1. rosiedoes says

    Sounds like a Phil Spencer job. Doubt it’s an accident, though.

    He’s known for his double-entendres.

      • Booboo1068 says

        Agreed. The source means it’s probably UK personality. Kirstie has made a few subtle jabs on air inferring his like of being around young women – his wife is quite attractive as well.

    • chandler02 says

      A TV host that is on a program that features high end property, I am guessing? But I had to read that a few times as well!

      • rosiedoes says

        Not high-end, necessarily, just the kind of show that creates exhibitions of homes, so the audience can be nosy about what other people do or are buying.

  2. Mia444 says

    While I wish it were one of the Property Brothers (Jonathan, please), “presenter” is a British term, so it’s probably a UK-based property show.

    And P.S. the guy is probably fully aware of his exhibitionism.

    • MademoiselleRose says

      Jonathan, mmm mmm mmm, he was my first thought (wish) too but I don’t think it’s him either.

  3. kat411 says

    I also think it’s Fredrick from Million Dollar Listing NY. He has a P*orn background.

    Where can I get an application to work on his show????

  4. augustmom says

    Yes, George Clarke and Phil Spencer are great guesses…is Alastair Appleton still presenting, if so, he’s my guess!