Brandi Glanville’s Famous Hook Ups

[Radar Online] “I’ve never had a problem getting f*cked,” Brandi Glanville proclaims in her new book, Drinking & Dating.

And while some of her most memorable hookups have unfolded on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville’s opening up for the first time about her off-camera booty calls, dates, and one-night-stands in her new book. For the most part, Glanville doesn’t name names, but can you guess the identity of some of her most famous men?

1. First is the man she calls “the actor/rapper/political hopeful.”

“He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen,” Glanville says. “Tall, dark, and handsome with milk chocolate skin, luscious lips, and the sort of chiseled abs you could see through his T-shirt.”

The first night they met, “I immediately recognized him from one of my favorite TV shows,” she says.

When they first hooked up, she was happy to discover that “His manhood was enormous — the perfect cherry on top of this gorgeous chocolate sundae. It was so large that he had to special-order condoms just to fit him.”

“But there was one problem I couldn’t seem to get over,” she reveals. “He was a huge f*cking stoner. … Every time he smoked, his ego seemed to inflate and I felt like I was just there as a sounding board for all his grandiose dreams. Acting, he explained, wasn’t his end goal. After winning his first Oscar (For either acting or producing, he wasn’t quite sure yet) and becoming a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, he planned to become a politician.”

Glanville admits she eventually smoked pot with him to try to bridge the gap, but their relationship fizzled.

2. Another hookup with an addiction issue was “the fallen star,” “one of the most attractive men I’d ever laid eyes on,” Glanville writes, with “sparkly aqua-colored eyes, more tousled brown hair, and large chiseled arms covered in tattoos.”

Aware of his history of addiction, Glanville says she only dated him after seeing AA slogans on his Facebook page. All seemed to be going well until one night she met him at a party and he was drinking a beer.

“There were so many things wrong with this, it’s not even funny,” she says. “But he said [it was ok] so calmly and matter-of-factly, I indulged him for that one evening. I’ve known a few people close to me who struggle with addiction, and although I had never heard this ‘just the tip’ method with drugs and alcohol, I didn’t want to make a scene at this party.”

But Glanville says she also “didn’t want to seem supportive of these habits,” and left. For the next three days, she claims, he was “radio silent.”

“He went on a three-day coke-field bender with a bunch of his old friends,” she says. Not long after, he went to rehab, and is now married with at least one child, and Glanville says she believes he is “going to be okay.”

3. Next up is “the boy wonder,” a 28-year-old “accomplished filmmaker who resided in one of the most exclusive and luxurious hotels in Los Angeles.”

“Despite the success he’d already found, [he] was still a little boy in so many ways,” she remembers. “He’d arrive for dinner in a Polo shirt with an oversized Ralph Lauren brand logo, jeans, sneakers, and a mop of messy brown hair on top of his head.”

And luckily for the RHOBH star, he “had a thing for cougars.” When he didn’t make a move after their first night together, Glanville says she “thought he must be gay.” But more than a year later, they finally did the deed after becoming close friends. Glanville admits to being “semi-intoxicated” and says “I barely remember it.”

4. That wasn’t an issue with a height-challenged “up-and-coming comedian” who would become a household name. “He had the kind of face you remember,” Glanville writes. “Sharp features, thick dark hair, and a goofy grin.”

During their date, she says, “We laughed so hard … that my stomach was hurting and my jaw was sore (It sometimes ends up sore after a date, but not from giggling).”

5. “It only turned awkward,” she says, “when I asked him why he still had photos of his ex-girlfriend, now a well-known actress, everywhere. He mumbled something and changed the subject.”

Unfortunately, it got more awkward in the bedroom. “We had spent the entire evening laughing so much that I couldn’t stop laughing when it was time to get serious,” Glanville admits. “Every time I looked at him, I’d think of something funny he said or remember one of his characters and would burst into hysterics. It didn’t help the mood.” The relationship went nowhere after that.

