Witchy Was Bitchy To Young Singer At Grammys

madonna witch[Naughty But Nice Rob] Madonna and her son David Banda, 8, showed up to the GRAMMY AWARDS rocking matching black tuxedos and top hats. Backstage, Madonna was far more concerned about being a mom than meeting other stars who wanted to take pictures with her.

One young star had her assistant go over to Madonna’s area and ask if they could meet and take a picture, Madonna said NO! When the young singer found out about Madonna’s response, she “hit the roof,” an observer told NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB! HOWLING!

It was NOT JAY Z.

BG Note: This pic is courtesy of Ryan Murphy, who joked about Madonna dressing like the next Supreme on American Horror Story.

Young Singer:

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73 comments to Witchy Was Bitchy To Young Singer At Grammys

  • lovelylovely

    Young singer: lorde.
    She’s new in the business, young, and has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Who wouldn’t be pissed if Madonna denied a photo with them?

    • KatarinaJ

      I’m not down with the Lorde responses because Madge is trying SO hard to remain relevant she should collaborate with Lorde some time soon. The girl is going to be a megastar or at very least a Bjork type. Madonna would diss a Miley or someone somewhat insignificant but someone who is soaring like Lorde. Plus I’d bet she’d admire Lorde’s chops and talent.

      • thebutlerdidit

        You SERIOUSLY wrote Miley Cyrus is “insignificant?” She had two of the top videos of the year, was the headliner at The Jingle Ball, Rockin’ New Years’ Eve, and just had her own MTV Unplugged last night-with special guest star…wait for it…MADONNA.

  • meowmasita

    Ariana Grande? She hits those high notes.

  • jesais

    Miley Cyrus

  • raslebol

    i guess it was not Miley! Taylor swift?
    i like that Madonna was more concerned about her son than meeting the other celebrities

    • whenurright

      TOTALLY DISAGREE! This isn’t Madonna at a playground w her kids not wanting to be disturbed. This is a once a year MAJOR INDUSTRY FUNCTION!!! Either come and be prepared to interact with others in your industry or stay the f*ck home w your kids. Madonna was being a bitch.

      • clarkster

        I totally agree ^^^. Why does Madonna have to act like such a C*NT? It really kinda destroys her ACHIEVEMENTS & LEGACY. She acts like a high school cheerleader and her popularity cliques. Honey, you’re 50 something and a music legend. ACT LIKE IT!

      • PinkSlip

        clarkster, honey, that ain’t no “act”—it’s what she is, through and through!
        whenurright, you’re right…it’s not a kiddie function—she oughtta grow the f**k up and act like an adult.

    • bgznbsb

      She was glued to her kid because she didn’t want anyone asking about her N word incident. People wouldn’t dare ask her about it with her kid standing right there!!

    • Buttery

      Madonna has always been a bitch. This is nothing new.

  • raslebol

    or Rihanna if she was there

  • mugofmead111

    If it’s not Jay-Z, I wonder whether it was his wife Beyonce. Then again, would Beyonce still be considered “young”?

    If it’s not Beyonce, who else would have had the balls to ask to have her picture taken with Madonna?

  • DesertGhost

    Im not sure who it was but I can’t stop laughing at the pic!!

  • I Am PunkA

    If one young star had HER assistant go over, she was a girl. So why the JayZ refer?

    Because it was Beyonce.

    Madge is still a b*tch.

  • malkatz

    Lorde. She is only 17.

  • kerriedub


  • josiew25

    Ariana grande

  • tink

    Taylor Swift

  • KatarinaJ

    Madonna dressing like the next supreme is hilarious. but how about more like an old southern belle lunching at Commanders Palace. The cane w that wit by face hobbling onstage for her bit was terrible. I literally asked my husband….is she realizing using that cane?! lol. She looked like it til she started spinning it, rocking out ha!

  • haley1020

    ariana grande

  • wobblessilva

    Howling??? Can only be teen wolf lourdes

  • melly123

    Ariana Grande

  • FairyMay9

    Young star. Ariana Grande?

  • MsOverstreet

    Young Singer: Katy Perry

    She’s moderately young (in her 20s) and “witchy” could refer to her witch-themed Grammys performance.

    • MsOverstreet

      Completely read this wrong! “Witchy” refers to Madonna, not the young singer. I’ll go with Taylor Swift because she has some attitude.

  • WildChildCandy

    Rihanna Or Miley Cyrus?

  • Marina

    I’ll go with Ariana Grande.

  • ravenglass

    Taylor Swift

    As soon as I saw HOWLING I thought of that gay werewolf, Taylor Lautner, she used to “date.”

    Whomever the young lady was, she shouldn’t feel too bad. Old pasty faced Madge is probably really just jealous of her because her glory days are long gone.

