Asses Beget Asses

two donkeys[Blind Gossip] One Hollywood actor (with the help of a drink or two) was ranting about two other actors and their parenting methods the other day.

“The parents get all crazy about protecting their kids from paparazzi, but meanwhile their home life is so f*cked up that the kids are bound to grow up being out of control.”

“Just look at [Actor 2]’s and [Actor 3]’s kids. Their fathers are two of the biggest asses in Hollywood, and they think they are great parents, but the first chance they get, [their kids] are shoving their asses in our faces! They learned that sh*t at home. Asses beget asses.”

BONUS CLUE 1: All three actors are over 40 and have starred in multiple popular films.

BONUS CLUE 2: Actor 2 and Actor 3 may be identified as asses in more than one way.

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Actor 1:

Actor 2:

Actor 3:

What their kids are doing:

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45 comments to Asses Beget Asses

  • Mia444

    Eddie Murphy & Alec Baldwin and their respective daughters (don’t know their names, but Alec’s is Ireland).

    • Mia444

      With the bonus clue being “they are asses in more way than one,” I’m thinking they’re both known Democrats, which doesn’t narrow it down much, lol, but perhaps Sean Penn instead of Eddie Murphy. Anyway, I’m altogether tired of seeing the children of the famous try to get famous, too (and by whatever means necessary).

      • Bromance1979

        I think it’s Eddie Murphy, because he was the donkey (ass) in Shrek.

      • luvprue1

        I do not think it’s Sean Penn, we do not even hear about his kids. However I agree with the Eddie Murphy & Alec Baldwin guess. Eddie Murphy plays as Ass. He’s “Donkey” in the Shrek movies,and Alec Baldwin ( who is also known to be an major pain in the ass) is a democrat. Both of their daughter had been in the news for modeling pic in which they are showing off their ass.

      • La Llorona

        I’d be surprised if BG went there, but then again, I’m not. These blinds are written with a bias.

    • PinkSlip

      Yep, that Ireland is all over the tabloids whenever she can shove herself into a camera, and yesterday it was literally her ass, pointing at the camera; day before, Eddie’s two girls in lingerie. Damn, I wish someone had some TALENT!!! Alec might be a bore, but boy he an act 😉

  • Kerzep

    I’ve got Will & Jada Smith, plus Eddie Murphys kids (modeling underwear). That’s about all I can come up with.

  • Darkclouds84

    Actor 2: Laurence Fishburne
    Actor 2’s kid: Montana Fishburne did hardcore porn
    Actor 3: Eddie Murphy
    Actor 3’s kids: daughters do lingerie modeling

  • lalaworld

    Actor 1: Charlie Sheen

    Actor 2: Ben Affleck

    Actor 3: Dax Shepard

  • Knee

    Eddie Murphy must be one of the fathers…..

  • waysouthofheaven

    Actor 1 – ???

    Actors 2 & 3
    Eddie Murphy
    Alec Baldwin

    Two assess whose daughters just posted pictures on social media of their asses!!!!

  • buttercup

    Hmm…one of them is Alec Baldwin and Ireland, seeing as how she showed us a pic of her ass recently.

  • jdubble07

    One of the “ass” parents is Eddie Murphy. He voiced Donkey in Shrek. His daughters recently released photos of them posing in lingerie.

  • Waspajuju

    Not sure about Actor 1, but one of these guys sounds like Eddie Murphy, who’s daughters just posed with their asses out for a lingerie shoot (also, didn’t Eddie play the ass in the shrek movies?)

  • DesertGhost

    Not sure on Actor 1 but for Actor 2 I will go with Eddie Murphy and Actor 3 Will Smith. Eddie’s daughters were just featured in some booty shots and Wills kids are always out of control. (Willow’s outfits are always over the top too.)

  • whoareallthesepeople

    Eddie Murphy and Will Smith

    Murphy’s daughters are “lingerie models” and Smith’s kids, well, they’re Jaden and Willow Smith – ’nuff said.

    • whoareallthesepeople

      As to Actor 1 – no idea, but it’s someone with some sense in him. I’m going with Mark Harmon.

  • LeahLynn28

    Actor 1:?
    Actor 2:?
    Actor 3:?
    What their kids are doing?Drinking and doing drugs?
    Well,actor 2 or 3 HAS to be Will Smith…his two kids are already out of control.

