Screaming Ginger


[Pop Bitch] Which British TV turned Hollywood movie comedian showed a strange lack of humour when filming at the skate park on London’s Southbank?

He was heard screaming, “Are you talking to me, F*ckface?” loudly at a member of the public – who, we’re guessing, must have shouted something like “Oi, ginger!”



It’s Simon Pegg! Source: Pop Bitch

That was fast! Pop Bitch has solved its own blind item as Simon Pegg.

You Trekkers will certainly recognize Simon Pegg as his character “Scotty” from a couple of the Star Trek.

Simon Pegg is best known as a comedic actor, but his recent remarks at the Skatepark weren’t exactly funny.

Congrats to everyone who got this one right! Melly123 was first!

simon pegg 1

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