She Dodged A Whitney Beatdown

whitney houston bobby brown[Hollywood Street King] “Whitney wanted to beat her ass!”

She’s a conniving counselor, said to have dodged a Whitney Houston beatdown! Our tipster says the late legendary songstress snapped when she found out this BOP was secretly smashing Bobby Brown! We’re told it all went down back when our blind item subject was representing Bobby Brown, during his child support hearings.

We’re told she didn’t only play her BOP role for Bobby, she did the same for Mystical too! She calls herself a Southern Bell, but to others she’s known as “Southern Bell-hopper” — on bended knees, serving up the likes of Mannie Fresh and Bryan “Birdman” Williams at Patchwerk Studios.

Some say she’s the “head doctor” of Atlanta. But our source tells us that’s a lie. Don’t believe me… just ask Chuck Smith.

Now, can you guess the rotten peach I’m talking about?

BG note: BOP= give oral sex


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  1. mugofmead111 says

    Phaedra Parks from RHOA. (She did say she represented Bobby Brown as his lawyer years ago.)

    I’m surprised this blind didn’t drop hints about the trouble her husband is in, but that would have made things too obvious. 😉

  2. Marz says

    Counselor: Phaedra Parks.

    I never trusted or liked her. She is more shady than her clients! And a terrible lawyer too.

  3. im_not_here says

    Phaedra Parks! In high school she was called “Head Doctor” because of her promiscuous behavior.

  4. Bamadex says

    I’d think Whitney would have been thrilled to have someone perform these duties, as she preferred ladies.

  5. august says

    Phaedra Parks, she got freaky with her own husband with the tongue business but the Whitney should have wanted beat Bobby down too. Don’t just go after the female now it takes two.
    When I hear they want to after just the female I call that being in denial.

  6. michellev27 says

    Easy!! Phaedra Parks. She used to mention that she represented Bobby Brown as his attorney. And she likes to think of herself as an attorney to the rap stars. I guess now we know why they like to hire her!!!

  7. Booboo1068 says

    After reading enough of these Blinds am I the only one who wonders if self respect is a rare commodity in the entertainment industry…especially with WOMEN (not just actresses obv)?! I’m not saying I’m perfect by any stretch but WOW!

    • KWDragon says

      Are you kidding? This is exactly the type of behavior I think they look for in casting. Ratings, ratings, ratings, Baby! The more tawdry, the better.

      I get your point completely, but that is why I won’t watch these Housewives shows.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Phaedra’s husband was an ex-felon who was recently released before he and Phaedra got on the show. I can see Bravo letting that go and giving these people a chance.

      I dunno whether Bravo would have bothered with Phaedra or Apollo (or for that matter Teresea and “Juicy” Joe) if the federal charges were brought before any of them were signed onto a show.

  8. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Phaedra of the RHOA. I don’t know this is a crazy blind and I am not even sure I understand it LOL.

  9. GFDMG says

    Could this be Mrs. Phaedra Parks…She is a lawyer but it seams she spends more time discussing “booty” than practicing law. I was surprised she actually represent someone as well known as BB.

  10. mek3780 says

    Phaedra Parks …. Nene referred to her as a “head doctor” and her big claim to pre-reality fame was representing Bobby Brown … BOBBBY!

  11. KatarinaJ says

    Phaedra Parks. She repped Brown and her book is something about how to be a Southern Belle. She is all over reality press with her castmates saying her previous whoring is about to come out.

  12. wendy hood says

    Phaedra Parks

    It seems like just about everyone from the Housewives franchise is either a criminal or morally bankrupt. Maybe one day Ill stop watching these cons…