Anti-Social Behavior

woman watching tv 2[Blind Gossip] This Actress is now spending most of her time simply accompanying her cute Significant Other to his job. However, even when she goes to work with him, she still acts like it is all about her!

A couple of weeks ago she was totally alone in his dressing room. After he was done working, the S.O. invited some people back to his dressing room to hang out.

Did she greet them and network with them? No. The Actress was annoyed that they were invading her space.

However, rather than approaching them directly or talking to her S.O. about it, she simply walked up to the bodyguard and said, “Make them all leave! Now! And make sure that they didn’t take any photos!” Yes, the guests heard her, and the embarrassed S.O. sheepishly escorted them out.

What was the actress’ compelling reason for being so anti-social? She wanted to watch television! Yes, it was his dressing room at his workplace, but she thinks that if she is in a room, it belongs to her. Guess we now know who is in control of that relationship!


Her Significant Other:

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  1. jersey6332 says

    Mila kunis and ashton kutcher? Mila had brown hair and she wears it in waves a lot. I always see them together lately too

  2. Markray19 says

    I’m gonna guess the actress is Emma Stone and the Significant Other is Andrew Garfield. The clues are “social” and “network” (The Social Network had Garfield in it.).


    • ioannes says

      It does, but it also had Justin Timberlake. I’m thinking Jessica Biel might be a better choice.

      • ginnynotjenny says

        This! I don’t think it’s Blake and Ryan because it doesn’t say Actress and Actor. Which makes me think the Significant Other is known for something else. JT is multitalented.

      • VeronicaMarsBars says

        This was my thought too as JT is on tour right now and the phrase “accompanying him to his job” kind of sounded to me like it might be someone on the road. And the profession of the SO is hidden so I am guessing it is because he is not primarily an actor.

    • lily is my puppy says

      I’d say they are both pretty busy with projects. Much of the time they are working on different continents!

  3. Mtlmeee says

    Mila Kunis

    Ashton Kutcher

    Hints: Anti-Social as opposed to The Social Ntework that Mila starred in and “network” is another clue to the movie,

    checked IMBD and Mila has all her projects completed as where Ashton is still working on Two and a Half Men

    • chandler02 says

      Correction, Mtlmeeee….Mila Kunis was NOT in The Social Network. She was in Black Swan that year, and that film competed against The Social Network at the Oscars.

      • Mtlmeee says

        Ok everyone my menopausal brain got confused. I confused Mila who starred with Justin Timberlake in “Friends with Benefits”.

        So, I’ll try again… Rooney Mara starred in “The Social Network” and she’s also starring in “Her”, which is somewhat the opposite of all the

        “his” clues.

        Her recent projects are completed and she is dating Charlie McDowell who has his own production company. He is also the son of Mary

        Steenburgen and also step-son to Ted Danson.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I can’t seeing her being a completely rude b**** to anyone, though. She seems like an incredibly laid-back, friendly person.

  4. annabelle77 says

    The photo looks like J Lo on a very bad day, but I’m sure it’s not her; we already knew who’s in control of HER relationship. I have no clue on this one.

  5. 4sixx2 says

    Timber lake and that wife of his. She never said a peep in all the years they were dating. After the wedding… BAM! She was a EVERYWHERE blabbing about being MRS. Justin Timberlake. She seems a bit too self important.

  6. iyamrocky says

    I’m gonna guess Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Possible clue “network” – he was in “Social Network” Also internet shows all her films in post-production and him currently filming.

  7. Visha says

    Katherine Heigl because she rubs me the wrong way andher SO is Josh Kelly who sings and so would have a dressing room

  8. Visha says

    I take that back maybe Goop who has only one movie coming out this year with no announced for the whole year. Hubby Chris Martin but I find it hard to call Chris Martin cute.I am stumped here :(

    • Fan says

      I just saw a piece where Blake is visiting Ryan on set in Mississippi, so it could very well be them.

  9. ravenglass says

    Actress: Nicole Kidman

    Significant Other: Keith Urban

    I think this marriage is in trouble anyway.

    “invading her space”= ‘The Invasion’

    Filming American Idol or he may also be on tour.

    • meowmasita says

      I like this guess. All the others seem a bit old to be called “cute” and I’ve heard Emma Roberts can be a huge tool.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    The woman in the photo kinda reminds me of Kate Hudson,and she’s an actress.Since she gave birth few years ago,she only shoot one movie,and follows Matt everywhere he goes to play with his band,and take the kids with her.I may be wrong,but she hasn’t worked in years.She’s always at the airport…
    But if she’s not Kate H.,could be any of the guesses posted here too…could be anyone.

  11. bec215 says

    Lively and Reynolds are actually married. On the other hand, Kunis is reputed to be a very blunt and often abrasive person – remember the exchange in Russian with the Russian reporter? Also she was named on an Reddit AMA with a director’s daughter who goes by whiphippo as being the “douchiest” (Reddit’s words, not mine) star she’s ever met, with due to what sounds like pretty anti-social behavior on set… So going with Kunis and Kutcher.

  12. kookywooky says

    Actress: Jessica Biel or Mila Kunis

    Her Significant Other: Justin Timberlake or Ashton Kusher

  13. minicoop says

    This is 100% Leighton Meester and Adam Brody. S.O. references Brody on the O.C. Plus, the picture looks like Meester.

  14. Tastykakes says

    That isn’t the definition of “anti-social behavior”, (so it’s probably a clue) but it is rude. My guess is Mila Kunis. I do kind of understand however, I don’t like unannounced strangers all up in my space either.

