BG12345: Monday

hillary clinton coffeeGood Morning, Blinders!

We have a Quickie BG12345 for you today. Lots of short blind items!

And here’s your Monday morning coffee, brought to you by a potential future POTUS.

Since it’s President’s Day, we have a question for you about free speech:

You know that we usually try to keep things fairly civil around here by moderating comments. Well, last week, but we left the comments open for the Brandi Glanville post on purpose to see what would happen, and.. dayum! That conversation turned nasty very quickly!

Would you prefer for us to 1. moderate to keep things civil or 2. let you take the conversation wherever it goes (even if the tone gets ugly)?

Love, Ace

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  1. grrrsuperlauren says

    I’d prefer you to moderate. People have the right to express opinions but it would be nice for them to do so tactfully / like mature adults.

    • cafe_au_lait says

      I totally agree, I like the moderation. That is one of the reasons that I joined this site as opposed to other websites. (New poster btw)

    • mostlylurker says

      moderate. People can go lots of places for a free for all.
      This place can keep its nice flavor.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Keep it classy. Most readers are civil and play nice but some seem to take comments about certain celebs VERY personal (like being gay or not) and act like a high school cyber bully.

      Moderate with moderation.

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      Hi Ace,

      I go back and forth on this issue. Because these are blinds it would be great to let everyone say what they want, but you are right, people have no filter. Half the people that say inappropriate things online would never have the guts to say that stuff to the person’s face. I like coming on here and not having to weed through the BS found on most sites/blogs. As everyone said you are fair in your moderation and I think it keeps the site classy and enjoyable. I hate when people want to be dicks just to be dicks. This is the one site that is neutral and people can feel free, I like that so keep the format and don’t change a thing.

      BTW, maybe the Brandi Glanville blind may not have been the best time to try open comments. Many people do not like women talking freely about their sexual exploits so that is always a sensitive topic, just like religion and politics. But, anyway love your stuff and keep up the great work!!

    • AnguaDelphine says

      I’m on board the moderate train as well. Hateful comments are everywhere, if I suddenly feel the need to sling mud I’ve got the rest of the internet to play with. Let’s keep things cleaner here.

  2. Molls says

    You mean LeAnn Rimes joined in the conversation? :)

    I thought comments were already being moderated. Every time I post a comment it says it’s being moderated.

  3. Samra1116 says

    I thought they were monitor—the time lapse from post to actual comment. This is a gossip site—let it stand as is..
    Thank u for this site. Happy Monday Ace.

  4. bun_bun says

    Moderate. I like that this site keeps it nice for everyone.

    Why is it that sometimes my posts get posted right away, but other times I get the “your post is waiting for moderation” message. All my posts are mild. Could it be because I have a dynamic IP address?

    • Booboo1068 says

      I have the sane happen. I can’t say for sure but I think it’s when there’s a large amount of comments hitting at one time.

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    I didn’t even notice those comments weren’t being moderated…but to avoid nasty fights and wars over opinions and beliefs,moderate them.I usually control what i say in public…so keep it civil,Ace!

  6. CatBallou says

    Moderate – hate to say it but people who dont have to look someone else in the eye when they say something just tend to run amok.

  7. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Please moderate. It’s so refreshing to actually enjoy reading the comments on a site for a change. Half of the fun here is reading everyone’s guesses. If the comments were ugly I wouldn’t want to read the comments anymore and if I don’t read the comments I don’t know that I would continue to read the site.

  8. tatehill2000 says


    in the IMMORTAL words of Howard Stern,,,

    SOMETIMES,,, if you pick the times when to LET it fly, I think it creates a TON more anticipation, as well as lending more of an impactful post,, lol,,, if you jus tlet it fly full time,, honestly I think you run the risk of cheapening up such a great site,,


  9. Virgo826 says

    Moderate please. I love opposing opinions, but expressing them disrespectfully brings down the fun of the guessing.

  10. guessingnotknowing says

    Please moderate. I show this site to my University class, before the class starts, just to make sure they get there on time, and we have a discussion about celebrity gossip to start off with… if it gets too NSFW, I’ll have to stop! And I’ll lose a lot of “cool cred” with my students.

  11. tkw1955 says

    Moderate – I don’t like how people hide behind their computer screen when they make rude comments on other sites. Thanks for asking, Ace!

  12. definitely says

    Please continue to moderate. I read the comments for help with blind items, not to see people tear each other down. If the comments turn nasty, I may visit the site less.

