Basketball Wife Muffs It

basketball wives cast 3[Mouth To Ears] Come on ladies… lesbihonest for a minute. We have no issue with a little girl on girl action, but these ladies are keeping things on the low.

Now we aren’t really too surprised this Basketball Wife is down with muff diving. She has always had a masculine vibe about her and is always down to fight. But this Rapper’s Baby Mother we would have never suspected.

We watched their engagement get broken on the couple’s reality show and now it all makes sense. Our sources are alleging that this Basketball Wife has brainwashed this Rapper’s former fiancé into leaving the gangsta Rapper. She has had issues with infidelity from the Compton rapper in the past. But is turning lesbian a rebound move or is this legit?

Basketball Wife:

Rapper’s Baby Mother/ Former Fiance:


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  1. 3snaps says

    I will go with Tiffney Cambridge for the “rapper’s baby mother” and I never watch Basketball Wives so I really have no clue but I will go with Shaunie ONeal.

    • mumu987 says

      shoot scratch that! TI is from the South – not Compton. I have no idea who the rapper and his fiancé is.

  2. mugofmead111 says

    Basketball Wife: My guess would be Draya Michele. There have been rumors about her dealings with women and she got into a fight with another Basketball Wives cast member.

  3. stolidog says

    I don’t know who this is, but, I was just wondering i these women were forced to wear those dresses, or did they all show up independantly to a photo shoot looking like Atlantic City back alley prostitution-whoooras?

  4. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Basketball Wife – Shaunie?
    Rapper Baby Mom – The Game’s chick Tiffany I think
    Rapper – The Game

  5. ericaomega says

    guessing Tami Roman and Game’s ex Tiffany, which would explain their Twitter war that mysteriously disappeared.

  6. Phones says

    Long time lurker first time poster

    Basketball Wife: Tammy Roman

    Rapper’s Baby Mother/ Former Fiance:Tiffney Cambridge

    Rapper:The Game Jayceon Taylor

  7. linda86111 says

    basketball wife: tami roman
    rapper’s baby mother/former fiance: Tiffney Cambridge
    rapper: the game

  8. LALOVER says

    Basketball Wife: Tammy

    Rapper’s Baby Mother/ Former Fiance: Tiffany Cambridge

    Rapper: The Game

    I haven’t even watched these shows, but always thought Tammy swung the other way in her Real World days.

  9. ImThinking says

    Basketball Wife:Tami Roman
    Rapper’s Baby Mother/ Former Fiance:Tiffney Cambridge
    Rapper:The Game

  10. 3ee says

    Basketball Wife: Laura Govan

    Rapper’s Baby Mother/ Former Fiance: Tiffney Cambridge

    Rapper: The Game

    Tiffney is more masculine than Laura so not surprising…

  11. Kspecial says

    Tami Roman
    Wife/EX: Tiffany Cambridge
    The Game

    I’m pretty sure is a publicity stunt; since the game, Tiffany, and Tami are supposedly part of new cast of Love and Hip-Hop LA.

  12. ValleyChip says

    Ok i got it… failed engagement played out – Gloria Govan to Matt Barnes. Then we have Compton rapper Game with his infidelity issues with poor Tiffany.. But who did he cheat with none other than Gloria Govan. Coincidence,not really. Revenge definitely.