1. iheartkoko says

    My first thought was Celine Dion, but she had an album released last year. I’m going to go with Faith Hill. Her & Tim McGraw have a show though April. Supposedly, her album will be released this year.

  2. LostinAusten says

    This has been a rumor about Celine Dion for years and years. Won’t divorce due to Catholic upbringing, so I hope she’s happy in her life the way it is.

  3. Booboo1068 says

    New record out this calendar year 2014? Britney and Celine Dion’s both released last year, no?

    I’ll go with Celine anyway based on the lack of wedding rings recently reported.

    Looking forward to other’s guesses.

    • Booboo1068 says


      Celine’s album was released Nov 2012 so not her.

      Shania Twain hasn’t given release date at all yet so…maybe

      Garth Brooks HAS confirmed new album and tour for 2014…so maybe

  4. ravenglass says

    Celine Dion

    Not a native of Vegas but is living & doing shows there.

    I knew there was no way she actually had sex with that creepy old toad she’s married to.

  5. modelle18 says

    Celine Dion is married and has an album out this year… it would kind of explain why shes been married to a guy twice her age for so long now

  6. IAmSage says

    Celine Dion (her new album is tanking, debuted at #2 last month and then quickly dropped to #35)

  7. beyoncekilledaaliyah says

    god I want to say Dan Reynolds from Imagine dragons *drools* but I got to go with equally hot Brandon flowers who sang about wanting to bone a dude from his football squad and then said it was not about that.

  8. Visha says

    I will go with Celine Dion as she is a Vegas showgirl now although news reports that Britney Spears is married now so that could be her as well

  9. giada.double.d says

    Oh god I really hope this is Shania Twain, who has a new album out this year. Let’s all just take a few private moments to ourselves and think about it being Shania Twain.

  10. channel orange says

    Shania Twain is married and performing in Vegas.
    There have been rumors about her loving the ladies for years.
    I’m all for this if it’s true. ^.^

    • Booboo1068 says

      I’m Canadian and never heard or read these rumours but I’m not saying I can’t see it either. Maybe the real reason her ex husband cheated…although I never really bought that story line as it just seemed too well scripted and work out conveniently well for her reality show and ‘comeback’.

      I have rad rumours of Garth Brooks meeting with men in hotel rooms though.

    • jasper says

      Meat_Loaf never remarried, did he?

      I’m sure his RHPS fans would support him if true, as he was the only cast member embracing it for years, but after that concert fiasco with Mittens? Well, he IS Republican…. LOL

  11. sugarbread says

    celine dion!! she has had the same lover for 20 + years which is why she doesn’t care about renee’s wh*res as long as they sign nda.. but she wants to come out of her gigantic shoe closet…

    • Booboo1068 says

      Her album was released Nov 2012 and Blind says new record out this year so I’m not sure it’s her…but she was my first guess too.

      Both Shania and Garth are due to have new album releases. No release date for Shania and I’ve read Garth’s IS due this year. There have been rumours about Garth. It would make sense for it to be a country music star being in the closet because of the general fan base.

  12. uean008 says

    Whoa – Shania Twain?!!? she has a new album out this year and has been talking it up as her most personal ever. i’m guessing it won’t be “that” personal! lol

  13. uean008 says

    hmm Tim McGraw is coming out with a new album too this year. see what I did there? see that? :)

  14. uean008 says

    Can’t be Celine, her album was released LAST year – 2013. Can’t be Britney bc she’s not married.

  15. Mia444 says

    I think it’s Celine because not only is she known for being a long-standing Vegas act, and married an old guy, but I believe the faux Eiffel Tower in the pic is a nod to her French-Canadien heritage.

  16. smackie says

    Celin Dion… hint being the “Paris” casino in the pic and her speaking French as a Quebecoise.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Guess it depends on how you read the Blind. It says Vegas music star which could mean they live or are from there or I think as most guessers are assuming, it means the music star is currently performing on a regular basis in Vegas.

  17. vixsta33 says

    I’m thinking Celine Dion too. The picture got me thinking, for there is the Eiffel Tower and Celine is French-Canadian. Just a thought.

  18. jennycee says

    Have to go with the folks who said Brandon Flowers of the Killers. And wanted to add that Rufus Wainwright wrote a song (Tulsa) in tribute to their first meeting.

  19. Fergus says

    Celine Dion is still around? I thought she went down with the Titanic, not been down on everything but the Titanic. Weird…

    • Vagabondage says

      Edited to add the clue is a shot of the Vegas strip aka Flamingo Boulevard. Flamingo being the title of Flower’s solo album.

    • Booboo1068 says

      I can’t find anywhere that Brandon is married as the Blind says. Can someone help with this?

      • maylise says

        [From Wiki]
        Flowers married Tana Mundkowsky on August 2, 2005 on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii.They have three sons, Ammon (named after a Book of Mormon missionary), born July 14, 2007;[27] Gunnar, born July 28, 2009; and Henry, born March 9, 2011.

  20. cricketsoks says

    well both Tim Mcgraw, Shania Twain all have albums coming out this year. Well Shania is rumored to have an album coming out this year but Tim Mcgraw is confirmed. I also can’t see Shania liking the ladies, so my guess is Tim.

  21. jessdill says

    Garth Brooks for sure. Rumours have been going on for years about him really being gay. Never heard anything about Trish but she gives of a very strong lesbian vibe. Garth apparently had a fling with male prostitute named Big Red. Big Red has done lots of male hollywood stars….Cruise included.

    • niesey2927 says

      Samra1116, I missed the announcement Beyoncé will be a Vegas music star. I Google searched but no results came up. When is she doing her appearances?