A Massage Horror Story With Three Twists

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[Blind Gossip] Warning: The following blind item is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work)!

There have been lots of stories in the past about this superstar actor’s chronic misbehavior with massage therapists and the legal cases that have been quietly settled following those encounters.

Well, we have another one for you… and this one is the most shocking yet!

This case has not yet been resolved, but there are a few interesting (and quite gross) details about it that make it different from the other cases we have heard about.

This massage therapist was called to hotel room to give a massage to an unidentified guest. When he arrived, he was surprised to discover that the guest was a world-famous actor. The massage therapist set up a table and the actor got on the table and lay on his stomach. Then it got… weird.

The actor began began moaning and humping the table after a few minutes. When he turned over, he had a huge er*ction and began mast*rbating in front of the massage therapist. He grabbed the massage therapist’s package… and then ejac*lated all over the jeans that the massage therapist was wearing!

Now here are the three twists:

One: The massage therapist’s jeans got the Monica Lewinsky treatment! The shocked massage therapist saved the pants – which had been sprayed with the actor’s semen – and sent them to a laboratory to prove that it was the actor’s DNA.

Two: There was a third person in the room during this entire encounter! The actor actually brought along someone to film the action! Apparently the actor has an entire collection of videos of himself jerk*ng off.

Three: The person who was filming the action? The actor’s family nanny! Yes, when not busy caring for the actor’s child/ren, the actor has the Nanny serve as an amateur porn videographer. Nice parenting there.

Needless to say, the massage therapist was wigging out during this entire encounter. While he actually wants the case to go to trial, it will likely get settled quietly, with the details of the actor’s depravity once again swept under the rug.


This is a BlindGossip.com EXCLUSIVE. In keeping with our Terms of Service, we require media outlets and bloggers and social media users to clearly and properly credit and link to BlindGossip.com when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

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    • SheilaK says

      John Revoltya was my first thought when I saw ‘massage’ therapist. That he is stupid enough to TAPE it and come on to the therapist is insane. Yet the massage therapist must have seen the person filming, no?

    • carriebradshaw says

      there were other similar blinds in the past.

      I wonder if he tells about it by his scientology sessions?

  1. gypsydaisy says

    John Travolta – this isn’t about being out of the closet or anything. He is molesting people now. This is just sick depravity. He is a pervert with no outlet.

      • woowoo says

        There are people he can hire for his jollies, why must he continually blindside professionals who are just trying to do their job? Disgusting.

      • welshswan says

        woowoo – I guess he gets a ‘kick’ out of doing this to people. I mean, judging by the many blind items posted about his fetish for doing this to people, he could have done this to hundreds by now. Apart from the couple of masseuses that did try to make a case against him last year (and boy did those claims get shut down pretty quickly) no one else has come out and said anything.

        He’s got the money to keep paying people off and if that fails, like it did with the cases last year, I bet he gets his Scientologist ‘friends’ involved to make sure things go away. This behaviour has probably become acceptable to him because he’s never had to face any severe consequences.

      • La Llorona says

        A while back, when the first allegations started making the rounds, there was a book floating about called “You’ll never spa in this town again” by Robert Randolph. If you guys are interested in learning more about Revolta and his dirty dealings, that book is crazy and juicy. I dunno what to make of what’s in there, but it’s pretty nuts.

    • CoCoJoe says

      I agree. This show more than a disrespect for the therapist; this behaviour is aggressively demeaning.

      • jonesing says

        Initially I thought, “Oh how mean and sick.” Think about this, what massage therapist works while being filmed? Did the massage guy go along at first. Now if the camera person was hiding that’s a different story.

    • pinkmouse says

      Totally agree! I used to feel sort of bad that he was living his life in the closet, but this is sexual assault and he should be held responsible for it. Awful.

  2. GalWriter says

    John Travolta
    There have been stories about similar alleged events in the past and I think he is known to wear a toupee (clue–wigging out, under the rug). If true this is very, very sad.

  3. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Obviously John Travolta. Wow, he has really lost touch with reality and what is remotely appropriate behavior. So sad.

    Can we count ‘swept under the rug’ as a clue for all of his bad toupee wearing?

  4. syamslash says

    Actor : John Travolta

    there were lots of articles in the past regarding him getting masseurs for his sexual needs but then just when everything starts to blew up..suddenly it all quiet again. then few reports came up saying that the case was settled and it was a misunderstanding.

  5. alexxxess says

    Actor: John Travolta


  6. guiltywhispers says

    John Travolta had another case with a male massage therapist settled just this month; he is the only actor I can think of with such a case against him.

  7. Stars In My Eyes says

    The massage therapist was shocked to see the actor? In what world is he living in? No massage therapist should be shocked to see Vinny Barbarino laying booty side up on their table unless the therapist is female.
    That said, is anyone going to NOT guess John Travolta? Closets are for moth balls, coats, and coat hangers, dude.

