• thebutlerdidit says

      Agreed. Pitt is 2 yrs older than me, and those jowls and loose jaw skin/neck issues are just starting to be an issue for me. I think he cares very much about that stuff, and that’s why he has the Billy goat beard for so long until he was ready to “reemerge” w a new look

    • DontWannaBeliebIt says

      This…my boyfriend asked what was wrong with George’s jaw while he was on a late night talk show – he was right, it was freakishly smooth.

      • kcphilly says

        Ha as soon as I saw this pic I said I know who’s picture that is! I’d know that chin anywhere. Obviously not Matt since his face is perfect just as he is.

    • giggles says

      Same here. I don’t think it’s him either but then again, if he wants me to check his jaw line for surgery scars just to prove it’s not him, who am I to object 😉

    • JKLSMM says

      Nah, he just shaved and cut his hair. His jawline is definitely not more distinguished than before, more like the opposite, like he gained some weight. Maube the pic of Matt Bomer is a clue? Channing Tatum was on Ellen and said he was fat and happy = “more worried about his looks than he lets on”, but to me he really just look fat. And happy. So my guess is Matthew McConaughey (yes I googled the spelling).

  1. slantrhyme says

    Robert Pattinson? Because he clearly seems not to care about his looks at all.

    Leo? He has no jawline (love him as an actor, though, so who cares?)

  2. tuckerlee123 says

    First thought was Johnny Depp trying to keep up with the hot, young GF but on second thought, Channing Tatum? He just said he was “fat and happy.” Nobody in Hollywood is fat and happy.

  3. Mtlmeee says

    Angie sent Brad to her favourite plastic surgeon. His jawline and face look more refined at the recent Bafta pics. Plus, he changed his hairstyle which usually indicates a celebrity is trying to confuse us as to why they look different.

  4. creeping_thistle says

    NOT Clooney: he was in an Italian talk show a few days ago and my bf I and I went “what’s with the turkey neck?! Can’t he have that fixed? Surely he has the money!”. Honestly, he sagged.

  5. LaDolceVita says

    I’m going to suggest Ben Stiller, I read somewhere he had Botox injections recently, so why not fix his jawline too?

  6. gossipguy says

    I’m starting to agree with others here – I’m wondering if it’s Brad. I don’t think any other guy looks different – but him. No matter how good you think you’re doing it, it’s easy to tell something is different. He looks…not like his old self. But what do I know?

  7. papapa87 says

    First time poster and I think it’s Bradley Cooper?
    The hint is in the photo itself – as others pointed out, they used a photo of Matt Bomer.
    Bomer guest starred on glee and his character’s name was Cooper.

  8. augustmom says

    I really studied the Brad Pitt Bafta pictures, then studied older Brad Pitt pictures, and yes, there is more space between his bottom lip and his chin, now. I am also fairly sure Dan Stevens had a similar procedure after leaving Downton Abbey.

  9. Madeleine says

    Brad Pitt’s face looks very different…and not in a good way. And the new hairstyle…yuck. What was he thinking? He is a shadow of his former self. People who are already gorgeous should be happy with their looks and stop ruining them with plastic surgery.( Are you listening, Kim K?)

  10. wendy hood says

    Good for Brad. If he didn’t get any work done, he’d look like his brother. His brother is a fine looking man, but very average Joe. Brad is a stahhhhhh.

  11. Lisha says

    Definitely Brad Putt. Saw the recent footage of him with Angie and remember thinking that they both looked like they got work done. He didn’t look bad, but people need to remember that he’s pushing 50! Of course he isn’t going to look like Ruler Durden anymore!

  12. bellerose says

    They’re all ridiculously vain, but I’ll guess Brad Pitt. Pitt is rumoured to be particularly vain, despite his meticulously crafted scruffy-yet-hot appearance. Brad’s gotten a lot of facial fillers over the past few years, too, so he’s not adverse to plastic surgery. His face looks very different now compared to five or six years ago.