama says

    I want this to be Jared Leto so bad! LOL He has said (jokingly?)in the past that he can’t dance unless he’s wearing a bikini.

  7. Kerzep says

    OK. So as I read this, it says he’s been wearing the panties for two years and is convinced that he can’t win without them.

    That must mean that he has won for two years – right?

    He’s a “star” but not necessarily an actor.

    Hmmmm. Can’t think of anyone who has won two years in a row. Could be a set designer or something, but they are not generally thought of as “stars”.

    Got me.

  8. creeping_thistle says

    Bradley Cooper was nominated last year (Silver Linings’s Playbook) and this year (American Hustle). I rest my case.

  9. danneka says

    i think it’s jared leto. leo wasn’t nominated last year and i can’t see him doing that- jared has a femme vibe and he’s very quirky-

  10. darlinglauren33 says

    I’ll say Leo as well. Although he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar last year, he was nominated for a golden globe for Django Unchained.

    Also besides the loose lips (Titanic ref), the picture reminds me of the luck of the Irish (The Departed)

  11. shelaur22 says

    Christian Bale won a few of years ago, right? He was the only nominee who had won before, and this blind reads like the guy has already won (while wearing the panties).

  12. Erika says

    I got Tom Hanks from that loose lips (sink ships) thing in reference to Captain Phillips. That would be interesting.

    • GossipProblem says

      Even though this blind is confusing and makes it seem as though the guy hasn’t won yet (Oscar-nominated instead of Oscar-winning), I kind of like this guess. He’s the only actor I can think of whose won the Oscar twice, but he wasn’t nominated this year. So based on the “loose lips” tip, I’d say Leo.

  13. elliedee says

    Matthew McConaughey

    Hey,why not? My man wears support hose knee-highs (he’s walking on concrete all day) and my daughter wears men’s boxer-briefs (she finds them comfy in the winter.) Whatever works for you, right?

  14. Chumley says

    The blind doesn’t specify that the actor was nominated for Oscars the past two years, it just says “he has had” the panties for two years. Therefore, I’m going with Jared Leto. He seems like the kind of guy that would be totally down with wearing panties, nbd.

  15. HauteCoCo says

    To me this say’s Christian Bale…..he’s been to Oscar’s before, ‘C’ different color in LUCKY, indicating C in Christian’s first name. Not sure, but he seem’s more the type than any other nominated Actor this year. Although Bradley Cooper could be a good guess, I just get the feeling this is Christian Bale.

    • GossipProblem says

      But he’s won. The blind specifically refers to an Oscar-NOMINATED actor. You could take it as one that was nominated this year, but I assume when they refer to him as Oscar-nominated that he hasn’t won one yet.

  16. newsjunkie says

    That stylist cold be in alot of hot water if the BI is figured out. You don’t rat out the star your dressing.

  17. GossipProblem says

    This guy sure uses weird logic. Obviously he’s still only a nominee, so if he’s worn them twice to both nominations and he hasn’t won then maybe the panties aren’t a good luck charm but more like a bad luck charm.

  18. lola_vie says

    Jared Leto? Panties = part of his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club which may have been approximately two years ago he started filming/dressing as the character

  19. Lefemmenikita says

    Leo Dicaprio….and it’s probably Victoria’ Secret panties (*wink wink*)