• FairyMay9 says

      I doubt it’s Tyra, because a) I think she’s too old to be expecting to be a candidate for a La Perla contract and knows it, and b) she’s always been “this is who I am.”

  1. redstilettos says

    What do they mean by ‘fixed’? Are we talking simple breast augmentation or lift, or were her breasts two different sizes? lol

    • Jen says

      redstilettos, I was wondering the same thing.

      Most folks seem to be guessing Miranda Kerr. Is there something notably wrong with her breasts?

    • Jemima says

      You know that every woman has one breast slightly larger than the other, right? It’s pretty basic biology.

    • MaryRead says

      Most lingerie models have boob jobs already. If they look too fake or balloon like, they would need to be fixed.

    • pricey524 says

      If you think this blind is about the trash that married/divorced Peter Brady then God help us all

  2. redstilettos says

    For those guessing Kerr, would it be a breach of contract to model for a rival lingerie company?

  3. GrayerThanDorian says

    Kate Upton. I think this was a size/shape issue. Too big to be high end and modeling classy lingerie.

  4. BH28 says

    I think it’s Alessandra Abrosio. Someone posted a picture of her flaunting her boobs last night at the Vogue Gala here in Brazil. U can see the diference in them, she was wearing Roberto Cavalli with a veeeeery generous cleaveage hahahaha

  5. boyzmom says

    Heidi Klum. When she first came on the scene, she was known for her big breasts. Today…not so much.

  6. MerryB says

    Yes, it is this. Alessandra Abrosio was just photographed at the Vogue Gala in a hot pink Cavalli with much, much larger breasts.

  7. ToadKisser says

    I agree those pics of Alessandra Ambrosio are fairly indisputable, but more importantly, I had to do a reverse image search to find that gorgeous La Perla bra – but damn I wish their stuff wasn’t so freakin’ expensive. $118 for a tiny little bra… jeebus help us.

  8. sociteyinfo says

    Catherine McNeil. She is notorious for not taking care of her body, her continuous weight gain caused havoc on her breasts. She had the lift augmentation in December after loosing opportunity for contract.