Miley Cyrus Disses Pop Princess

miley cyrus w magazine cover[Blind Gossip] Miley Cyrus recently did a cover for W Magazine. You’re seen it. It’s the one where she is lying in bed, naked, with blonde hair and bleached-out eyebrows.

There’s also an interview with her in the magazine (“Miley Cyrus Laid Bare”) that was conducted by Ronan Farrow of MSNBC. She talks about how she doesn’t have many friends, how she doesn’t like kids because they are mean… and then takes a swipe at one of her contemporaries!

From NBCNews:

MSNBC host Ronan Farrow interviewed Cyrus for the lengthy feature and summed up his experience of her thusly: “”Miley Cyrus speaks in the language of her generation: she is a human text message.”

The interview also drops a little blind item for those who care enough to figure it out. Farrow writes that when he mentions “a recent hit by one prominent pop princess,” Cyrus wrinkles her nose and declares, “Oh, God! That’s the worst.”

Who is Miley talking about?

Pop Princess:

Hit Song:

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  1. CanaryCry says

    Does she really want a cat fight with Taylor Swift? Or Rihanna?

    Then again, since she looks so Lady Gaga on that cover, could that be her issue?

  2. NotNow says

    Well it’s definitely not Madonna, Britney or Xtina because Miley has spoken about how much she loves them and was inspired by them. It must be someone more new like Katy Perry for that awful song Roar which was a hit. But her and Katy are friends. Selena Gomez isn’t big enough to considered “prominent”. Lady Gaga had “applause” which I think was a hit? Does Demi Levato have anything out that’s a hit?

    • woowoo says

      ^^^This. Katy Perry is defintely a pop princess. While I’m not a fan of KP, I’ll take her over Miley anytime. Everything Miley does is offensive, disgusting and requires absolutely no effort or talent. Miley thinks “Roar” was the worst? “La da di da di, we like to partee, dancin’ with Molly, doin’ whatever we want.” Ummm yeah…. that right there is the worst.

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      I am with you on the blind being about Lorde. I also agree with Miley if she was talking about her. I am not fan of Lorde yet, her songs are king of just blah…

  3. ron6887 says

    Pop princess: Carly Rae Jepsen
    Hit song: Call Me Maybe

    She might not really be a pop princess yet, but God, that song is the worst!

    • ClosetOrganizer says

      I think Carly Rae Jepsen was a one-hit wonder, really. She lucked out in 2012 when Justin Bieber helped a fellow Canadian hit it big before his popularity tanked the following year (and One Direction swooped in the claim the teenybopper demographic).

    • ClosetOrganizer says

      Considering Miley showed up to watch Britney’s Vegas show (and would have likely heard the song there), I doubt it.

  4. JaneDawson says

    Guessing from all the P’s it’s off Katy Perry’s Prism. Gotta be Roar. The song sucks so bad.

  5. ravenglass says

    Pop Princess: Demi Lovato

    Hit Song: “Let It Go”

    In the interview she calls Lady Gaga unoriginal & then at one point seems to compare herself to Joan Jett.

    Sorry Miley. Simulating sex acts on stage & smoking weed does not make you original, special or TALENTED!!!

    Get over yourself.

    Oh, & some of those kids you hate so much, probably used to be your fans. You know, those little people who bought your crappy music & watched your stupid TV show while you raked in their pocket money.

  6. 2BEAUCOUP says

    Miley’s career is like a
    wet fart,


  7. leesa30 says

    Rihanna is considered a pop princess…. isn’t she? I don’t think Rihanna is too fond of her anyways… remember the look on her face when Miley was twerking on stage at the VMA?

  8. hellywood says

    Pop princess: everyone that isn’t named Miley Cyrus
    Hit song: every song that isn’t sung by Miley Cyrus
    I’m waiting for her to change her name to Miley Yeezus

    • Booboo1068 says

      So funny! And I’m waiting for the name change too…maybe the ultimate first name only…’Miley’?

    • redstilettos says

      Miley the Joke needs a reality check. Being grown up doesn’t mean acting/looking like a scank. How many artists has that worked for? Yeah. Zero. Just like those actresses who think posing for Playboy makes them grown up.

