Why She Dissed A Child In A Wheelchair

woman crouching[Pop Bitch] Which popular presenter likes to talk up her charity work in interviews but, according to some of the charities for whom she is a patron, is actually pretty tricky to pin down to get to do anything?

She recently refused to interview a child in a wheelchair for the camera because she “doesn’t look good crouching”.

BG Note: Presenter = Person who hosts or takes a main role in a radio or television program

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  1. Fan says

    Isn’t this a British site? And the word “presenter” is used in Britain, not here, so who knows who it would be.

    • Okayeah says

      I have no clue who this is. But based on most of the guesses so far, it seems that you and I may be the only ones who bothered to notice that this is from Pop Bitch which is, indeed, British.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Yes, I think it must be a British television presenter.

      I’m going for Christine Bleakley, just because she’s one of the only presenters who does a lot of charity work that I can think of and who could secretly be super vain.

    • EastlakeGirl says

      Can’t be Ellen. #1 – this is a British site, so would imagine the presenter is British. #2 – Ellen is CONSTANTLY crouching down when she talks to kids on her show.

  2. orangeness says

    Is this Fergie (Sarah Ferguson)? She does stuff in the US I think, but we never hear about her any more in the UK.

  3. meggymoo says

    The first person that came to mind was Cat Deeley. She doesn’t have kids so maybe she lacks empathy (or is hugely self absorbed)…

    • bg565 says

      I can’t believe this comment! I don’t know much about Cat Deeley, but is she married? Maybe they aren’t ready for kids. What’s selfish is bringing a child into the world that you’re not ready for. Or maybe there are infertility issues.

      • ToadKisser says

        AMEN SISTER. If only more people thought about something other than themselves before they made a decision (or “happy accident”) to procreate.

    • chandler02 says

      WHAT? She doesnt have kids so she might lack empathy???? What a horrible accusation to make. Family planning does not reflect a person’s ability to empathize.

    • ToadKisser says

      That is a seriously f’d up way to think. Seriously. You might want to reexamine your perception of the world around you. Just a suggestion, but wow. I mean… Mother Theresa had no children. I’m just sayin’.

  4. boyjack4 says

    Nope! Changing that to Oprah Winfrey..she would not look good crouching! Or maybe her BFF Gayle King Who ever it is ,she’s a hypocrite!

  5. sue says

    “Presenter” is used in Great Britain to describe the American counterpart to news anchors/reporters, so I guess we’re looking at a British personality.

  6. akajenb says

    Really? This isn’t about you it’s about the child and the charity organization your helping. I cant stand people that are self centered.lol

  7. whowassheilahgraham says

    PopBitch is UK based, so I’m going to say Davina McCall who’s connected with several charities and is obsessed with looking good.

    • rosiedoes says

      Considering that she was just dragged out of a freezing lake in a wetsuit, wearing no make up, after swimming a mile and a half in a lake in February to raise money for Sports Relief, I doubt it.

  8. lovefifteen says

    Why are people guessing Ellen? She sits on her show. This is probably a British presenter like Davina McCall.

  9. A-titty says

    The pict looks like Cat Deely…she’s SUPER tall so I could see that being a ‘thing’ for her…

  10. VoiceofReason says

    I would say it’s more likely a presenter who doesn’t have kids so that rules out Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Emma Willis and Davina McCall (who I’ve met and was really down to earth and lovely)

    My money’s on Christine Bleakely too

  11. QubbuQ says

    Davina McCall.
    Hint: ‘Pin down’, McCall’s is a very famous sewing pattern company. You pin those to cloth to… well, I’m sure you can figure it out from there.

    • YoGo8c says

      This is also a very good guess. That could also be another clue, but more subtle than the ‘crouching’ one.

  12. YoGo8c says

    British publication so 100% British celeb.

    Abbey Clancy is a presenter/model and comes to mind because of what looks like a huge flashing HINT (she’s the wife of British footballer Peter Crouch), is very tall and she’s a supporter of various charities (PupAid, Love, Mum’ etc).

    To be fair to her, she has stripped for charity and so I can see how bending down to a child (she’s a mother herself) is much of an issue for her but idk, she might be worried about the cameraman zooming in on her cleavage (which they do!).