  • stolidog

    ONe of these would be Alec Baldwin and his daughter Ireland

    • stolidog

      Well, I JUST saw a picture of Eddie Murphy’s daughters doing the same thing as Ireland Baldwin, so Eddie and Alec as the A** parents (bonus, of course, Eddie played a donkey in Shrek)

  • Junior Mint

    Hm, I think either Actor 2 or 3 is Eddie Murphy. His daughters are becoming lingerie models. And he was the voice of Donkey in Shrek

  • mugofmead111

    I’m thinking one of these “asses” (actors) has to be Eddie Murphy…who played a wise ass (literally) in the Shrek series. E! has a link to a photo of his daughters Bria and Shayne showing their asses:

    I suspect another actor is Will Smith. His son Jaden is friends (or whatever) with Kylie and people suspect not too much good comes from hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. 😉

  • Jennifer

    Actor 1: Not sure
    Actor 2: Alec Baldwin (reputation for being an ass w/ the child being daughter Ireland Baldwin)
    Actor 3: Bruce Willis (reputation for being an ass w/ the child being Rumer Willis)

  • katt388

    I think one of the actors is Eddie Murphy. the other Will Smith and Jada

  • meowingloudly

    Actor 1- If it were a singer I’d have said Kanye, because of the “bound to” reference.. But I don’t know, could be anyone.
    Actor 2- Eddie Murphy- His kids recently did a lingerie shoot on their own parents bed. Ew (Donkey is a clue, Shrek as well as “ass” meaning donkey)
    Actor 3- Will smith- not really literally shoving their asses in people’s faces, but they’re acting out.

  • marr

    First thought for actor 2 or 3 is Will Smith. Don’t know about the others.

  • elliedee

    Actor 1: George Clooney? (recently said he likes a drink at night)

    Actor 2: Eddie Murphy (daughters Bria and Shayne Instagrammed some underwear shots.)

    Actor 3: Alec Baldwin (daughter Ireland has been modeling lingerie and bikinis.)

    What their kids are doing: posing in lingerie pictures.

  • lobsterbabe

    Actors 2 and 3- Will Smith and Eddie Murphy?
    Will’s kids are out of control and he and Jada are no better.
    Eddie Murphy’s daughters were online for “modeling” showing off their ass and Eddie played an ass in Shrek.
    No clue who actor 1 is

  • sidhu105

    I’m guessing one of the actor’s might be Eddie Murphy. I know that he is more of a comedian but he’s done some big movies (ex. Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, etc). The ‘asses’ might be a clue for Eddie’s “donkey” character in Shrek. Further, his 2 daughters just did a shoot where they were wearing nothing but lingerie.

  • ravenglass

    Actor 2 has to be Eddie Murphy & his sleazy lingerie modeling daughters.

    Not sure about the rest though.

  • Erin

    Is one of the actors Eddie Murphy? His daughters just did a lingerie shoot.

  • shuttheFup

    Actor 1: ??

    Actor 2: Eddie Murphy

    Actor 3: Will Smith

    What their kids are doing: Eddie Murphy’s daughter posing 1/2 makes, Will Smith’s kids doing drugs.

  • kims old nose

    Actor 2 Eddie Murphy? His two daughters just released lingerie photos of them showing their a$$es. No clue on 1 & 3

  • mom2gns

    Actor 1: George Clooney. (Bound – his S&M tendencies)
    Actors 2 3: Eddie Murphy and Alec Baldwin.

  • mom2gns

    Forgot to add the “what the kids are doing” bit: posting selfies &/or modelling shots featuring their backsides.

  • mugofmead111

    Because a number of you guessed George Clooney, I noticed upon rereading the blind that it doesn’t mention whether actor #1 has kids or not. If actor #1 doesn’t have kids, then actor #2 is definitely Eddie Murphy (he sometimes has been an ass and he literally played an ass) and actor #3 may either be Will Smith or Alec Baldwin. (Will’s kids have issues. Alec is known for being an ass and his daughter Ireland recently posted a selfie of her ass.) Oh, the possibilities.

  • Alllie

    lol all I hear is Chris Rock ranting about Eddie Murphy and Alec Baldwin, their kids Ireland is a model adn now Edddie Murphy’s daughters Bria and
    shayne posted some butt shots in their underwear too.

  • nony

    Actor 1: no idea

    Actor 2: Alec Baldwin

    Actor 3: Eddie Murphy

    What their kids are doing: Ireland posted a huge ass selfie, and Eddie’s daughters just did their first lingerie ad…showing their rears as well!

  • mugofmead111

    ha- chris rock did have a comedic bit about a father’s role is to keep your daughter off the stripper pole (and your son off of the pipe). :)

  • ChiTownHockey

    The asses clue points to Eddie Murphy and Alec Baldwin. Eddie = played donkey in Shrek. Baldwin = big time Democrat (donkey is the party symbol)

  • La Llorona

    Alec Baldwin talking about Will and Jada. That’s my guess.

  • OhSoLittleMouse

    Brad Pitt has to be one of the two actors for sure.

  • PapillonLover

    Actor 1- Mel Gibson
    Actor 2- Eddie Murphy
    Actor 3- Alec Baldwin