Taylor Swift’s Gay Boyfriend/s

taylor swift harry styles 2[Queerty] For as long as gay men have been making names for themselves in showbiz, there have been fiercely famous beards by their side.

A perfect accessory for any self-loathing gay celebrity, the “beard” by definition is “any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexual person the appearance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex.”

Rock Hudson had one, Liberace had two, and there’s no doubt closeted gay Hollywood is chock-full of them cough today. Perhaps the most famous (and certainly the most obvious) modern gay beard is country star Taylor Swift, a beard so highly revered and profitable she’s been considered by some to be Hollywood’s first Power Beard.

But even though she’s dated nearly every male celebrity with a face, not one of Swift’s previous boyfriends has ever come out of the closet. She’s had so many relationships, it’s plausible to believe at least one of them was purely for show, right? So which one is it?

Swift dated JoBro heartthrob Joe Jonas back in 2008, before he was hot. He revealed last year that they never actually had sex, probably because Taylor refused to whip and penetrate him.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner most likely just exchanged makeup tips and boy gossip during their three-month relationship in late 2009. The brief stint ended after she broke up with him, inspiring one of her only “apology songs.”

John Mayer is probably, most definitely, not gay. The singer briefly dated Swift in 2009/2010 before he settled down with Katy Perry, who definitely doesn’t play the beard game.

Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly prefers “tits and ass,” but we’re still secretly hoping his brief 2010 relationship with Swift was a sham. She may not want him anymore, but we certainly do!

Swift took a dip in the Kennedy family gene pool for three months in 2012, when she dated 18-year-old Conner Kennedy. They broke up after three months because they “lived too far apart.”

If One Direction front man Harry Styles were gay, he’d probably just be openly gay. His one month relationship with Swift last year was likely just for kicks.

And there’s no need to imagine this iron-clad ally as one-half of a same-sex relationship, there are plenty of racy photos that’ll paint a pretty awesome picture for you.

Swift continues to deny allegations that she briefly dated Zac Efron last year. But the world would stop turning if we ceased speculation about Zac’s sexuality, so…

And finally, most importantly, Swift’s most recent sighting with rumored (but definitely “not“) gay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They’re not officially dating, and they’re definitely not fooling around, but was their recent night out simply Bearding in action?

Taylor’s gay boyfriend/s:

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  1. Elfe_345 says

    Ace, je t’aime. Hahaha
    This made my day. I’m not really in the right place to put an etiquette on those boys… But maybe Joe Jonas is gay? And obviously, Harry Styles. We all know for sure his relationship with her was a publicity stunt and we all know he is dating Louis Tomlinson. Yes.

    Can’t wait to see the item solved.

      • GiveMeGossip says

        I think “we” is anyone who reads this site which had a blind that was heavily believed to be about Taylor and Harry. Calm yourself, cadaver. You are getting upset over people’s guesses but this is a gossip site and the purpose is to guess who.

      • YoGo8c says

        Cadaver is quite right to express the opinion that ‘we’ is a blanket term that gets used WAY too liberally in this fandom.

        Imo, what I think ‘we’ should be more invested in is: do ‘we’ really care about potential human rights of those that are deeply closeted (rather than catfights about who they may or may not be dating) or do ‘we’ care more about our love of fanart, manips, slowed-down gifs of ‘heart eyes’ with our fan-favourite pairing?

        Because if that’s the case it’s not even scratching the surface of the REAL issue. The REAL issue is simply the unfairness of the closet in this day and age.

  2. sugarspice says

    Are you serious, Harry Styles would be allowed by his management and PR team to be openly gay! What planet do you live on? I can just imagine Simon Cowell and the team crying as the money drains away..should it not be if he wasn’t gay then he would stop being so gender non-specific when asked about relationships. He always looks so drained and fed up when on his ‘dates’. Not buying it..pretty certain Harry is gay and very interested in one other person only…the lovely Louis

    • Cecilia says

      LOL the delusion. Larry shippers try to act open minded but they want Harry to be gay ONLY if he is dating Louis. What if he was dating other guy instead??? I bet you guys wouldnt support him then. stop living in your fantasy land, Larry doesnt exist

      • DreamerOfLights says

        I for one, being a Larry shipper myself, would not mind in the slightest if Harry ended up gay with some other man. I firmly believe that he is not interested in women, and I also firmly believe that he and Louis are together. However, if he happened to end up with another man who was not Louis, I would be happy for him if he really truly loved that person. So yes, I would support him even then. The only reason we appear close-minded is because all of us Larry shippers believe that Louis is the only one for Harry and that Harry is the only one for Louis; we believe they are soulmates

  3. Maria says

    Excuse my ignorance but how long a “beard” can be used.