6. Finally, Granville gets X-rated describing her dates with an NBA star who is best friends with another NBA star who was married for 72 days to a reality starlet. (Kris Humphries, anyone?)

“He was six feet eleven,” Glanville brags. “…The energy between us was out of control and even the simplest gestures became sexual.”

“We couldn’t keep our hands off each other,” she remembers. “…By the time I was on my third glass of wine and he was on this third potato vodka, the heat was turning up. His hand found its way under the table and up my dress. … It was on like Donkey Kong.”

On the way to his place, “We made out like teenagers every time the car hit a traffic light or stop sign,” she writes. “His fingers were all sorts of ways up my dress … ’You have to pull over,’ I said with heavy breath…”

“When the car was finally in park, I tried to get on top of him,” she explains, “but it was not working in this tiny car.”

And so, she admits, they had sex on the hood of his car by the side of the road.

Those are just a few of Glanville’s alleged celebrity conquests.


1. The actor/rapper/political hopeful:

2. The fallen star:

3. The boy wonder:

4. Up-and-coming comedian:

5. Comedian’s ex-girlfriend (an actress):

6. The NBA star:


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    • Fan says

      I couldn’t imagine him lowing himself like that, but who knows. The only one I could think of was Will Smith, we know he’s in an open marriage.

      • slantrhyme says

        I really hope it isn’t Idris Elba because I love him. I can’t imagine describing Will Smith or Jamie Foxx or IceT as “the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen,” though. And Idris is a dj according to imdb.

        Maybe it’s LL Cool J, who is attractive.

    • LilGator says

      I’m kind of thinking Drake, the milk chocolate skin/lips/abs thing fits and he was on Degrassi all those years back

      • Stackhouse says

        I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I doubt there are many beholders who would deem Drake as a gorgeous man. He is also not very fit, at least not ab wise.

        I’m starting to think that if it isn’t Will Smith (like I previously guessed), then it may actually be LL Cool J, who was/is indeed deemed attractive – he is extremely fit as well.

    • mostlylurker says

      isn’t she though?
      Lets say, a woman has no problem getting f*cked. How unique and special she is.

    • Booboo1068 says

      She obviously has no respect or consideration for her kids…not just in setting an ( incredibly ) bad example but what they are/ will have to endure when their friends and classmates tease them about what they read about their mom (and dad /stepmom).

      I’m not saying mothers have to live or act as prudes BUT be a good role model.

      • digitallyspeaking says

        You’ve got to be freaking kidding. So Daddy can leave Mommy for another woman and have sex with everyone he can get his mitts on but Mommy should stay home and knit something? Get your head out of your arse and join the real world.

      • Booboo1068 says

        As I said. NOT expecting mothers to act like prudes just to at least be good role models and aware of how their actions effect their kids. We are responsible for our OWN choices and behaviour. I stand by my comment.

  1. Bamadex says

    If this busted-faced ho landed Eddie Cibrian, I suppose she must be good in bed.

    But now she wants us to believe that she’s innundated with rich, desirable men? Sure.

  2. Stackhouse says

    1. The actor/rapper/political hopeful: Please, please, PLEASE do not tell me that she is talking about Will Smith. Seriously, I beg of you. I fear that, right of the bat, he is the only one that fits that description. Oh, god, please no.

    BTW, most girls “have never had a problem getting f*cked,” it’s usually the guys who have that problem – attractive or not. It’s the “love” part a lot of people seem to have a problem with getting, including Brandi. And that is, well, a little sad.

  3. iliketobike says

    When I read this blind, I…threw up just a little bit in my mouth. She needs a show called, “Brandi’s Ho Down.”

  4. ravenglass says

    Didn’t she also blab about her flings with Gerard Butler & Demi Moore?

