Grammy Winner Won’t Help Her Dad

grammy trophy[Hollywood Street King] She’s a Grammy Award-winning singer whose 63-year-old father lives in a broke ass Battle Creek, Michigan apartment.

We’re told despite that he remains a man who sees our blind item subject as daddy’s little girl, said to often brag about her 4-1-1 success to his Battle Creek community. Sources say that the sad thing is that his drama-filled life involves people clownin’ him. Know why? “No one believe he’s her father.”

What’s worse? Her daddy’s not the only family member reported to be broke. That’s because our mystery diva’s stepdaughter, Briana, was once homeless. Know why? According to our tipster, she and her husband refused to share their fortune with family members with whom they hold grudges to this day. Don’t believe me… Ask Thomas Blige.

Now, can you guess the ‘Soulful’ singer I’m talking about?


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  1. robert3242 says

    The implication clearly being that Ms. Blige somehow owes deadbeat family members a good living. Bushwah! I’ve never cared much for her or her music, but this story makes me like her better, rather than less.

    • jules524 says

      yeah, i have to agree with this. we don’t know how their relationship is or was, she has no obligation to help him if he was dick to her or whatever.

    • Lizzy Pea says

      I agree. Families are complicated, and we don’t know what has gone on in the past for the relationship to become estranged. There’s probably a valid reason why she won’t help her father.

  2. mugofmead111 says

    Singer: Mary J. Blige

    Her dad was recently a victim of domestic violence from the hands of his girlfriend. Sad.

  3. Visha says

    This is no doubt Mary J Blige. whose husband is Kendu Isaacs who has a daughter called Brianna. The clues being 411 which was her song and her father Thomas Blige who was attacked recently by an ex lover. Well he abandoned her so why should he benefit from her money anyway??

    • thebutlerdidit says

      Some of y’all need to put on your thinking caps instead of just judging her from a blind item. You have no way of knowing how horribly this person may have treated her in the past. We don’t know if she was possibly beaten, molested, or simply abandoned. There could be a hundred reasons not to help him. One thing folks need to realize, just because someone becomes famous, wealthy, they don’t owe it to their family to support them. Mary has been up to her eyeballs in trouble with the IRS for about a decade. Maybe she can’t afford to help anyone, you know?

  4. yourPRisajoke says

    Singer: Mary J. Blige
    Her first album was “What’s the 411?”
    Her step-daughter, Briana Latrise, tweeted that she was homeless and pregnant in 2013.

  5. brobdingnagian says

    Mary J Blige, isn’t she too busy dodging the taxman to pay bills for anyone else? LOL!!

  6. CelebrityGirl says

    Mary J. Blige. Google says she has a stepdaughter named Briana, and the “drama-filled” clue is a nod to her song “No More Drama”.

  7. nottoday says

    Mary J. Blige

    Don’t blame her. We are not responsible for caring for the needs of other adult individuals. We can help, we’re just not obligated to!

  8. TheBarberLady says

    Mary J Blige but…I remember reading long ago, that her father simply left one day when she was a small kid causing a domino effect of poverty and hard times, then, years later he just showed up to one of her concerts one day, broke and wanting to be in her life again. If that’s true, I say, so what?!?!

  9. istillhavesarcasm says

    I don’t see a problem with this at all. We don’t know what the grudges are for, and she may have a perfectly legitimate reason to not support them. Personally, my mom was so bad to me (emotional and physical abuse) growing up that I would never support her, especially if I was a multimillionaire. Just because you’re rich, doesn’t mean you magically have an obligation to your family just because their family.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Well said. We don’t know what we don’t know. I’m estranged from family as well and would have a hard time giving money but it hasn’t stop some from trying using guilt and or blame. You have to know your truth and respect it.

      There are some like Tyler Perry who chose to help anyway and I respect that. I think if you want to help and can, then do. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t.

  10. angress says

    I may have misread this totally or it’s just to obvious, but Mary J Blige. Can’t be anyone else. Right?

  11. slantrhyme says

    Sad, but Mary J. Blige. Love her music. I don’t think she handles her finances well. Maybe she is trying to hang on to what she has left.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Just my opinion but I think many celebs naturally surround themselves with ‘yes’ people which is good for the EGO but not for being told the TRUTH when you want it or need it. It’s very easy to be misled when money management is a weakness and you have lots of it. Sadly, many celebs have even been taken by family. I’m not saying she’s not responsible for her life but when you’re that successful you’re a BRAND/ company more then a person and she’s probably paid others very well to handle her money while she makes it. I live her music and hope she gets things sorted out.

  12. bec215 says

    Mary J. Blige…From ABC news, 1/24/14 “The father of singer Mary J. Blige was stabbed and critically injured in a domestic dispute, police in Michigan said. The incident happened Thursday morning inside the home of Thomas Blige, 63, the dad of the Grammy-winning singer, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports.”

    I bet it’s amazing when you start making money what relatives show up with their hands out – but with the father, guessing either he beat or abused someone in the family or did her mother wrong. Guessing it’s not a trivial beef…

  13. Quanah says

    Mary J. Blige.

    But we don’t know the history. He could have been horrible to her and her mother and siblings. There’s nothing that says you have to financially support your parents. And her step-daughter is an adult, not a child.

  14. lobe says

    singer is Mary J Blige, her father is Thomas Blige, her Step daughter, Briana, is the daughter of her husband Kendu Isaac

  15. ashley013074 says

    Obviously, Mary J. Blige. Her step-daugther tweeted that she was pregnant and homeless. She’s known as the “Queen of R&B Soul.”

  16. spenderr says

    First time poster but big time troller of this site 😉 How ya doin’ Ace?

    This is none other than Mary J Blige, what a shame.

  17. blackmahn says

    Well, that’s disappointing of Mary J. Blige. But I know nothing about her life and her relationships. So, I’m not going to hate on her.

  18. RaceAngel says

    Thomas Blige of Battle Creek, MI is father to Mary J. Blige, whose step-daughter was homeless and pregnant.

    It’s sad when people would treat their family like that.

  19. sue says

    I love HSK postings because even less tuned in folks like me can chime in a credible guess! I suppose, sadly, we are looking at Mary J. Blige.