    I read about a situation from a choir show, one of the actors with curly hairs has been rumored gay or bi but he has a GF since back 2009 or 2010.

    This is possible to be a beard for a so long time ?

    Thanks for any respons.

  4. loniloniloni says

    I think there is only one gay boyfriend.
    Harry Styles- 98% sure he is gay. He has never denied it, nor confirmed it. He uses gender neutral pronouns too. Links nicely to the other blinds about 1D.

    I don’t think its: ZacE, JoeJ, JohnM, JakeG and TaylorL. These all have had many girlfriends, and some were more private than others, alongside the fact that most ex-relationships of theirs lasted quite long.

      • sugarspice says

        When did Harry say he was not gay? In his interview with GQ magazine he stated he was not bisexual, that does not mean he is straight it just means he will not sleep with both men and women. This is a young man who was caught on stage during twitter questions clearly whispering to Zayn Malik the he should say he would not eat pussy…take that as u want..I have the video uploaded on my tumblr and will happily attach it to my blind gossip tag if they are happy for that to happen. It is only one of many incidents and poor Harry has tried to out himself quite a few times in the past but has either been silenced by management or had a negative reaction from fans..some of the hate I have seen is truely awful bearing in mind they are supposed to be a fan!

  5. Warrior1461 says

    Aaron Rogers, reason what she was seen with him because she was hanging out with her friend Jessica Szhor(however the frak you spell it) who is actually dating him.

  6. Mtlmeee says

    All of them, although some of them could be bi. I also wonder about her bestie Ed Sheeran. But, I love them all and who cares who they love or lust after.

  7. stolidog says

    I’m surprised she hasn’t dated Daniel Radcliff or Robert Pattinson, but from the list, the gays are:
    Aaron Rodgers
    Zac Efron
    Harry Styles
    Jake G.
    Taylor Lautner
    Joe Jonas (sort of), regardless of what the posting says about Harry Styles and Jake G.

    • stolidog says

      ps, as for “power beards” Taylor ain’t nothing compared to the likes of Sandra Bullock, for example, just a different generation.

      • CindyB says

        I never thought of Sandra Bullock as a beard (what do I know?) but she is currently seeing Troy Aikman (rumor has it). I have it on very good authority and from an incredibly reliable source that Mr. Aikman is gay.

    • lily is my puppy says

      She’s tall and Daniel Radcliff is pretty short. That would be an interesting picture.

  8. mugofmead111 says

    Re: which boyfriends are gay, I can only rule out John Mayer (definitely) and maybe Joe Jonas. I dunno about the others.

  9. IcanC says

    Taylor’s gay boyfriend/s: ALL of them are likely gay or bi !!!

    This is such a strange BG. I guess the answer is not supposed to include the person whose PR team wants to quiet rampant gay rumors the most?

    I’d say this is yet ANOTHER attempt by the One Direction PR team to try to convince someone/anyone that Harry Styles is STRAIGHT and not “loved up” with Louis Tomlinson.

    Harry “dated” Taylor for PR and bearding just like all the rest on your list.

  10. Bromance1979 says

    I think Kevin is the gay Jonas, not Joe, and John Mayer definitely isn’t gay. The Kennedy kid probably isn’t gay (why would he need a famous beard?).

    Gay BF’s: Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Aaron Rodgers.

    If a guy is gay, at this point, why would he be seen with Taylor Swift? She’s a known beard! Aaron Rodgers was outed as gay by an alleged ex-BF and then decided to hang out with Swift to squash rumours? Great idea, Rodgers’ PR person!!

  11. ravenglass says

    I knew Swift or Hough would be paraded out with Aaron Rodgers sooner or later.

    Taylor’s gay boyfriend/s: ALL of them except for Mayer & maybe the Kennedy kid.

    Love the picture of Harry, MUNCHING ON A BAG OF NUTS.