    Brandi, I’m looking forward to your next book: “Itching & Burning”

  5. e says

    First of all, could she look more plastic?
    Second of all, amazing how everyone is the “most gorgeous” and the “most attractive” ever…I highly doubt any of that, just like I actually believe Idris Elba wouldn’t give her the time of day unless he’s suffered a debilitating brain injury. I think most of the men (except Eddie…seriously, look who he moved onto…the man is a hack with a type — ugly plastic) guessed have far more class than this thing ever will.

      • PandoraWolf says

        Yeah, but she’s in a town with PLENTY of fake tittery, and I’m sure most of them don’t tweet how good you were in bed while you’re still wiping your d*** off.

        My God, I feel SO bad for her sons. “Hey (don’t remember their names), I f*cked your mom yesterday when I bought her a Pokemon card.”

      • digitallyspeaking says

        @e “Although” and “that being said” are interchangeable. I’ll also add “having said that”, “however” and “BUT”.
        Why not add, “the truth of the matter is…” just to make your point more worthwhile.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: “except Eddie…seriously, look who he moved onto…the man is a hack with a type — ugly plastic”

      I think Brandi is more conventionally attractive than LeAnn. *small voice*

      LeAnn was okay the way she was. She didn’t have to…”enhance” herself in that manner.

      I feel it shouldn’t be this hard to figure out who #1 is, but I keep drawing a blank.

      • KatarinaJ says

        She DOES note 1 is one of her favorite tv shows but that could be ANY of them. Will was Fresh Prince, LL is on that NCIS LA (or whatever) and Jamie Foxx is IN LIVING COLOR alum, as well as Ice-T being on SVU. All sorta fit that comment.

    • Fan says

      This person hasn’t won an oscar yet, because she said he didn’t know if it would be for acting or producing. This fits Smith more than Foxx.

      • KatarinaJ says

        It could be he hadn’t yet won it at the time of the fling tho but as pointed out Will was/is a rapper and Foxx never was.

  6. angela says

    Wow @ her grocery list attitude toward hookups. What a pig. Don’t know who her lovers were and don’t care.

  7. katt388 says

    #1 Jamie Fox?
    #2 Colin Farrell but not sure if he is married but he does have kids and he has cleaned up his act.
    #3 ?
    #4 David Spade?
    # 5 girlfriend Lara Flynn Boyle?
    #6 ?

  8. HotTeacher88 says

    Neither Idris Elba nor Jamie Foxx is a rapper. Just to be clear, a rapper is a person who performs musically by speaking poetry set to music. Foxx is an accomplished musician and singer, but he doesn’t rap. Idris Elba isn’t even the rapping type; he’s just an actor.

    • sidhu105 says

      Yeah, like vicvicvic said, Idris Elba is a rapper (not a good one but that’s a whole other story). So I guess he is the “rapping type” — whatever that means.

  9. thejadedentrepreneur says

    Really? You mean an easy woman who’ll bang any dude who asks doesn’t have trouble getting some? No! Really?! Shocking!

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    Is this real?She has no class,and apparently no morals too…and still brags about sex with lots of men.People complain about Eddie and his cheating,but she’s not a saint either.This story makes her look like a cheap whore desperate for men.What a “classy” whore she is…and she has two kids,born out of luck:they have a cheater dad and a slutty mother.Poor kids.

    • Booboo1068 says


      If a person has the capability and values to cheat, they will cheat no matter WHO they’re with. Period.

  11. PghDude says

    Wow, what a skank. Is this how some people try to maintain their 15 minutes of fame? Here’s a book of everyone I’ve screwed, partied with, etc. Where is her pride? I wonder how her boys will feel when they are in middle and high school and get bullied by kids reading this book to them.

    To think I used to feel bad for her when her husband left. You know, looking at this blind item makes me think maybe he’s not that bad of a guy after all.

    In any event, I wonder if the up and coming comedian who is now a household name is Jimmy Kimmel and his former girlfriend would be Sarah Silverman? His TV show has certainly now made him a household name.

    Brandy: go away!

