BG12345: Thursday

help me help youHello, Blinders!

OK, our email is totally out of control. As Jerry Maguire would say: Help me help you!

If you are having any sort of tech issue with our site, please email us at TECH at

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If you work with or have had an interesting encounter with a celebrity (or if you are a celebrity) and have a tip for us, please email us at TIPS at (And, yes, we will keep your identity completely confidential!)

And if you are just here to read some good gossip, you are in luck! We have sooo much gossip for you this week, that we are going to do another BG12345 today!


Love, Ace

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  1. suzq says

    thanks Ace!

    my only celeb encounter ever was getting off a plane before James Carville. He is shorter than I expected!