  8. ravenglass says


    Love the “wigging out” reference!!!

    I think old Johnny needs to crawl back into that plastic bubble & stay there.

    • ravenglass says

      According to his IMDb, he has a movie coming out called “GUMMY BEAR the Movie.” Umm….it’s just a harmless movie about candy, right? Not the alleged videotape collection?

      • ravenglass says

        BTW does THREE TWISTS have two meanings here? Because if that’s all it takes; no wonder Johnny needs so many stress relieving massages.

  9. Elmerblues says

    I have a friend of a friend who works in a very up scale hotel chain (think crackers) who has described a the same scenario with this actor and the hotel massage staff. The actor paid the hush money. Here’s looking at Mr. T-RE-volta.

    • patticakes says

      About 9 years ago a very credible acquaintance told me something similar that happened with JT at the same hotel chain in my city. The massage therapist “spent the whole hour rejecting JT’s advances”.

  10. rorythedragon says

    OMG, John Travolta, why do you think you can do these things and not have them made public?!?!? Probably because all the other cases were settled quietly, but whoa, man! You may need to audit your shit again!

  11. jsk710 says

    Ewww John Travolta. Who treats people this way? Just because you’re A-list doesn’t mean you can jizz on whoever you want!

  12. DillyDally says

    OMG!!! Clearly this is John Travolta. “The Monica Lewinsky treatment” refers to his role in Primary Colors. He has two children. He’s known to wear wigs and hair pieces thus the “wigging out” and “under the rug” references. Rumors about his behavior with massage therapists and the subsequent settling of the lawsuits have been around for ages. Ding Ding Ding!!!! I think we have a winner…one very gross and disturbing winner.

    • LawLady says

      LOL The “Monica Lewinsky treatment” refers to the fact that Monica Lewinsky kept her blue dress with Clinton’s sperm on it so she’d have it ias evidence.

  13. I Am PunkA says

    John Travolta

    Kelly Preston must get some awesome benefits out of this deal, and is so in on it. The Nanny must be a Scientologist as well, to protect him from the publicity.

    • missmissy says

      Of course the nanny will confirm it never happened. Now with the pants he/she will “confirm” it was consensual. Smart guy to hang onto the pants, but that doesn’t mean things will work out in his favor (in terms of a charge or civil settlement)

      • welshswan says

        Yeah the pants thing doesn’t help his case too much as Travolta will probably claim it was consensual, unless of course other people start to come out of the woodwork to back the guy up. It sounds as if there are a lot of people out there who have had similar treatment but I am guessing if they were paid off they’ve signed legal documents which will probably prevent them from speaking out. That and the fact that I bet his Scientology buddies have probably made threats to previous victims to keep their mouth shut or else.

      • phoenix says

        Would he WANT to claim that it was consensual? The whole point of him being in the closet is to claim he’s straight. So if a guy says “Travolta molested me and I’ve got the pants proof”… that would be hard for him to explain.

  14. LeahLynn28 says

    WTH?Sincerely,i stopped reading,couldn’t continue anymore…the part of the blind that i read is already gross and disgusting,so i won’t read the rest,sorry.Ewww
    You warned(i almost ignored),and stopped before my stomach rejects my lunch…
    This actor HAS to be John Travolta,right?He was sued by massage therapists before and settled…for weird “sexual behaviors”.

  15. getinthellama says

    Actor: Travolta.

    Why does everyone keep settling!? So long as they do, this will keep happening.

  16. mamacita3 says

    Oh John Travolta. I used to really love you….now, you are just weird and creepy. What if they started sending him only female massage therapists?

  17. Bamadex says

    John Revolta, of course. He has been photographed kissing the male nanny– never knew the nanny was doing some photography of his own!

    The therapist should just take a huge settlement and drop it. He’ll get far more money than the court would give. Just look at Mad Mel’s Russian ex gf–she turned down $15 mil and now is broke and bankrupt due to legal bills.

  18. djbrink says

    John Travolta! If these are all true he just needs to stop!!!! It’s gross and wrong. Just come out already!

  19. peppermint twist says

    Hi there first time poster here… I’m saying hello John Travolta, still as perverted as ever!

  20. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    This has to be John Travolta. There were rumours of an affair with his children’s male nanny, Jeff Kathrein, at the time of his son Jett’s death. Travolta was photographed kissing Kathrein on the lips. Rumour has it that Travolta and the nanny were “busy” with one another when Jett’s fatal seizure took place.

  21. PinkCrayon says

    Ewwww again John? Gross! No amount money could make me settle if I was his massage therapist! Just ewww!

  22. stolidog says

    I seriously need to become a massage therapist! I mean, sure, it’s gross, but for ten minutes of time and some never-wear-again jeans, you get what, a million travolta dollars??
    I’ll take that deal.