    • digitallyspeaking says

      Are you really a ‘dude’? I guess Betty White is a ‘skank’ too.
      IN ANY EVENT, we know what a freaking SKANK Eddie is. Cheating bastard with absolutely NO morals or boundaries.
      It’s only a matter of time that Leann catches him and commits murder.

  12. travoltasbeard says

    Wow, what happened to all the guessing? I love the morality police and the mock-concern over her children. Save the comments criminalizing sexuality. Can I please judge you as a person over what you write about others on here?

    Some guy celebrity like Leo or Clooney bangs all the models…no big deal on here.

    Divorced woman gets laid! Ok. Talks about it…..jail her! Take her kids away!

    Where is the concern over Tom Cruise, travolta, et Al’s kids in these blinds.

    Will Smith has an open marriage…no big deal, no concern for HIS kids!

    I don’t know what it is but people still love to attack single women who engage in casual sex. Not the men, just the ladies! Still the high school popularity contest judging sexuality, looks, etc.

    My guesses:
    1. Jaime Foxx (pre-oscar win)
    2. Rdj
    3. Sixth sense guy
    4. Tosh.o
    5. Kate upton.

    • Heilige Bimbam says

      Clooney, DiCoprio, and Will Smith have all been criticised for their sexual behaviour constantly .Besides none of the men you mention has gone as far as writing such a distasteful book about their sexual exploits. John Mayer who used to talk about his sexual exploits has been condemned over and over again. Nobody is criminalising sex, most people prefer to keep their sexual activities private and personal, being male or female is irrelevant .

      • travoltasbeard says

        Quick reply – ummm…thank you for “condemning” and “criticizing” others for their behavior.

        The attacks on looks “plastic, ugly, etc” are mean and odd. I wonder what we would say if she was overweight! All this “ugly slut, glad he left her, WHORE! stuff” needs to stay where you keep the rest of your high school memorabilia!

        Finally, I have an eerie feeling a few “new posters” signed up not to guess like I loooove to do, but to take sides and hurl insults at some reality movie star who is in a public feud with some country music singer. Can you please take your comments back to us weekly or e! News websites?

        Ace, have we somehow fallen into the trench warfare of the Brandi and Leann point scoring exercise?

        I was tipped off by the judgements that included no attempts at guessing who this lady had sex with.

        Finally, this IS a juicy blind. Please guess and leave your morals at the door., please!

        As an immoral hedonist who lies about my sexuality to keep my family safe and making millions of dollars in cash, your morals step on my religion. You know my religion by my name fools!!! This whole scene is stressing me out so much my masseuse is now getting time and a half on Valentines Day.

    • stolidog says

      Just read all the comments and was forming the same opinion….why are women who have had more than one partner whores, while men with multiple women are, what, successful?

    • clink1833 says

      Amen, Kelly Preston! I’m all about the gossip but I really try to no judge the blind subjects if they are not doing anything to harm themselves or their children.

      The only guess I have it LL Cool J for number one – the sexy mofo.

    • jonesing says

      Thanks. You’ve articulated what I was thinking. And if people don’t want to hear about others sex lives, why come to a gossip site?

  13. bec215 says

    It’s incredibly tacky and cheesy to write this book and describe your exploits – but I take issue with her being described as a wh0re just because she enjoys sex with multiple partners… Those are two entirely different issues. No one says “poor kids” when a divorced celebrity father bangs every starlet who gives him the time of day! Double standard, anyone?

    • LeahLynn28 says

      I wrote “poor kids”…the boys have a cheater as a dad and a whore as a mother.In Eddie and Brandi’s case,both are douches.The question here isn’t that she has sex with men,but that she has sex with famous men on purpose,and then writes about them in a book,since she has no talent,and she knows sex still sells.Only this blind makes her a whore…and i already knew she was a whore.Her boys one day will read this book(or will be bullied because of this book) and will be so proud of her…what a good example she’s giving them.She’s a media-whore,just like her ex.