  12. ivyleaguer says

    let’s see
    gay: Taylor Lautner, Jake G, Zac Efron, Aaron Rogers, Harry Styles,
    not: Joe Jonas, but Kevin is.
    bisexual: John Mayer, just ask Perez Hilton.
    no clue: Connor Kennedy, or why a Kennedy would have to beard. Certainly by the time he’s ready for a presidential run the Kennedy and gay thing would make him more popular than Jack or Bobby.

    Why doesn’t she just marry Tom Cruise and close the deal already.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: “Why doesn’t she just marry Tom Cruise and close the deal already.”

      She will have a heck of a time trying to extricate herself from that situation if they were to divorce. I’m also not sure whether the Co$ would be cool with any subsequent songs that were to take artistic license.

  13. sdenzel says

    First of all I want to say I am a little bit confused about the Harry Styles comment. ‘If one Direction front man Harry Styles were gay, he’d probably just be openly gay.’ In previous posts you have said that Harry Styles is gay (not in so many words, but for example for Taylor ‘date someone who actually likes girls’ or something like that. So basically you say he is gay, but now I feel like you say that if he was gay he would just come out. But maybe I just read it the wrong way.
    I’m like 99,99% sure Harry Styles is gay (or at least bisexual): even though it’s none of my business. But since we are talking about it at the moment here is my list of ex gay boyfriends of Taylor Swift:
    – Joe Jonas
    – Taylor Lautner
    – Harry Styles
    – Aaron Rodgers

    and I really have no idea about Jake…

      • sdenzel says

        Aw thank you, I didn’t notice that!

        Still funny though that the article makes it seem like Harry Styles isn’t gay, but EVERYONE thinks he is (from the comments I mean!). And I believe Harry Styles is an proud homosexual, but his team denies it because they want MONEY.

    • Warrior1461 says

      Aaron Rogers is supposed to be dating JEssica Szor, so he is not on the list. With Douglass Booth and that snapchat CEO giving her the cold shoulder, bearding might be all that dating she has left. Face it her fame and success makes her intimidating to most men in the celeb community. Every male her age will be inferior to her, I fear she might end up lie Elvis, Michael Jackson or Liberace, being isolated by their fame.

  14. JaneDawson says

    Lautner is gay gay gay for sure, no doubt. Gonna say Jake is gay because his hetero relationships seem so damn lifeless. And obviously Harry (who was dating his bandmate at the time). Aaron is gay and so was her footballer ex Tim Tebow.

    I give Taylor props. She’s making x2 the bank of the average beard: stacks selling 100% made up stories about “spending the night” with these men and again selling 100% made up “breakup” stories. Not to mention the free publicity.

  15. jezzadezza says

    Joe – bi
    Taylor – straight, surprisingly
    John – straight
    Jake – bi, but mostly straight
    Connor – straight
    Harry – gay
    Zac – straight, just pretty
    Aaron – bi

    • Totally_Sam says

      I’m pretty sure harry said in an interview onetime that he’s big, but the interview never got out (probably because of Modest!).

  16. laurandorder says

    No idea as to the blind, but I can never believe how adamant people are that Harry is gay! People talk about Harry and Louis being a couple as if it’s fact but i’ve never seen any actual evidence? I’m confused, am I missing something?

    • Rosaline05 says

      Exactly my thoughts.. and trust me, i have seen a lot of larry stylinson videos, but i still think that there is no real evidence.. sorry. and they have both denied it.

      There is something else..don’t you think that taylor have better things to do then to be a beard for all this guys? seriously why would she do that?? I can belive that maybe her relationship with harry was a publicity stunt, but probably not because he (or she!) are gay..but just purely for the publicity reasons.

      Seriously people..lately it seems like everyone are so obsessed with this thought that almost every person in hollywood is gay or lesbian? And suddenly everyone have beards..? I don’t know, I just think it’s a little bit wierd. (don’t get me wrong, i don’t have anything against gays or lesbians, i just think that lately people are exaggerating in this matter..i belive that some of celebrities are gay, but not so many as you think..)

      • laurandorder says

        I don’t really know enough about Taylor Swift to speculate. I think she’s beautiful though and don’t doubt she has guys lining up for her, plus it’s not like she needs the money so I don’t see why she’d need to beard. If it was to hide the fact that she’s gay surely she would choose a faux-partner with no gay rumours swirling around them?! Publicity makes a lot more sense to me!

