He Is Complaining About His Wife

french dip sandwich[Mouth To Ears] Instagram straight flexin goes wrong.

This couple recently sent the social media ablaze with rumors about them splitting up.

This trap music artist was recently spotted in Phillipe’s in LA stressing out. The rapper was allegedly walking around venting about how his wife doesn’t listen anymore. He also went in on how his wife was posting a$$ shots on Instagram.

Can you guess who we are talking about?

BG Notes: “Straight flexin” = trying to show off.  “trap music” = a style of hip hop music. “went in on” = expressed his feelings passionately. Phillipe’s French Dip Sandwich = yum.
Wife (may or may not be famous):
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  1. CatBallou says

    TI and Tiny – there were rumors recently about them splitting up that they denied and he had an album named Trap Muzik

  2. lobsterbabe says

    Have no idea who this is but that sanwich looks delish! Phillipe’s has the BEST French dips ever!!!

  3. ThinkerBelle says

    Thanks for the glossary Ace. But now I think I have to admit I might be getting older. I’m just not up to date with how the kids are talking.

  4. shuttheFup says

    Musician: TI
    Wife (may or may not be famous): Tiny

    1st time poster here, I change my mind, def TI & Tiny!

  5. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Wow. Now I’m hungry!

    But I don’t understand the need for the translations. I don’t see “Straight flexin'” or “went in on” anywhere in the blind.

  6. krigano says

    Musician: Ice T
    Wife (may or may not be famous): Coco

    She seems to be posting a$$ shots a lot

  7. mocha2009 says

    Musician: TI (TIP)
    Wife: Tiny

    Clue: French Dip (TIP)

    There was reportedly separation rumors Grammy Weekend. Then Tiny was posting bikini shots from some tropical looking locale on instagram.

  8. TulipInBloom says

    Umm, I can’t even think about who this blind is about. All I can think about is Phillipe’s lamb dip with a side of blue cheese! Damn you, Ace! Now, I’m going to have to take a trip to East L.A. soon!