  15. Revisionist says

    well first it says dressing room – not trailer – so that implies its a TV studio or a theatre-like venue. There is also a bodyguard. Now why you need a bodyguard if you are in a TV studio is beyond me.

    Regardless the dressing room and bodyguard make me nix Reynolds and Lively since he is filming. Kidman is actually busy herself and honestly does anyone see her hanging out in an Idol green room waiting on Keith? Truth be told, I don’t think I have ever seen her and keith actually in the same place at the same time.

  16. rudy says

    I say blake and ryan. The model looks just like Blake in brunette and the dog looks just like her, dog. Blake annoyed me ever since the nose job after Travelling Pants. She ruined her natural looks at a very young age. That said something about her vanity. Apparently she is also a beyatch.

  17. bg565 says

    It does sound like a TV star’s wife, but I instantly thought of Blake and Ryan. I heard from someone who worked with her that she only speaks to the “important” people on set and won’t give you the light of day if it won’t benefit her.

  18. GoesInCircles says

    Timberlake and Biel.

    Social is a clue.
    Also a venue he’d have a dressing room and a body guard would be backstage at a concert?

  19. Grammaticator says

    Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

    Anti-Social & Network: J.Timberlake was in the Social Network

    Control: Song by Janet Jackson, J.Timberlake and Janet are infamous for Superbowl.

  20. Nini says

    I’m pretty sure this is Biel and Timberlake.
    network, social … The Social Network (Timberlake was in it)
    The blind item refrains from specifying what’s the S.O. job and it says dressing room, instead of trailer, that makes me think he is not an actor.

    • lvsoxfan says

      Bingo. This would make sense as he’s on tour and would have a dressing room. Actors have trailers.

  21. KatarinaJ says

    I agree a lot of the guesses could be the case but something tells me it MIGHT BE Blake/Ryan because Ryan is supposed to be an a-hole so maybe even though these are his buds/folks with him when he traipses in his dressing room, he has a bit of the hidden dick that surfaces and ‘understands’ booting people on a rude whim. Something tells me he is a total tool. He looks like it. I don’t know if Timberlake would put up with this although Ashton certainly looks like he could/would.

  22. KatarinaJ says

    Hmm.. the make sure they don’t take an pictures to me sounds more like Mila than Blake or Jessica. I bet those two are THRILLED to be photographed with their dudes.

  23. vbw81188 says

    Blake Lively has always come off as someone who lives to please her S.O. I’ve always gotten mad submissive vibes from her. Anyone else think that “totally alone” is a clue…. emphasis on the being alone part? Mila Kunis dated Macaulay Culkin for close to 10 years prior to Ashton Kutcher.. and obviously he was the big star of HOME ALONE!

  24. cassandra007 says

    Def Biel and Timberlake for all of the Social Network references and Janet Jackson, plus the “her space” comment b/c of Timberlake’s involvement with relaunching “My Space.

  25. bwo says

    I can’t see it being JT and Jessica Biel. I’m from Justin Timberlake’s home town and I’ve seen them react to people at restaurants, stores, and even at the hospital. They’ve both been incredibly nice to everyone. I know that was in public and people act differently if they think no one will talk about it, but I just can’t see it being them (and I really hope it’s not!!). So my guess is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

  26. mallie says

    I’m onboard with the Justin and Jessica guess for all the reasons mentioned. The dressing room room doesn’t have to refer to an actor. People are more likely to hang out after a concert than on set too. Also, S.O points to Justin since he’s often referred to by his initials – JT.

  27. sami says

    Ain’t no way in hell I’d believe that Jessica Biel is a nice person. She always, always, always have a funked face angry look….just never seem happy or content. Karma bit JT in the ass big time he deserves exactly what he got. He effed over Janet, Cameron and Britney so him ending up with a sucked on a lemon faced chick like Jessica is perfect. He deserves it…and what’s more he will never leave her because he’s to damn prideful too admit he made a mistake.

    • GossipProblem says

      Umm where have you been? The relationship with Britney ended because SHE CHEATED with Wade Robson (both their choreographers) among others (Ben Affleck was one rumor).

  28. Lisha says

    I’m gonna go with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, in his ‘Two and a Half Men’ dressing room. She gives off a major * vibe in the photos I’ve seen of them, and Ashton seems like the accommodating p-whipped type.

  29. jeanmedia says

    I thought this was Blake Lilvely and Ryan Reynolds, but after reading the comments now I think this is JT and Jessica Biel. I have a hard time believing JT would even consider Jessica’s thoughts/feelings as his ego is too huge. I just don’t see him scorting his friends out because she doesn’t want them to be there. However, she does seem like the anti-social type of girlfriend and it sounds like they were at a dressing room after a concert. Like other people said actors hang out in trailers and why would they have a bodyguard with them? Sounds more like he’s a musician and we all know Biel doesn’t have a career anymore so she probably invades Jt’s space a lot. Gosh, I can’t believe these 2 are still together.

  30. annabelle77 says

    I’m torn on this one. The dog looks just like Blake Lively’s dog, and the woman’s slouchy posture and sullen expression also fit Blake. But the brown hairstyle and expression also completely fit Milan Kunis. I could definitely picture either ONE of these two doing this. I lean towards Mila because Ashton is “cute” more so than Ryan, but that’s just me , and I know a lot of peole would disagree. There’s no way this is Jessica Beal. That poor girl doesn’t appear to have any backbone at all in that relationship, and I could never picture her behaving this way. She never seems to stand up for herself with Justin, and seems willing to put up with anything to keep him. So I vote Mila!

  31. annabelle77 says

    I am REALLY sick of this spellcheck. I’m starting to lose my patience with it, and even my sense of humour, which usually saves me . Arghhhh!