Reeling Over Raw Ryan

ryan reynolds 3[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which reality star – who is already in hot water with his wife – has found himself in even more trouble after she found massive amounts of GAY P*RN on his computer?

The gentleman in question is known to have a wandering eye for the ladies, but it turns out he also like the boys too – at least when he is sitting looking at his computer screen. His particular fet*sh is searching for naked pictures of male celebrities… he really likes Ryan Reynolds! (well, at least he has good taste in men. Wink.)

This guy is literally a star f**ker!



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  1. malkatz says

    Bruce Jenner, who just released a statement saying he want to sleep with woman, not be a woman.

    Wife, who he is separated from currently: Kris Jenner

    • OoLaLana says

      Good guess. Clue being “good taste” since he got caught in Toronto filming “Chopped Canada”.

    • kcritical says

      Agree. Plus Tori use to complain he wanted sex all of the time and she couldn’t keep up. I think he’s a sex addict and it’s the reason he’s in rehab which they are saying are for private reasons. Also he was very into and extremely touchy with Tori’s gay friends.

    • Ahem says

      This! I thought it thoroughly odd that he just up and attacked Kenya’s friend like that. I wondered if it was coming from a confused place.

      • Whatzmyname says

        Large scenes were cut out by producers. Thats why everyone is confused by the supposed sudden anger.

    • Samra1116 says

      U are so correct —boy did tori steal a winner –anyway the wind blows— is how he goes.

  2. kat411 says

    Dean M & Tori Spelling. I don’t condone cheating, but you can’t blame anyone for liking to look at pictures of Ryan Reynolds!

  3. CatBallou says

    There are two I can think of:

    Either – Mario with Ramona Singer on RHoNY(wasn’t he caught cheating not long ago?)
    or – Mauricio with Kyle Richards on RHoBH(rumors of cheating a theme this season)

  4. KWDragon says

    Was going with Star Jones and Al Reynolds, but they divorced.

    So let’s try, Mr Rehab and crew:

    Husband: Dean McDermott

    Wife: Tori Spelling

  5. princesspeach says

    Husband : Dean McDermont (spelling?)
    Wife : Tori Spelling.

    She has ‘always loved her gays”

  6. modelle18 says

    Husband: Mario

    Wife: RHONY crazy eyes Ramona

    why am i not entirely surprised to hear Mario likes the fellas?!

    • Katmandu says

      LOL! Run? Run where, with all those kids? she’s been in it to win it for years…. is he going to rehab? for what? porn?

      Dean and Tori.

    • stolidog says

      take it back, it’s Tori and Dean! Didn’t Star magazine or something just allude to the fact that he might have been shagging both Bucks and Does up in the great white North?

  7. LeahLynn28 says

    Tori Spelling’s husband,Dean?He’s in rehab for sex addiction,i guess.And he’s in trouble for allegedly cheating on her…
    I could only blame him,but it must be hard to deal and sleep with Tori…she seems to be nuts and a control freak.I only feel for their kids,they didn’t ask to be put into that mess,that is their parent’s marriage and the fake reality show.
    If i’m surprised?No.

  8. sue says

    Yup!!! Dean & Tori…..He just checked into rehab….maybe not for, or not only for, alcohol…..YIKES!! Maybe Tori’s given him some sort of ultimatum.

  9. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Marion and Ramona Singer from Real Housewives of New York. They’d already had problems from his alleged cheating and impregnating a much younger woman, but there are new reports that they’ve been separated and that he’s still seeing the younger woman. Maybe the truth is about the gay porn, though. I can totally see Ramona wanting to cover it up by using the ‘other woman’ story.