      • mugofmead111 says

        I find the back and forth with LeAnn in the press more bothersome. At some point, she loses the ability to claim a moral high road.

      • digitallyspeaking says

        That’s hysterical! Eddie is a ‘cheater’ and Brandy is a ‘WHORE’! Wow, so if you have sex DURING your marriage your are just a cheater. If you are a woman who WAS CHEATED ON REPEATEDLY, get a divorce and then go on to have NON-MARITAL sex, she is a whore. My goodness, you are one messed up (just guessing here) ugly mofo.

    • bumbles says

      I agree with you bec215. Is it classy to talk about your conquests? No. Is a single woman who admits to having slept with men a whore? No. Get over it people!

  14. WhatLolaWants says

    Not surprised she threw out the most common of stereotypes when describing some of them men. What a class act.

  15. annabelle77 says

    Actually, I just finished posting a comment today that John Mayer is a complete sleaze for HIS behavior, so while I absolutely agree there shouldn’t be a double standard, sleazy is sleazy when it’s this kind of behavior, whether it’s Mayer OR Brandy. I actually like her; but this is just self-destructive behavior that is just sad . It’s all cringeworthy , and makes me wish she had more respect for herself. (Mayer is so selfish I consider him a lost cause).

  16. LoneHazelEyes says

    This woman is gross! I dont know much about her as Im Australian and shes not popular here, but this kind of stuff certainly wouldn’t encourage me to buy her book!!! Maybe if she kept her legs closed she might have a relationship that doesn’t “fizzle out” as most of these seem to have, and then she’d have a proper relationship to brag about!

    • superswollme says

      Jimmy Fallon isn’t height-challenged. I don’t know why I’m inclined to think Patton Oswalt?

  17. Camila says

    I don’t buy this. I find it hard to believe that a lot of good-looking, well-succeded men would bang her instead of, well, a lot of young, atractive, not crazy women.

    Anyway, just for the sake of guessing,

    1. The actor/rapper/political hopeful: Jamie Foxx

    4. Up-and-coming comedian: Jason Sudeikis

    5. Comedian’s ex-girlfriend (an actress): January Jones

  18. hihotintin says

    Just random guesses here

    1. Nick Cannon
    2.I was thinking Tom hardy or Nick Lachey
    4. Jason Segal popped into mind with his goofy grin
    5. Famous Ex would be Michelle Williams
    6.Kevin Garnett

  19. bg565 says

    Number 1 does not make sense, actually. No black man has been nominated for Best Actor (leading or supporting) AND Best Picture, so he couldn’t have been unsure of his chances for winning in either category in which he was nominated.

    Therefore, it could be any delusional idiot who has the grandiose assumption he’ll win an Oscar and one day be president.

  20. kermit1969 says

    Brandi is 40 so we don’t really know what time frame she is talking about but she references that she hasn’t been out there single an dating all that much since the mid 90s.
    1. actor/rapper/politician wannabe: Terence Howard (actor)
    2. Gerard Butler
    3. filmmaker/ Quentin Tarantino
    4. Fred Armisen
    5. Elizabeth Moss (Armisen actually was married to her for a brief time)
    6. Lamar odom

  21. mugofmead111 says

    #1 can’t be Jamie Foxx. Not only is he not a rapper (as some of you pointed out) but he’s certainly not that tall! He’s 5’9″.

    Will Smith is 6’2″. (I wasn’t aware he was that tall)

    Ludacris is only 5’8″.

    LL Cool J is 6’1-1/2″.

    Idris Elba is over 6’2″. IMDB says he sometimes ddejays but it doesn’t mention any rapping. Plus, his complexion is more dark chocolate than milk chocolate. :)
    Ice-T is 5’11”, but he can be eliminated because he’s light-skinned.

  22. stonn says

    Dude #1: Tyrese? Or (please god no) DIDDY??

