Housewife Is A Pro Ho

rhoa cast[Hollywood Street King] Our blind item subject would have you believe she’s got an African Prince locked down… but we’re told that’s nothing but a facade. She’s gay for pay, and word is she’s a deep throat pro. Don’t believe me… just ask Keith Washington.

Long before she became a Peach-state Housewife, she called Van Nuys, Cali home. That’s where our whistle blower says home girl was pulling tricks for five racks. But that doesn’t mean her Johns were getting top dollar goods. Know why? We’re told she left some of them with VDs! Just ask Mike Tyson.

“She did outcalls. She’d find randoms from Craigslist to roll with her. She did the professionals, keep $4,500… and give the random $500 to smash.”

Even though she was gettin’ guap, this heaux was far from being any sorta housewife. That’s because Miss Thang’s Valley-spizz reportedly featured a “disgusting toilet that didn’t work”… and her things “thrown everywhere.”

She’s hired an actor to play her father on her reality show. Know why? Sources say she doesn’t know her father… Ask retired boxer Michael Moorer.

Our blind item subject claims to be a ’70s baby, but people close to her say she’s in her early ’50s.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

BG Note: Five racks = $5000. Guap = a lot of money.


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  1. rhchapin says

    This is tooo easy Kenya Moore. I think her story line on RHOA is played out. Can you hear me Andy Cohen?? She is a bore.

  2. jackballjonez says

    THIS IS kendra but i suspect, that apollo nidas wife is trying to deflect false info onto kendra to take the spot light off his arrest.

    • WhatLolaWants says

      Don’t think anyone is trying to take off any heat. Only because it is PAINFULLY obvious that Kenya has no actual “African Prince”. Just like her and Walter from last season were obviously fake too.

  3. Booboo1068 says

    Not sure but I’m guessing emotionally messed up to do these things. Hope she plays safe. This sounds like a good episode case for OWN’s Iyanla V. (IF all the facts were admitted).

  4. tennispeach says

    Everyone on this show is a joke, except for Kandi. I believe she is the only one that has any kind of real money. The house that Nene lives in is rented and the rumor is she and her husband owe a ton of taxes – she tries to act so high class, but she is plain GHETTO; Cynthia’s husband is obviously a poor business manager, because now TWO of his businesses have gone under; You all know the latest news about Phadra and Apollo; Porsha is an idiot (and her grandfather is probably rolling over in his grave after her not knowing about the underground railroad. Kenya is pure entertainment, which is so sad that I even think that.

  5. momof3 says

    Nene was the none who was actin a like a coke fiend last night. Pacing back and forth, slurring her words and raging at everyone. Kenya is a weirdo, but does not seem like a drug addict to me.

  6. momof3 says

    Nene was the one who was actin a like a coke fiend last night. Pacing back and forth, slurring her words and raging at everyone. Kenya is a weirdo, but does not seem like a drug addict to me.

  7. LAMomma says

    This BI is no doubt about Kenya Moore but she is not in her 50s by any stretch of the imagination. Given that there is another recent BI about Kenya that was just posted, someone is mad that Kenya called out Fakedra and her convict husband. BI ain’t sh*t when your mess is around legit press.

  8. Whatzmyname says

    At least she is a good businesswoman and gets paid for being good in bed! Plenty of girls out there spreading their legs everywhere for nothing. Go Kenya! #GetPaid