    • Cecilia says

      Larry Stylinson is the main reason why that “band” One Direction is famous in the first place. When they were on “The X factor” they were best friends and always together, fans started shipping them as a couple and they fooled around in front of the camera because they knew that was what the fangirls wanted. After a while, the Larry joke went too far and their fans became obsessed, insulting Louis GF and making up crazy theories. Now Louis and Harry´s friendship is ruined and fans still believe they are gay and will live happily ever after LOL

      • laurandorder says

        I vaguely remember casually watching that series of X Factor and don’t remember thinking their behaviour was anything out of the ordinary. But your suggestion sounds very plausible!

      • laurandorder says

        No need for that. I simply don’t understand why people are so willing to believe these rumours when there’s absolutely no definitive proof. I have many straight guy friends who act the same way with each other as Harry and Louis apparently do. It’s just a friendly bromance, it doesn’t prove they’re ~in love.

  17. jersey6332 says

    I remember I once read a blind where it said that taylor actually dated guys she liked before john. after him, they were pretty much all beards but now, this blind is saying that is not true. i thought when taylor dated taylor lautner, it was because she actually liked him. I’m so confused. I think that’s how I would describe Hollywood behind the scenes, confusing.

    okay, right now, i’m thinking taylor lautner, harry styles, zac efron, jake and aaron

  18. MrWolf says

    Let me throw it out there –

    Taylor also briefly dated Tim Tebow. And never has a couple had less chemistry than those two.

  19. LALOVER says

    Everyone except Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and maybe Connor Kennedy. I’m pretty sure Taylor’s a lesbian anyway.

  20. slantrhyme says

    Can I just say that I don’t understand why people find Harry Styles attractive. Sorry.

    Gay for sure: Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, Aaron Rodgers

    Jury is still out: Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron (but I’m leaning toward gay)

    Not gay: Joe is not the gay Jonas, John Mayer has probably experimented but seems mostly straight (and creepy as hell), Kennedy guy (why would a non-famous person from a super-liberal family need a beard?)

    Also, can someone tell me why a pretty, talented young lady like Swifty would rather be a beard than actually have a real boyfriend of her own? Is she closeted, too?

    • mugofmead111 says

      Taylor S. could just be single, if she can’t find the right person (regardless of whether is is straight or not).

      Kelly Clarkson remained single for *years* while enduring constant lesbian rumors. Yet, she didn’t seem to care.

  21. lily is my puppy says

    I think she broke up with Connor Kennedy is because he was so young and everyone was talking about the “ick” factor — bad for her brand.

  22. Gossip_is_not_Truth says

    Why are so many people convinced Aaron Rodgers is gay? He made a statement not long ago that he isn’t so doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt? Or at least until someone presents some kind of proof other than gossip?

    This can apply to a lot of other people as well.

  23. kitten1014 says

    People. All these guys are gay, the writer is being sarcastic. Reread the blind. Queerty is outing Taylor Swift.

    • Lelaina Pierce says

      THANK YOU! I have been wondering why no one seemed to pick up on that. I do think that John Mayer is straight (or at most, bi). I definitely think he is very …um… uninhibited.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: Queerty is outing Taylor Swift.

      That’s a different way of looking at things. Thank you for pointing that out! It makes one wonder why Taylor would unwittingly (or not) become a beard so many times.

    • ravenglass says

      This would explain why she’s always tweeting about how much she loves pussy. CATS!!! SHE ADORES CATS!!!

  24. InsomniaMama says

    Im going with Jonas, Lautner, Rodgers, and for some odd reason I think Harry Styles is bi sexual

  25. cadaver11 says

    @nobodycares Ace even said they’re no longer together. What are you even saying to me right now? You either believe none of it or you believe all of it!

    • nobodycares says

      Because some person from GOSSIP site claim they aren’t together I HAVE TO BELIEVE yeah sure… I believe what I see and I see H and L are still together…

  26. YoGo8c says

    The article is a total nonsense anyway. It calls Swift a Power Beard for Gay Men and then finds reasons why the guys she ‘dated’/dated are not even gay.

    It’s like they want to point the finger but legally cover their backs. It’s a stupid article and half the info is fawning, superficial goop.

    “We want Jake Gyllenhaal for ourselves” is hardly foundation for querying his orientation, they question mark the Kennedy kid who frankly has far less reason to beard than most of the others.