  13. mizzavrid says

    Happy Prez Day Ace…. I think it would be sooo much fun with certain blinds to let it rip. You in your infinite wisdom can suss out the subjects which would be best suited to no moderation. Just once in awhile it would be great!

  14. rorythedragon says

    Thank you for asking, Ace. In my experience, if someone jumps down my throat for what I’ve written, because I’ve inadvertently offended them, it keeps me from the very free speech we want to support, because I find myself shying away from commenting so as not to have someone be nasty to me. Slippery slope, but I’d rather have you moderate.

  15. GrannyGoose says

    Moderate please! My reason for being here is that it is a safe site for guessing blind items. If too many people trash me because they don’t like my opinion on a vice, I will probably stop coming here. (No threat intended, Ace. Just stating my piece). I am always polite, even when I disagree, and I believe that Free Speech is not an excuse or reason for trashing someone else’s opinion. We can disagree and be friendly at the same time. I like that!

  16. travoltasbeard says

    I say if there is no guess, leave it out! I like to see what the guess is, not what the popularity contest is.

    Last week saw the Leann Expeditionary Force come out…not guess…and just tell people what a bad person someone (BG) is. They were totally, like, Suppressive Persons.

    I like to come on here for a laugh, not a lecture.

    If I want to be told what to do I’ll just head back inside the
    “The Hole.”

      • travoltasbeard says

        Wow, just wow. These wonderful comments have my pals on Freewinds all laughing.

        But seriously, you are all OT-8’s in my book. Love you all.

        Ace, you da man, truly, truly flubless!

  17. gossipguy says

    This is a good question. Thanks for bringing it up! I think that I’d rather you just moderate what you think needs to be … moderated. I know it’s not as free flowing as other sites, but it’s so much nicer. I can get on here and know that I won’t see hateful, crappy things. It’s comforting and I feel like I can be more open.

  18. minx says

    I think free and open discussion is fine unless it veers into blatant racism, homophobia, etc. Also. any kind of threat or wishing bodily harm and that post should be deleted. I actually find BG to be one of the nicest sites to post on.

  19. RuHa says

    Define “moderate.” I’ve submitted some comments that never show up, but they were not nasty. More like “what’s the big deal,” or “this sounds like BS.” However, there are so many sites without moderation and aside from the outwardly vicious comments, there are also a ton of spammy commenters who are promoting “Asians can read minds!” or “Earn big $$ working from home.” Ugh. Moderate away!

  20. mynameis... says

    Hi Ace- loooong time lurker. Finally registered today just to say please, please continue to moderate. There is enough of a circus on other sites. It’s nice to have a (mostly) drama free site to come to.

  21. KWDragon says

    I like your form of moderation, Ace. It seems fair.

    I come here for good gossip and good conversation, not to play with the trolls.

  22. sarahiam says

    PLEASE moderate. I only scroll through comments quickly to see what everyone thinks of the blinds. I don’t want to have to weed through all the childish crap.

  23. Gee Willikers says

    Please moderate! Longtime lurker here, I finally made an account just to comment on this. Two things make BG stand out: juicy blinds and the friendly discussion of them. This is the only (comments-enabled) gossip site that I read. Keep up the great work and tone, Ace.

  24. brobdingnagian says

    Hi Ace,

    I think maybe some moderation if things get ugly. Especially when people go off topic and get crazy
    about politics when the topic is an unrelated celebrity blind.

  25. slantrhyme says

    Please moderate. I don’t read the unmoderated sites. We still manage to have a good time here even with moderation.

    Also, I think celebrities are fair game when it comes to saying what we feel. The Pillow Jonas posts are an example. We (oh so rightfully) expressed our disgust with that whole fiasco without resorting to insulting each other.

    Finally, I like the moderation because I like to guess without seeing everyone else’s guesses. I loved the Brandi blind item because, not gonna lie, I don’t watch TV and I don’t even know who she is, but I could speculate on the guys she’s been with. (Over the weekend I decided it’s definitely LL Cool J — “luscious lips,” she wrote — and thankfully not my boyfriend Idris Elba.)

    Love you, Ace!

  26. MsJennyR says

    Moderate I think. I hate sites that allow a free-for-all, not because I oppose free speech but because they are rarely as witty or funny as moderated sites. And then of course there’s the racism, homophobia and just plain ignorance you have to wade through before you find a comment that is worth reading.

  27. SOfisticatd says

    please moderate – there’s enough hate in the world without letting the trolls have free rein on my favourite site!!! <3

  28. ravenglass says

    Ace, I say moderate. You’ve figuratively slapped me on the wrist a few times & it’s been a little reminder to be kinder. So, thank you.

