• BRUSHFIRE97 says

      Absolutely this. It was weird one moment I heard all this stuff about it and then poof it was gone. His team is good, they must have paid her a lot of money (the reporter) to keep quiet.

    • freakyfriday says

      Holla = reach out/attempt to cheat (in this context)
      creepin = stepping out on your partner/cheating

    • AnguaDelphine says

      I’m no expert, but I think from context “holla” means to pick up (a girl) and “creepin'” means a cheater. agrees with me :)

      • ivyleaguer says

        no freakyfriday has it right. though holla should be reachout OR attempt to cheat. so a guy can holla at a girl, without cheating.

        and there’s a subtext of sneaking out(keeping it on the downlow) in creeping.

  1. Syd Wishes says

    To “creep” is to cheat. And “Holla” is just a greeting, like an emphatic “Hello!”

  2. SBMC says

    Tom Hanks was in “Big” and also “You’ve Got Mail”, maybe a clue about LeBron – Big…and online creeping – You’ve Got Mail???