    • 4sixx2 says

      Yep, I think it’s Selena G, too. Smelly Miley’s mad that Selena and her girl posse (Swifty & Demi) are lashing out at her for sexing Beibs. Ah, petty youth. You can keep it!

  9. itsonlyme says

    okay so Miley’s like 20, right? So I’m guessing either Lorde with Royals (aka THE most annoying song on the planet) or Selena Gomez with Come and Get It / Slow Down…
    I know that ‘hit’ is quite old now, but its the kind of song that got loads of radio play and that everyone knows, plus those two really don’t get on so it would make sense for Miley to slag her off? idk. My mind just kind of jumped straight to Selena with this one.
    A Disney Girl would make sense though, but Lorde beat her to the Grammys soo…

  10. GoodDaySir says

    No idea really, maybe Katie Perry? In any case, this may explain the “not many friends” thing.

  11. LeahLynn28 says

    Britney?Selena?Taylor Swift?Katy Perry?
    All these women had horrible songs…Britney doesn’t even write “her” songs,but none of them were hits last year,and her album flopped.Katy has ugly songs,i can’t stand her voice and her songs.Taylor has annoying songs too,and Selena’s songs are horrible too.She could be any of them,or another fake “pop princess”.And instead of dissing other people’s songs,Miley should pay attention to her own songs,they are as bad as the others singer’s songs.She’s talentless and annoying too.

  12. PGreen says

    Who cares? This little chickie has some talent but it’s getting lost in her attention getting escapades. And someone needs to tell her: the Olive Oil body is NOT sexy.

  13. allison53 says

    Pop Princess:Demi Lovato

    Hit Song: Let it go

    shes not wrong its so annoying. the whole frozen fad is annoying.

  14. Baffledfan111 says

    Prominent Pop Princess…( Princess Protection Program) narrows it down to Demi or Selena.
    The fact that Selena and Miley have an obvious lack of respect for each other and that Ronan

    knows Selena, makes me think it was about Sel. Selena’s biggest recent song was Come and Get

    it. This interview was done right before the Jingle ball and there was definately something

    going on there. Later Miley Tweeted asking Selena where she was. I think Miley knew people

    would question who the person was and her Tweet to Selena was her way of letting the world

    know. So yeah my guess is

    Pop Princess- Selena Gomez

    Hit song- Come and Get it.

  15. dashcandy says

    I don’t think Selena is considered a “prominent” pop princess. I’d guess Lady Gaga with “Applause” or Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack”.

  16. thebutlerdidit says

    Miley & Selena hung out a lot all during the Jingle Balls they were both on. You guys have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, but it would shatter your illusions. You all have fallen for People magazinitis and believe their spins. Nope, not even close. If you’re looking for a good girl/bad girl scenario from the Diz gang, there’s not one. All have secrets. I do know which one the bigwigs talk about, who they think will have the surviving career. It’s not your favorite.

    • ClosetOrganizer says

      I think Disney’s “behind-the-scenes” dirt is public knowledge now for those of us who follow the gossip (cf. Britney, Xtina, JT, JC (Chasez), Raven Symone, Lindsey, Hilary, the Jonases, Miley, Jesse McCartney, Zac Efron, Shia Labeouf, the late Lee Thompson Young- who committed suicide, and so many others). While there are some who haven’t yet cracked up (like Ryan Gosling, Joshua Jackson (of Disney’s The Mighty Ducks hockey movies-not with actual ducks btw), and Keri Russell), the horror stories of those who came out of Disney should be a wake-up call that all is not great in the House of Mouse. [Side note: And Both Demi and Selena (Disney’s current favorite pop princesses still with Hollywood Records) got their start pre-Disney with a giant freaking purple dinosaur!]

      I do wonder who the Disney bigwigs are predicting will have a long career.

  17. stonn says

    Favorite? What “favorite”? I can’t imagine the careers of any of these current so-called pop princesses surviving for very long. They ALL stink!

  18. spoiledrottenapples says

    Katy Perry and “Roar”
    The first paragraph mentioned something about text messages, which is what the “Roar” video consisted entirely of.
    Funny thing is I’d take an annoyingly vulgar Katy over disgusting Miley any day.