Her Coke Habit May Cost Her The House

house money mortgage[Hollywood Street King] Before she became a Housewife, she was working that str*pper pole. That’s not exactly something she hides — but this Peach is far from bold about being into ladies. Don’t believe me… Just ask Dwight Eubanks.

When she and her other half left their southern city to head west… we’re told they let loose! Know why? Our tipster tells us not only is that where she picked up her Hollywood “stay trim” [c*caine] diet, the couple also jumped on the city’s secret swingin’ bandwagon! Ask Kim Kardashian.

That’s when she quickly found out just how much flossin’ in Hollywood and ballin’ in the ATL differs in dollars! With both shows now cancelled, sources say she’s behind on the mortgage and tax payments for her California crib.

Our blind item subject believed — like Kim Zolciak — her wedding would have led Bravo to give her a spin-off show. That didn’t happen. Insiders say when it comes to Kim she’s green with envy. Know why? Because she lives in a house she always dreamed about and calls an NFL player her hubby. This while her dude is “a broke, Viagra-poppin’ queen.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


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    • ThinkerBelle says

      And this is why I never tried c()ke. I’d do it to lose weight and it wouldn’t work. Just like Nene. :(

  1. mugofmead111 says

    NeNe Leakes!

    NeNe’s envy of Kim Z. supposedly went all the way back to the success that Kim had over “Tardy for the Party”.

    So is the subtext that NeNe remarried Greg for the ratings?

      • NYCAccountant says

        That actually makes sense. No straight man would publicly put up with that much emasculation unless they were not personally identifying as a heterosexual husband to begin with. He is more like her butler.

      • mugofmead111 says

        Re: “No straight man would publicly put up with that much emasculation unless they were not personally identifying as a heterosexual husband to begin with.”

        Gregg probably likes “strong women”.

        I guess no amount of emasculation Gregg were to suffer would ever approach what Bruce Jenner had to endure. :)

    • mugofmead111 says

      I thought I remembered that Kim Z. (who used to be on the show) also had a stripper past…and that was how she and NeNe knew each other.

  2. Visha says

    Nene Leakes who went Hollywood when she went to LA to film Glee and The New Normal and was strung out on the recent episode of RHOA

  3. gadgetgal says

    NeNe Leakes

    Wow…there’s a lotta info packed into this blind. Gregg always made my gaydar ping – now I know why.

    Please be careful NeNe…I don’t want to see you succumb to drugs like too many others.

  4. Aligirl21 says

    Obviously NeNe. Does this mean that RHOA is cancelled, or just that NeNe’s contract for next year hasn’t been renewed because of the fallout from the hotel room brawl?

    (Yah, why do I know this?! LOL)

  5. joh says

    Not Nene Leakes
    Stripper- check
    Atlanta Georgia Peach -check
    Wedding special- check
    The new normal canceled May 2013- check
    She walked off Celeb Apprentice, but does she still have a recurring role on Glee?
    What was the second show cancelled?
    RHOA is still going down the toilet but the most popular of the Housewives franchise.popular

    I cannot picture her and Gregg and Kim And Kenye…..jeepers no!

  6. guessingnotknowing says

    Nene and Greg

    Clues: she’s open about being a former stripper

    Peach: so it’s from Atlanta

    Dwight and Nene had a big fight

    House in California

    She’s been talking about weight loss lately

  7. jackballjonez says

    this is talking about nene but i dont believe it. not for a second that she does cocaine or girls

  8. thebutlerdidit says

    Awww, NeNe Leakes, girl, get your mind right!

    Stripper pole, peach, head west, two tv shows, Dwight, Cali crib..this was ALL clues.

  9. CrossingTheLine says

    Guess those Donald Trump checks don’t keep writing themselves Miss Nene Leakes, now do they??

  10. wendy hood says

    Nene is especially virulent this season, like a bitter old queen grasping desperately at a crown that really never existed. Never bought her “stripping is empowering” line either, though that line probably bought her quite a few lines.

    Nene, youre better than this, turn back now!

  11. Lisha says

    Welp…karma’s a bitch ain’t it Miss NeNe? Her crap attitude is coming around to bite her in the a$$. And yeah, she was definitely high on something during the pajama party episode.

  12. mamacita3 says

    Ohhh Nene…no matter how big your house or how fancy your clothes and purses are, you are still just a ghetto girl who used to work a pole for tips. Stopped watching RHoA for many reasons but Nene and her out of control temper was definitely top of the list.

  13. BeanTownBabe says

    I love it when the blinds are obvious and take other people down with them (ha, Kim K)! Thanks, Ace! :-)

  14. Redlanta says

    I have seen her Northeast Suburbs of Atl without hair and make up professional help. I told my friends she looked like Whitney on Crack. I had no clue who she was,, but they watched Real Housewives of Atl and were going nuts. This was at an upscale restaurant during the holidays. No excuse to go out of the house looking like that!