Anti-Social Behavior

woman watching tv 2[Blind Gossip] This Actress is now spending most of her time simply accompanying her cute Significant Other to his job. However, even when she goes to work with him, she still acts like it is all about her!

A couple of weeks ago she was totally alone in his dressing room. After he was done working, the S.O. invited some people back to his dressing room to hang out.

Did she greet them and network with them? No. The Actress was annoyed that they were invading her space.

However, rather than approaching them directly or talking to her S.O. about it, she simply walked up to the bodyguard and said, “Make them all leave! Now! And make sure that they didn’t take any photos!” Yes, the guests heard her, and the embarrassed S.O. sheepishly escorted them out.

What was the actress’ compelling reason for being so anti-social? She wanted to watch television! Yes, it was his dressing room at his workplace, but she thinks that if she is in a room, it belongs to her. Guess we now know who is in control of that relationship!


Her Significant Other:

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