    And (the kicker): if Queerty SERIOUSLY thinks guys in a multi-billion dollar boybands aimed at teenage girls (and with hundreds of jobs/contracts involved) would ‘probably just say (they) were gay) then they are as poorly-researched as this piece of writing.

  27. Maria says

    So for what i learn and see she should be Darren Criss beard because at least she has so class and actuel talent.

  28. polarice says

    I think the bit about Harry is some sort of sarcasm/mockery, especially considering the obvious past blinds which imply that he’s not all too interested in women.

  29. tennispeach says

    I will preface this by saying I like Taylor Swift; I think she has a good head on her shoulders, however, I have two questions:

    (1) Does she KNOW that she is being a beard for these guys?
    (2) Or does she just have a really bad gaydar?

  30. Bamadex says

    She tried with the Shriver boy (probably gay), then quickly moved on to his HS-aged cousin. But I doubt that went far.

    I doubt she got laid by any of these guys, save Mayer. And I’d be hesitant to label JM as definitely, unequivocally 100% straight. He’s rumored to be quite the sexual adventurer.

  31. sugarspice says

    Yes I am a Larry Shipper and will not apologise for that…too be honest though it wouldn’t bother me that much if Harry was dating someone else..yes I firmly believe he is gay and only want to see him happy with someone, problem is all the roads seem to lead back to Louis. I’m sure they are together at the moment but I do feel they certainly have been in the past.

  32. SoNotMyBusiness says

    I might be reading it wrong, but the wording, to me, suggests it’s just one of these gentlemen.

    Wrong Jonas (i think).

    “Apology song” to Lautner (so not him).

    Mayer = horndog (jmo).

    Gyllenhaal – it says she didn’t want him anymore (she on some kinda crack?)

    Kennedy – don’t see the need.

    Styles is pictured here and the article says no need to IMAGINE this IRON CLAD ally as part of a same sex couple as there are plenty of racy PHOTOS TO PAINT AN AWESOME PICTURE (didn’t he just buy some homoerotic art)….sooo…he’s my guess.

    Efron – she denys dating and Rogers sounds like he’s got a beard and has no need of another.

  33. annabelle77 says

    John Mayer is a complete sleaze, and definitely not gay, for which all gay men should be thankful. Conner Kennedy is just a clueless young kid, and there’s no indication HE’s gay. I agree that Zach Effron is just very pretty. And I don’t think Joe Jonas is the gay Jonas, either. The rest,for sure, are gay. And, I have to say, much as I love Taylor, she does seem to have an extremely unusual propensity to date gay men. I don’t sense that SHE’S gay, but the cat comment above is HILARIOUS and made my day. Too funny!!!

  34. Elisa says

    If Harry Styles were gay, he’d be openly gay but his management is blocking him from doing so.
    I think that Jonas guy might play for the other team as well.
    And obviously Zac Efron is just… I just can’t.
    So those are my three choices.

  35. ClosetOrganizer says

    Based on two previous Blind Items (one of which was done by BG), both Joe Jonas (“Seven Hollywood Dwarfs” where he took Taylor’s virginity) and Taylor Lautner (the one about the celibate, probably asexual teen heartthrob) are NOT among Taylor’s gay boyfriends. And John Mayer is definitely straight, as his past romantic entanglements are very well-documented (cf. Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, etc.). Everyone after John Mayer, however, from Jake Gyllenhaal to Harry Styles to Zac Efron to Aaron Rodgers is definitely closeted. I don’t know anything about Connor Kennedy, so I’m not going to speculate (but it’s possible he might be closeted too). [For the record, I think that “I Knew You Were Trouble” HAD to have been inspired by John Mayer b/c SURELY Taylor did her homework on John Mayer and his dating history. So apparently John had the power to turn Taylor off of straight guys for a while. Incredible (by which I mean “tarded”).]

  36. joiedevivre says

    I know Mr. Styles is one of them. ‘If [he] were gay, he’d probably just be openly gay.’ Telling because he’s not gay; he’s bisexual. And I may be wrong, but the ‘no need to imagine him as one-half of a same-sex relationship… plenty of photos’ is referring to all of the suggestive photos of him and Louis Tomlinson that exist.

    Not sure about the other the third but Gyllenhaal is the second.

  37. larrysecrets says

    Harry’s gay, and he doesn’t really try to hide it. He doesn’t put much effort into his bearding relationships and he uses gender neutral terms for everything. If he had a choice he’d be open. But he has a contract.