    I also wonder what “endearing” names she calls little David Banda.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Probably Ariana Grande or Lorde.


    I am probably looking to much into this but maybe Taylor Swift? Grammy Awards and No are capitalized and Taylor Swift did not rec. a Grammy.

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Taylor Swift

  • kellyinchains


  • MaryQuiteContrary


  • NOTellebee

    Considering the blind references “young singer” and “her,” I’m not sure why the “Not Jay-Z” disclaimer is necessary.

    Also I don’t know or care that much. Ariana Grande?

  • michelex23

    Though I wouldn’t consider her a “young singer” (not that 32 is old cause that’s my age, but young makes me think of 20’s) I’m gonna say Beyonce due to the “Howling” (Beyouwolf) and “it’s not Jay Z” clues.

  • DelilaMars

    Taylor Swift?

  • up2trouble

    I’m going with Lordes. It is my answer for everything today.

  • ccattwood

    Taylor Swift?

  • carriebradshaw

    Taylor Swift?

  • VexTheVixen

    Taylor Swift – I could see Madonna snubbing her as “not her type of people” and Taylor being furious. I think there is a nasty temper underneath that sweet facade.

  • Fan

    Jay Z is not a “young singer.” I think Madonna needs to retire and go away, she’s becoming irrelevant and very strange looking with all the work she’s had done. She needs to get off the stage for good.

  • jlynhope

    Taylor Swift since the picture looks like her plus she would send an assistant.

  • Fergus

    Honey Boo Boo.

  • bil200

    Katy Perry!

  • nestea

    Ariana Grande

  • BeanTownBabe

    Taylor Swift… she has been known to throw tantrums here and there.

  • BitterBlondin

    Not Miley, pics of her and Madonna sticking their tongues out are all over the place.

    Rita Ora must have met Madonna before, since she’s the face of Material Girl.

    Madonna and Katy Perry have met and been photographed together before, as has she and Rihanna and Beyonce.

    And as someone said, Madonna probably thinks she’s cool and edgy enough to want to work with Lordes. Who, by the way, has almost the same name as her own daughter.

    So that leaves Ariana or Taylor Swift.

  • angress

    Just because of that Jay-Z comment I would have thought Rita Ora, but she is working with Madonna so they have already met. Or Rihanna but they have met too. So yeah, Ariana or Taylor. But come on, the Grammy’s is work, not family time.

  • AuntieMama

    Hit the roof? This is probably the spoiled Taylor Swift. She is young, has a well known assistant and has gotten angry according to blinds, when things don’t go her way.

  • slantrhyme

    I like Lorde and hate to think she’d want anything to do with Madonna, but Lorde’s singing does seem like howling at times.

    At Madonna’s age (55!!! Oops is she gonna kill me for mentioning it now?) she should not want to be reminding people of the old Quaker Oats guy.

  • mizzavrid

    So….. Madonna says yes to the grill, but no to having a pic taken? Ewww, such a weirdo.

  • foreverlullaby

    Ariana’s mom was good friends with Madonna growing up. I’m voting Taylor or Lorde.

  • pjsmith

    Love the site. First time post, and registered just to say that I can’t look at Madge in this costume (and with that work) and *not* think of that creepy reverend from the Poltergeist movies….

  • thelasthigh

    I’ll say Taylor Swift because I’ve heard before that she throws fits if she doesn’t get her way.

  • dween2000

    LOL, MAYBE… Madonna was too busy with her son, since he puked on a winner in an earlier blind and didnt want a photo because the girl that wanted it was the one he puked on and she didnt want pics with vomit in them.. HAHAHA But if I would think Madonna would snub anyone in the music biz, my money would be on Taylor.

  • NoseyNana2008

    Young Singer: Miley Cyrus “Miley, Madonna unite for MTV Unplugged”

  • PC1

    Young start had her assistant go over…? So she was a performer? My guess would be Kacey Musgraves; If non-performer, my guess would be Ariana Grande who was a presenter.

    I don’t think it’s Miley because she performed with Miley.

  • gaelgorham

    Neither Miley nor Rihanna were at the Grammys this year. I’m going with Rita Ora because of the Jay Z mention.

  • emgene

    Taylor Swift… but I believe Madonna might have just been busy with Rocco.. who the industry will not let the public know had gotten drunk & puked on a Grammy winner.. My Mom would have been in a bad mood too.. at work & handling a drunk child.. Yikes!! Must have been Madonna that Miley was quoting when she said in an interview about Bieber.. “You’ve got a lot of money. Pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble and party at your house,” the former Disney star said. “Buy a house, and add a club to it.” Like the one’s Madonna lets her son act like a frat boy in… was the same week that Madonna, IMO, looked like an old idiot performing with Miley.. Yes, Madonna should perform with Taylor, in some age appropriate & classy..