    Whatever, both Brandi and her ex Eddie are GROSS. And Kissing and telling isn’t cute, it’s tacky.

  23. What Had Happened Was ... says

    1. LL Cool J.

    Some of the clues don’t fit: He’s not exactly ‘dark with milk chocolate skin’ and I’ve never heard he’s a huge ‘stoner’. That said, he’s 6’2″ or 6’3″, and I can totally see his manhood being enormous! Also, he’s known for his sexy lip-licking, his amazingly fit body, and of course, he’s on NCIS: Los Angeles.

    2. Gerard Butler.

    3. No idea.

    4. Nick Kroll.

    5. Amy Poehler (current girlfriend)

    6. Way too many possibilities.

  24. Elmerblues says

    I am too skeeved out to answer. I can only imagine the STD’s she has probably been treated for, and what VaJa must look like..

  25. KatarinaJ says

    LL is my absolute dreamboat crush! Please don’t have f-ed this twig with no butt. It’ll shatter my image of you as a man who likes him some real woman! LOL

  26. Madeleine says

    1) LL Cool J. All the clues fit him: He stars on NCIS: LA. He is a rapper, actor, and has supported a few politicians in New York State. I could definitely see him becoming more active in politics. His skin could be described as milk chocolate. Idris Elba’s could not. Nor is Idris known for his lips or abs. LL is known for both. His name stands for Ladies Love Cool James but the LL also refers to Luscious Lips. He is known for frequently licking his lips, especially when rapping. Jamie Fox is not a rapper, and I don’t think many women would describe him as “the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen.” Nothing special about his lips, either. The physical description fits Will Smith but he has not been very active in politics other than raising money for Obama. Also, I think Will is gay and would not be interested in Brandi or any other woman.

    I am sorry to hear this about LL, because he has been married for 19 years and they have four kids. His wife recently recovered from cancer. He admitted being very promiscuous when he was a young rapper (before he married) but I thought he was a devoted family man. I have never heard of any rumors of him cheating.

    4)Can’t figure out who the short comedian could be. I thought it was Jimmy Kimmel because he has dark hair, a goofy grin and a famous ex-girlfriend (Sarah Silverman) but he is 6’1”. Jimmy Fallon is 6 feet. The only short comedian I can think of who could be considered a household name is Kevin Hart. But he was married for many years and got divorced in 2011 after a long separation. He has been with girlfriend Eniko (a model) for four years, and I don’t believe he had another girlfriend before her. David Spade is blonde and doesn’t have chiseled features, and has been a household name for many years. His famous ex, Heather Locklear, also has been famous for years.

    Have no idea about the others.

  27. dpoma says

    She is not an attractive woman iin ANY way. But she thrives on attention of any kind. “delusions of ADEQUACY”. Sad.

  28. cpjones79 says

    The amount of slut-shaming on this post is embarrassing. You all guess which celebrities sleep with each other in other posts, then get all riled up when one of them finally gives you her own blind gossip items. She states that she had protected sex with one of them at least and she never stated she was in serious relationships while pursuing these hookups, so I’m confused as to what she did wrong exactly but have consensual sex.

  29. FairyMay9 says

    I’m judging her. Coming right out and saying it. But the judgment is not about her sexual appetite, her exploits, or her clear pride in it. I’m not slut-shaming her in the least. I’m saying she’s completely tacky and pathetic in her desperation to stay relevant. If people are talking about her, then she stays in her perception of the public consciousness. Do I think she’s a whore? Yep. A FAME whore. I don’t care who she sleeps with and who she tells about it, as long as it’s not my husband. But I’ll tell you right now, I do judge her, because she is not a singular entity with the luxury of navigating only her own way. She has children. They have lives that will be impacted by what she says and does. And when you have children, your life becomes about putting them first. This? Is not putting them first. This is putting Brandi first. And it’s narcissistically self-absorbed selfishness. Male, female, or hedgehog, I don’t care.

