Mens Room Depravity

mens room 5[Naughty But Nice Rob] “I was with a client in the men’s room,” says A-list publicist Ken Sunshine.

“We were doing our thing at the urinal. We were tipped that in the stall was a paparazzi taking photos of us. That’s the level of depravity we are talking about and it’s crazy.”

Guess who! Hint, he is a big boy… some might call him a Wolf! Wink.


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  1. phoenixfire says

    Client: Hugh Jackman

    clues: that’s wolverine in the picture and the blind calls him a wolf.

  2. ravenglass says

    Client: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Wolf= “Wolf of Wall Street”

    Wolf= Both Lukas Haas & Bradley Cooper have made Leo howl. Wink.

  3. MimiKnosBest says

    Client: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Hints: “Some might call him a Wolf!” = the wolf of wall street Leo’s newest movie. And when you search Ken Sunshine clients oddly enough the first name listed is Leo.

    • lobsterbabe says

      Nevermind..I change my guess to Hugh Jackman. I don’t think Joe could be considered A-list.

  4. mariaj says

    Leo is too easy? Anyway, Mr Sunshine, yes, some paps are crazy, oh, my god, how much depravity, all around, yet i think some publicist are even worse, like…a LOT worse.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Agreed! Key words…ALL AROUND. It seems like most are playing the same game for profit…two sides of the same coin right? I had a chance years ago when I was in my early twenties to go to HWood and train under a very connected professional makeup artist but my parents talked me out of it. I don’t regret it and wonder what/ where/ who my younger, naive self would’ve been pulled into. I do know my parents would’ve been very protective and had they thought I was in trouble would’ve come out to get me. It seems too many aren’t that lucky.

  5. piques says

    Ed Helms – There are long been a running Joke that Mr. Helms little Helms is impressive. Of course he is in the Wolf pack.

  6. FairyMay9 says

    Wait. I change my guess to Jonah Hill. He’s a big boy, and he was in Wolf of Wall Street. That “big boy,” unless we’re talkin’ penises, here, and who knows, maybe, I can’t comment there , but Leo is not a big boy compared to Jonah.

  7. abetty98 says

    My first thoughts are Jack Nicholson as he starred in the movie Wolf or Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine

  8. Booboo1068 says

    Not sure but they should’ve role played something out just for fun and mess with the guy..then have the actor climb up and snap the pap’s picture! Surprise! Oh, but THAT would be invasion of privacy right?!

  9. Katmandu says

    what does “big boy” mean? Because if it means the obvious, I heard Leo is lacking in both size and ability. (unlike Frank Sinatra). So – Hugh Jackman?

  10. mmldt says

    I’m going to go with:

    Zach Galifianakis

    He’s a big boy, member of wolf pack from The Hangover, also went to NC State (mascot = wolfpack).

  11. thelasthigh says

    Maybe Leo DiCaprio?

    No matter who it is, what a gross story! The paparazzi are disgusting, taking photos of someone in the bathroom?!

  12. Lisha says

    No way, it’s a well-known industry thing that Leo has a very big dick. Tommy Lee’s ex spilled the tea on Leo in a book, said he was bigger than Tommy. He also swings both ways (bi) and has a fetish for black women. I remember back in the day where he was dating some white model (can’t remember her name) and banging Naomi Campbell at the same damn time! That and he’s always at Jay-Z’s “parties” (orgies), where Jay personally brings him his pick of beautiful black groupie hoes and top models. He likes them dark skinned.

  13. Lisha says

    It’s Leo DiCaprio, he’s a client of Ken Sunshine and the “Wolf” clue gives it away. Who the hell would be interested in what Jonah Hill’s pulling out at the urinal? Lol of course it’s Leo!

  14. RobinAwe says

    Ken Sunshine’s main client is Tyler Perry. Tyler is a big guy, but I don’t get the wolf reference, so no idea.