Miley Cyrus Disses Pop Princess

miley cyrus w magazine cover[Blind Gossip] Miley Cyrus recently did a cover for W Magazine. You’re seen it. It’s the one where she is lying in bed, naked, with blonde hair and bleached-out eyebrows.

There’s also an interview with her in the magazine (“Miley Cyrus Laid Bare”) that was conducted by Ronan Farrow of MSNBC. She talks about how she doesn’t have many friends, how she doesn’t like kids because they are mean… and then takes a swipe at one of her contemporaries!

From NBCNews:

MSNBC host Ronan Farrow interviewed Cyrus for the lengthy feature and summed up his experience of her thusly: “”Miley Cyrus speaks in the language of her generation: she is a human text message.”

The interview also drops a little blind item for those who care enough to figure it out. Farrow writes that when he mentions “a recent hit by one prominent pop princess,” Cyrus wrinkles her nose and declares, “Oh, God! That’s the worst.”

Who is Miley talking about?

Pop Princess:

Hit Song:

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