    • cpjones79 says

      I think calling someone a fame whore is a somewhat more valid criticism than many of the other responses on here. However, if she wanted to get her Carrie Bradshaw on with much dishier items without the groan worthy puns that Sarah Jessica Parker ever won an Emmy for on HBO, then she has my blessing. Far more have attempted to rip that show off with more boring results. If her kids are embarrassed by their parents’ sexual exploits, well…what kids aren’t embarrassed, especially when their father has already been revealed to have cheated repeatedly on their mother? Does that make him a bad father? Only his kids can really judge that. However, I saw lessons in dating in her blind items that her kids may be able to use:
      1. Have safe sex, but don’t put up with partners that choose drugs over you.
      2. Be careful with addicts and don’t enable their bad behavior. It might bring you down as well.
      3. Just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he’s mature.
      4. Find a guy/gal that makes you laugh, but know when to put that funny bone to good use.
      5. Be careful if your date still holds onto the past, exes are best forgotten, especially in the bedroom.
      6. Um…always pull over for that special sexy time and don’t operate heavy, large machines unless you can focus on one thing at a time.

    • WhatLolaWants says

      I agree. I don’t care who it is, she is just doing this for attention in the most tacky way. I don’t like her and never will.

  30. travoltasbeard says

    I never guessed the NBA player. The LPGA judgements messed me up!!! (Leann Puritanical guidance association)

    So…NBA player is…Blake Griffin. He is single, 6’11 (sometimes listed as 6’10?) and likes a lady that is similar to BG.

  31. tarap says

    Some guesses

    1. Mehki Piffer
    2. Mark McGrath
    3. Spike Jonze or Paul Thomas Anderson
    4. Patton Owsald
    6. Any or all of them

  32. Tyger Lily says

    1. Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for both Ali & The Pursuit of Crappyness, but I would hardly call him “Gorgeous”. I’m agreeing with many that this is probably L.L. Cool J, he’s definitely attractive and fits the physical description, but he’s seriously overestimating his own acting skills if he thinks he deserves an Oscar. Politically, no clue but stranger things have happened (Schwarzenegger?).
    2. Saw some Mark McGrath and Brian Austin Green guesses & while they’re both hot (I’d definitely do them with Brandi’s vag), I don’t see how the “fallen star” applies to either of them.
    3. For some reason Tarintino popped into my head, but I think it’s been years since since anyone would refer to him as “boy”-anything. So, dunno.
    4-5. Like the January Jones/Jason Sudekis guess.
    6. Again, no idea.

  33. bruinsgal says

    I am shocked that so many people on here have such a huge problem with an adult woman engaging in consensual sex with men. What’s the big deal? Are you all so sexually frustrated and repressed that you feel it’s OK to call a woman a whore just because she has casual sex? What an archaic point-of-view. It’s 2014 for goodness’ sake not 1955. I love the fact that men can pretty much bang whoever they want without being judged but the second a woman does it, she’s a slut/whore/tramp/skank.

    • WhatLolaWants says

      To say that people are “sexually frustrated and repressed” just because they don’t agree with Brandi or…you apparently, is not making your case any better. I don’t agree with slut-shaming, but I’m not going to change my opinion of how she handles herself because someone wants to throw out the overused “you must be sexually frustrated” trope.

  34. tootzi says

    I read the book. The Fallen Star was a big budget movie producer not an actor. She talks about the action hero in her book(Gerard butler). The comedian was before Eddie so before 1995. And the boy wonder is her friend Asher whom she dated before putting him in her “friend box”. Actor, rapper? My first instinct is ll cool j but he is married and I really can’t believe she would do that since her divorce.

  35. bjd44 says

    Don’t know and certainly don’t care. This woman is pathetic, disgusting, and repulsive. I feel SO SORRY for her kids. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother. UCK UCK UCK. YOU ARE GROSS!!!