    We need to keep in mind that we Blinders are of different generations, religions & backgrounds. We are all not comfortable with certain “behaviors.” Absolutely stand up for what you believe in but please don’t ATTACK others who don’t agree with you. Reading comments where fellow Blinders are being called ugly, stupid or are made fun of for their personal beliefs is maddening. This is supposed to be a fun site where we can unleash out wit & sarcasm. It’s a little escape from work, kids, school etc. So calm down. Also, please stop attacking people for grammar & spelling mistakes. English is not everyone’s first language.


  29. Stubbs says

    The moderation is greatly appreciated. This is a nice light site – a little snark, friendly repartee occasionally – it works. If you let the trolls in it will be like every other unmoderated idiot fest out there- it ruins the tone of the site. On occasion it might be fun to open up the floor- but sparingly and on different topics. That way we can see how tightly they adhere to Godwin’s Law. (As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1). I would state clearly that the post is not moderated so you don’t have to deal with the dopes trying to troll on every item.

  30. jackballjonez says

    I like trash talk garbage mouth, but i dont like people talking about their personal life, like anybody really gives a shit

  31. FairyMay9 says

    I prefer the moderation. Of course, that probably would have left out my Brandi Glanville post. But I do think the civility I’ve appreciated on this site should be maintained, so I say moderate. I’ll try to check myself, too.

  32. justcantgetenough says

    I come here for entertaining gossip not for political or religious debate. Please moderate.

  33. Fergus says

    Half the fun is getting your comment past the moderators while still getting some kicks in where the are deserved.

  34. winona says

    I agree, please moderate. I know it’s a big job, though, is there any way to streamline it by pre-approving some of the more frequent, sane posters, or is it all or nothing?

  35. Red Velvet says

    Only a couple of the Brandi comments really got personal (calling someone stupid, etc.). I’m fine with moderating that, but please don’t moderate us calling each other out on double standards and slut-shaming. Those are part of a larger anti-woman culture and we could all use our consciousness raised (and re-raised) about it now and then.

  36. the great chrysanthemum says

    I think you should keep the moderation. Many sites have been destroyed by trolls who have been given free range, once the interweb-loons learn that moderation is off here they will turn it into a cyber cess-pit. The regulars will eventually leave and the whole profile of the site will be destroyed.

  37. Okayeah says

    Looks like everybody wants moderating…because, after all, it just wouldn’t do to treat us like responsible adults, now would it? I hate moderation and rarely bother to post as a result. I much prefer a community that can speak its mind freely, immediately and without fear of being deleted.

  38. bec215 says


    I can go to any website and scroll through mean, nasty comments and watch trolls manipulate or dominate the conversation, and people go off on tangents… one of the things that I hated about Ted Casablanca’s website was in the last year or two it was literally impossible to see what anyone thought about the actual blinds, because it was pages of people fighting over Twilight, trolling, and spamming.

    Gossip is not supposed to be a blood sport, and there’s enough cruelty and mean spiritedness in the world – I just read an article about a woman who gave birth to identical quadruplets, which is so rare they don’t even have a statistic for how often it happens – yet 80+% of the comments were snarky, nasty comments about her appearance!

    There’s enough negativity on TV and other websites – BlindGossip is fun, diverting, and sometimes even thought-provoking and touching (see James Gandolfini, Demi Lovato, etc.) Please, please, Ace, let’s keep it that way…

  39. PapillonLover says

    While in my life I say, Let your freak flag fly free….I hate TROLLS!! It’s your house Ace….it’s your rules!! 😉

  40. Stars In My Eyes says

    I prefer moderation, Ace. BTW, of course Brandi Glanville posts are gonna be nasty! What else did you expect? Nasty “stars” are going to attract nastiness. So glad now that I ignored those Brandi blinds.

  41. Peta says

    Loose moderation (I think you’re pretty liberal with it aren’t you Ace?) seems to work well here, no need to change a good thing.
    You might want to try what the Daily Mail does, which is occasionally leave a post unmoderated but mark it as such so everyone knows what they’re wading into. Maybe as an experiment once in a while for a hot topic.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I agree with having some “loose moderation”. Of course there are certain types of comments that should be moderated always (racist, bigoted, homophobic. When the snark turns into a vicious ad hominem and sfree-for-all, maybe it’s time to step in. Yet, there is a fine line.

      I was surprised that the comments in the Brandi blind got so nasty so quickly.

