Asses Beget Asses

two donkeys[Blind Gossip] One Hollywood actor (with the help of a drink or two) was ranting about two other actors and their parenting methods the other day.

“The parents get all crazy about protecting their kids from paparazzi, but meanwhile their home life is so f*cked up that the kids are bound to grow up being out of control.”

“Just look at [Actor 2]’s and [Actor 3]’s kids. Their fathers are two of the biggest asses in Hollywood, and they think they are great parents, but the first chance they get, [their kids] are shoving their asses in our faces! They learned that sh*t at home. Asses beget asses.”

BONUS CLUE 1: All three actors are over 40 and have starred in multiple popular films.

BONUS CLUE 2: Actor 2 and Actor 3 may be identified as asses in more than one way.

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Actor 1:

Actor 2:

Actor 3:

What their kids are doing:

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