Actress Is In Sham Marriage Because She Wanted A Baby

mother and baby 16[Media Take Out] So we were just given a Blind Item from an MTOer in the know:

[Popular black celeb] got married to her [sorta popular black celeb husband] for the child, according to what he’s hearing from colleagues. The rumors are true that she’s a lesbian, and [husband] found out he was her beard, so now he’s trying to get out of the marriage.

He doesn’t want to continue with [popular actress] because he doesn’t agree with who she really is, views homosexuality as a sin, blah blah Christianity. He threatened to out her to the public.

That’s some real SCANDALOUS ish!!!



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    • Visha says

      This and I will add I think she is having a relationship with Shonda Rhimes who hosted a baby shower for her. Just to make this more interesting because I for one do not get the fascination with gayness that US celebrities and athletes get branded with.

  1. mbrown104 says

    I think this is supposed to be Kerry Washington? But I think she’s pretty well documented to be straight, having had some not-so-secret affairs with married men, yes? The only rumors I’ve heard about the sham marriage is that it’s a cover for her having an affair with her Scandal co-star, Tony Goldwyn, and that she might possibly be bearding for her NFL player husband.

    • valleygirl says

      Yea it does sound like KWashington but I thought the secret was that her baby was Tony Goldwyn’s.

    • MissNormaDesmond says

      I don’t know why but the possibility of bisexuality seems to rarely get consideration.

    • troubleintheforest says

      This is a much better theory. There have been rumors that there is/was a gay player on the ‘9ers team and he played for us for awhile before retiring. I just don’t see it with her…

  2. PrettyInPink says

    Actress: Kerry Washington
    Husband: Nnamdi Asomugha

    Word on the street is that he also didn’t spend her bday w/her on 1/31. The Superbowl was more important. WOW is all I can say!

    • Booboo1068 says

      Why not? Many didn’t think the rumours about Portia de Rossi were true either before she came out, but…

  3. erinfmac says

    Actress: Kerry Washington

    Husband: Nnamdi Asomugha

    Hint: SCANDALOUS – Washington stars in Scandal

    • angress says

      I mean wasn’t she out back in the day? Why go through so much to cover it up, it’s ridiculous. And I can’t believe why you americans always makes such a big deal about gay celebrities and athletes, WHO CARES?

      • Katmandu says

        It entertains us when they, and their handlers, go to such extreme lengths to hide or deflect their being gay. They put up a big front because they think the public DOES care. It’s all so false! Paid relationships, fake hook-ups, blatant look-at-us-we-are-so-in-love photo ops, “marriages” of convenience. Not a thing has changed since Rock Hudson’s day! …I will say it’s Kerry Washington, too. You aren’t fooling anyone, dear. Come out! Be proud!

  4. VexTheVixen says

    Kerry Washington – Scandal – and her ball player husband. Their quick “under the radar” marriage may have been more of a surprise than we thought. LOL

  5. FairyMay9 says

    Because this one was spoon-fed to me with bright lights and arrows pointing to it, I think I got one right without other guesses for a change. Gotta be Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha.

  6. inquisitivemind says

    Kerry Washington!
    Nnamdi Asomugha.
    I ALWAYS thought this was a sham marriage because they’re never ever seen together and their marriage licence was a little shady / cast reactions to their marriage was weird etc, and heard rumors that she was a lesbian (but didn’t think they were true) and he was gay and she was acting as his beard because she was really in a relationship with Tony Goldwyn (plausible because they’re HOT together).
    Clue: Scandalous, she’s in Scandal.
    Regardless, I love Kerry and she’ll be a wonderful mother regardless of her sexuality/who she’s with.

  7. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Kerry Washington for the actress. In this day and age, you can certainly have a baby without being married or even without having sex and no one would bat an eye. This blind seems ridiculous.

    • CanaryCry says

      Maybe it’s because not only because her baby daddy’s religious (& not TTAWWT, either) – she probably wants to be a family-friendly star appealing to America’s heartland. If so, what a liar she must be.

      My cynicism may be justified – I was so sick of the media making her this year’s Jessica Chastain with the glamourous ideals that came with the package.

      Again, it’s not any gayness or piety that bothers me here – it’s the manipulative fakery.