  42. MademoiselleRose says

    Moderate please. Lately I’ve noticed there have been one or two posters who seems to think it’s their job to comment on heaps of guesses and were quite nasty and sarcastic about it. I didn’t like it and thought about posting to tell them to “go away” as people are entitled to have a guess without being ridiculed for it, but didn’t want to get into a fight with anyone – I just considered leaving the site. I come here because the people are pretty decent and I think most feel free to have a guess even if it’s wild. Some guesses are a bit silly sometimes, but who cares, it’s fun and everyone is free to have a go without being ridiculed for it, as opposed to plenty of other sites where it gets pretty nasty.

    I have thought it’s been a bit off here lately because of that poster or two. If it gets nasty I won’t come here anymore. That’s not a threat, mind you, I just don’t want to read nastiness, I just enjoy the guessing game free from mean trolls, and since you asked I’ve now mentioned it.

  43. Palermo says

    Freedom of speech. Let’s not act like this whole celeb gossip site is too high tone for real comments.

  44. KRP says

    Definitely moderate. It’s nice not to have to scroll through tons of back and forth nastiness, trying to pick out the posts that are on topic and actually add something of substance to the conversation.

  45. HermioneG says

    Hi Ace and Blinders!

    I’m sorry I don’t have the time to read all the comments so forgive me if it’s already been discussed. I think something in the middle would be the best.
    If people could downvote comments so when a comment reaches X downvotes it gets masked or deleted it could be a way to let Blinders moderate the comments themselves. Less hassle for Ace. Even a basic “report comment” system should do the trick.

    But if it’s a yes or no type of question only, then I vote for moderation. It prevents things from going to far and in all honesty there are some days when I’m super grumpy and I could need a little moderation myself lol.

  46. annabelle77 says

    PLEASE moderate! For all the reasons everyone else has stated so well, and because people have the whole rest of the Internet to be childish and vicious, and, frankly, THAT would make the site boring. I like the intelligent, funny comments here; it’s the main thing that drew me to the site to begin with. You do a great job; please don’t lower the bar!!!

  47. channel orange says

    Hi, late to the party as per usual but really wanted to use my free speech to say: please continue to moderate. I think if we were all sitting at a table face to face, we could have some measure of guarantee that things would remain civil. As it is, it’s easy to become a troll and spew all sorts of offensive nonsense when you’re wearing a mask of internet anonymity. I really love BG as it is, and hope it stays classy. You obviously use your powers for good, and that is what matters at the end of the day. Thanks for asking!

  48. justguessinginbrooklyn says

    This is YOUR blog, Ace. You don’t need to worry about people’s First Amendment rights. There is enough hate in the world. I vote for moderating to keep things civil.

  49. WhatLolaWants says

    I really don’t see how the comments need to be moderated. If people don’t agree with your opinion, then they need to get over it. I have never seen outright “hate” or anything of the sort before, and I feel like moderating is going to lead to a lesser form of censoring. The only thing I can accept moderating is, blatant racism or anything like that. I get enough of that in real life.

  50. TonySheridan says

    Really appreciate the moderation-I know it’s a lot of work for you, and we love you for it!

  51. Madeleine says

    Please, please, please Ace…do not moderate! It would be much better if the comments were posted immediately. I love your site but I find the moderating frustrating because once a story is posted, one has to wait for the comments to appear; then when one checks back several hours later, there might be 70 comments, all with same guess, e.g., “Heidi Klum.” This makes the site rather BORING to read. If the comments were posted immediately, I think people would stop posting “Heidi Klum” after the first 30 people had the same guess. Perhaps it is more beneficial to you for page views, etc. to have 70 people guessing the same thing, but from a reader’s perspective, it doesn’t make the site very interesting to read.

    Perhaps with the time saved from not having to moderate comments, you could post more items. Thanks for allowing our input.

  52. FairyMay9 says

    The thing I like about the delay in posting the comments is that it gives a more “pure” view of the guesses. People aren’t jumping on the bandwagon right away going, “yeah, Lilo!” Now, I bandwagon all the time, cuz I’m pretty terrible at guessing. So, once they’re out there, I enjoy reading what the blind guessers are guessing, then I’ll guess based off that sometimes. Sometimes I’m one of the blind guessers! Rarely tho :-). So, I do enjoy seeing what the immediate guesses are.

  53. empirean says

    Thanks for asking us, Ace! I love the moderation. I love that this site is consistently friendly and respectful. When things get so ugly and mean on other sites, I stop visiting. Life is tough enough. Love the site!