The Urban Version of The Village People

the village people[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item subject was turned out at a young age by producer Mr. Collipark.

Our 23-year-old blind item subject may now just be entering early manhood, but thanks to an ATL walk through Colli-Park, his rainbow swag has been turned on! “Dude was just a kid,” a tipster tells us. The vibrant colors of the rainbow would be the true shades backing **no pun intended** this soldier. Just take a closer look into his modern day “urban” version of the Village People — complete with “Superman” steps. Don’t believe me… Just ask dude’s hag, skiing slopes to get to Molly buddy Kat Stacks.

His Atlanta Wonderland turned to Malice, after some of his so-called homeys pulled heists at the rapper’s home. That’s what led the lyricist to bounce to L.A. Pronto! Ask former SODMG artist, John Boy.

Dig the Drop:

“Dude is like Bow Wow, both them cats been passed around the industry. Why do think Fiddy bought him a tour bus?”

Thoughts of pickin’ up the soap running through his mind could be why word points to Pretty Boy as contemplating s*icide. That’s NOT Swag! Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

BG Notes: ATL = Atlanta. Kat Stacks is a str*pper turned video star who likes to trash talk rappers. SODMG = Stacks On Deck Money Gang. Dig the Drop = our new favorite expression.

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    • Visha says

      Yes and the question should be what has been done to the Mr Collipark character who abused the boy for Gods sake? And love the reference to 50cent who who just needs to come out now its ridiculous

  1. stolenlemming says

    Soulja Boy Tell Em??
    He did that song Crank That, with Superman dance moves…
    He featured on a song with Snoop called Pronto, from the film Malice N Wonderland.

  2. woodwn says

    I always love Hollywood Street Kings because I can’t tell what the blind is about but I can always tell who it’s a bout. This time it’s Soulja Boy

  3. iknewit says

    Soulja boy DeAndre Cortez Way.

    These people need to stop passing round little kids. It’s disgusting. Where the heck are the parents when this is happening? Blinded by the promise of money and fame more than likely. Sorry but the cost is too high if you ask me.

    • Okayeah says

      If you ask me, I think the kids go along because they’re already damaged. I’d say their parents are the reason for that.

  4. iyamrocky says

    I must be getting old. Read it three times and don’t understand a darn thing. Yay for post tags that gave a hint.

  5. hiiiadrienne says

    This is Soulja Boy for sure. He was based mainly in Atlanta until recently moving to Los Angeles, and was only 16 when he was signed to Colliparks label. Also from the “turned on swag” and “superman” tips because those are both lines from his songs.

  6. thelasthigh says

    Soulja Boy. This is really sad. The worst part is that the men who abuse these teenage boys never get prosecuted because of the stigma attached to boys admitting they were raped.

  7. prleonard2 says

    turned out in this sentence could also mean “lead into prostitution”. I think that actually makes some sense in this case. Poor kid.

  8. Bamadex says

    Pass-around boys are as common in Hollywood as Botox, and usually with predictably bad results (think Corey Haim, Brad Renfro, and some others who aren’t dead–yet).

    Interesting that it’s apparently common in the rap/hip-hop community, too. Makes one wonder about all those rumors surrounding the early years of the Biebs….

  9. NotNow says

    What’s not surprising? Are you kidding me? These boys were molested! Now Wow, IMX, B2K..all those young black boys being molested by these older downlow powerful black men..then when the boys come out about the molestation, they have a stigma attached to them for life and get made fun of and called gay. While the perpetrators continue molesting young boys in the industry. This is disgusting. Can someone, anyone, who sees these things..just for once DO THE RIGHT THING. All these blind items and secrecy. When will someone other than the victim come out and call out everyone by name? Look at what happened to that B2K member who tried telling the truth. He gets called a liar, gay, etc. There has to be someone with more clout that isn’t scared to blow the lid completely off.

  10. Lindasu says

    So, if I understand this blind and the other similar blinds in the past, this is urban’s answer to the legendary casting couch; the turning out of young/and-or underage hip hop/rap male artists by older hip hop/rap male artists? Seriously guys? Cultivate them, yes! Bring them up, yes! Make them your personal sex slaves, freakin no!!

  11. ClosetOrganizer says

    Soulja Boy Tellem (hints his producer Mr. Collipark, “Pretty Boy…Swag”, “Superman” lyric from “Crank Dat”, “swag…turned on”). Interesting that both Bow Wow and 50 Cent’s names are mixed up in all of this.