      • redstilettos says

        It also sounds like the husband didn’t know he was being used as a beard or for mere sperm donation. Whatever her sexuality, I don’t blame the husband for being mad.

    • carriebradshaw says

      or why she did’nt hook up with some closeted gay player? there are plenty of them out there. why him?

  8. mugofmead111 says

    This is some good tea indeed.

    I hope it’s not Kerry Washington (who of course is on the show Scandal – a clue?). Media Takeout also had a post that claimed her husband was MIA from her baby shower yesterday.

  9. austinmocean says

    Kerry Washington obviously, clue being “That’s some real SCANDALOUS ish!!!”. Her husband being that NFL/Former NFL player. I find this hard to believe. Not that she’s a lesbian, but just that she would do something like this. With Scandal scoring such huge ratings and her popularity bigger than ever, why would she just now decide that she needs a baby? Because of her age maybe? I don’t know.

  10. EstuaryKPommelhorse says

    Kerry Washington and husband Nnamdi Asomugha.

    As if it weren’t already obvious, “SCANDALOUS” is the clue (her show Scandal)

  11. Rae says

    I’ll even speculate that Kerry’s lesbian partner is Shonda Rhimes, who just this past weekend hosted Kerry’s baby shower.

  12. matilda112 says

    Sounds like Kerry Washington …though based on the ship board photos of the lip lock with another woman , could be Scary Spice/Mel B…

  13. brobdingnagian says

    Keri Washington & Nnamdi Asomugha

    Depending on which version of the rumors you hear ,sounds like they are both gay and Bearding for each other!

  14. PandoraWolf says

    Kerry Washington and whomever she’s married to.

    Okay, I have NO issue with homosexuality, UNLESS it is kept from the person with whom you a have a relationship. It’s one thing to be gay and in a bearding relationship with a lesbian, just to keep your sexuality private. I get that. But, if this blind as written is true, I can’t condone this, I’m sorry. What kind of a relationship will the child grow up seeing here? Sad.

  15. rejwife1 says

    Actress: Kerry Washington (popular TV show “Scandal”)

    Husband: Nnamdi Asomugha (retired NFL player)

  16. PinkFlamingo says

    Kerry Washington & her NFL Husband, Nnamdi Asomugha

    The clue being “Scandalous” referring to her starring role in the TV series “Scandal.”

  17. geewhiz says

    Well you could have knocked me down with a feather, I had no idea Kerry Washington was gay…that is if I’m reading this right. Don’t mind if she is, but girl, you gotta have your beard in on it from the get go or you are just waaaay to vulnerable. Thought anyone in that position would be smarter than that, or that their manager would be. Good luck.

  18. ahmarna says

    Kerry Washington

    Nnamdi Asomugha

    real Scandalous, she is on the show Scandal, they just got married and she is pregnant.

  19. TeacherKat says

    Really? I’m not sure I buy this about Kerry Washington. It seems…too deceitful for her to lie her way into a marriage simply for a baby (and I really don’t want her to be a deceitful person! I like her to much and would think she would be more honest than that!)

  20. lanelaney says

    Kerry Washington
    Football player husband

    I think hes gay too but i can be wrong… no no im right he is gay too lol

  21. neartstarlet says

    Actress: Kerry Washington
    Husband: Nnamdi Asomugha

    Clue: Scandalous = “Scandal” is Kerry’s TV show

  22. AGameOfGuessing says

    Kerry Washington and her husband (forgot his name some football player)?? Clue Scandalous and she is the lead on the show Scandal.

  23. dallasshowgirl says

    Keri Washington and her hubby that USED to play for the 49ers. Clueword: SCANDALous and there has been plenty of rumors that that relationship was a scam.

  24. swaggiest says

    Kerry Washington for sure. I’m not trying to be terrible, but her husband seems to never want to be around her. You guys just wanted us to guess this. “Scandalous”

  25. Jess Jones says

    Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha based on SCANDALOUS but I thought the rumor she was hooking up with her costar.

  26. thebutlerdidit says

    Kerry Washington. Her hubby was at the Super Bowl solo, she was at NAACP alone, he didn’t even stop by her baby shower. It’s over. Or never was.

  27. ImThinking says

    Actress:Kerri Washington

    Husband:Nnamdi Asomugha, funny thing is that he is the one people started to point it out was the gay one.