A Certain Part Of His Body

man belt[Blind Gossip] This married couple consists of two big-time celebrities who have each had problems over the past few years.

The stress was too much. The marriage fell apart. They separated. They got back together. They are playing the happy couple again. All better, right?

Not so fast. It’s bad again. This time, it’s not a body problem. Well, actually, it is kind of a body problem. He has a problem keeping a certain part of his body inside his pants! She is tired of his games, can’t take it anymore, and they are separating again.



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  1. raslebol says

    Michael Douglas (“stress” “body problem” was his cancer)and CZJ (her problem: she’s bipolar)
    clue : she’s tired of his games.He acted in the movie “THE GAME”

  2. mugofmead111 says

    Husband: Michael Douglas (The same man who allegedly claimed that cunnilingus can cause throat cancer.)

    Wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: (The same man who allegedly claimed that cunnilingus can cause throat cancer.)

      That is, did he catch it from relations with his wife or from some other strumpet?

      The Enquirer has a story that these two are now headed for divorce, but the story makes it sound like Michael Douglas put in “a lot of effort” to fix the marriage, but Catherine just isn’t responding in kind. Apparently she refused to walk the red carpet with him at the Golden Globes and that was the last straw.

      • Booboo1068 says

        His people may had made a deal with TNE in exchange for not running other pics (maybe of him with other women or…) but I’m sure celebs (and Royals) NEVER make back deals with gossip magazines or blogs ((GASP)).

        This sounds like good fit to the Blind.

    • kspeedian says

      Wasn’t it that he came out saying he had lied at first by saying he had throat cancer when he actually had cancer min his mouth bc of cunnilingus?

      He was unfortunateky saying that HPV, caught from cunni., could cause mouth cancer… And I hate to bare bad news but, just like having vaginal sex and catching HPV can cause cancer of the uterus…. Cunnilingus can cause cancer to develop… But when the receiver has HPV…. Not just from doing it. Too bad there’s no way to tell if someone has it without seeing their test results.

      • mugofmead111 says

        Thanks for the clarification about the matter.

        Whatever caused his cancer, did he really have to put it out there? 😉

      • Booboo1068 says

        @mugofmead111….Agreed. Instead he could’ve warned about his drinking and cigar smoking being risk factors in throat cancer. I know he touched on it briefly but if you want to do a PSA/ PR move then maybe don’t use your private details of your marriage – unless they’re 100% on board and I doubt she was.

        I’m sure they’ll both be fine. The kids, as always, will feel it the most.

  3. GayleStorm says

    Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta-Jones.

    Really??? He can still attract the women??? Ughhhh….

    Have some class and a little respect for the wife (and yourselves), ladies.

    • lily is my puppy says

      I’m shocked he can still get it up. Could it really be him? I just don’t think any woman would be into him.

  4. bec215 says

    First names come to mind are Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones – but another blind hinted that she was leaving him originally when he got sick, but this sounds like the guy’s been playing the games all along… Hmm.

  5. CatBallou says

    Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones would be my guess. They’ve both had health issues (his cancer, her bi-polar disorder) and he’s long been known as a cheater and is a self-described sex addict. But Im not sure they were officially back together or no.

  6. luv-to-guess says

    Catherine Zeta Jones
    Michael Douglas
    Clue: body part…his throat cancer…thereafter the references to how he got the illness.
    She has struggled with bipolar.

    Like father, like son. His father was always a notorious philanderer.

  7. modelle18 says

    Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

    how is Michael Douglas finding people to sleep with him? yuck

    • mugofmead111 says

      A recent Enquirer article claimed that his friends are suggesting that he should just give up on working on the marriage and move on with other women. The article also claimed that even though his wife refused to walk the red carpet with him at a recent awards show, there were a number of women eager to talk to him. Go figure.

  8. MKINK says

    Husband- Michael Douglas
    Wife- Catherine Zeta Jones
    they seperated and were reportedly back together- she went to rehab for anxiety and he had cancer

  9. BecciBee says

    Hmm vague. Body problem? Could it be Jessica & Eric Johnson? Though he’s hardly “Big time.” Maybe Jay & Beyonce then? They seperated & there were those blind items about an impregnated Russian model, right? Or Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas? Maybe the body prob meant his recent throat cancer? I don’t know my jurys still out on this one..:/

  10. 3snaps says

    My guess is Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas since I know they have seperated and gotten back together. Isn’t he like 70? Don’t men ever settle down? Or maybe it’s not even them.

  11. kimiya_k says

    Michael Douglas
    Catherine Zeta Jones

    Clues: each had problems in the last few years. Catherine has bipolar and Michael had cancer.
    ‘Body problem’ also hints at his cancer.
    They separated last year but got back together again.

  12. elliedee says

    Husband: Michael Douglas

    Wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Didn’t she get a pre-nup clause where she gets a bazillion dollars if he cheats??

  13. mommagoosed says

    Oh, snap! Michael Douglas and CZJ? I was surprised when it appeared that they’d reconciled!

  14. mizzavrid says

    Michael Douglass/CZJ, probably? He looks pretty good considering, but come on Michael…. wearing out the peen AND the

    • Booboo1068 says

      I think the only body problem Arnold had/ has is also keeping it in his pants…oh and sleeping the maid(s). Not sure what Maria’s body problem would’ve been.

  15. stanton says

    Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones. She was not at the “Golden Globes”. He is a known cheater. She is better known today for her mental health issues then any acting role she has done in the past 10 years.

  16. KitKat73 says

    Husband: Michael Douglass

    Wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Surprising that he’s still able to get that certain body part up!

  17. TulipInBloom says

    Michael Douglas
    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Too bad they couldn’t work it out, but life’s too short to be unhappy. Let go and move forward.

  18. DelilaMars says

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner? I remember reading something about a joke on the size of his p…

  19. dontpanik says

    Husband: Ben Affleck
    Wife: Jennifer Garner

    hint being the references to Ben’s penis at the Producer Guild awards.

  20. I Am PunkA says

    Michael Douglas, and if true, I get it. My ex is bi-polar. That was no picnic. So the cheating is his passive-aggressive way to bail on it, without dealing head on. S*x as escapism.

  21. LeahLynn28 says

    Michael Douglas and CZJ?He had Cancer and she is bipolar.But i didn’t know they were together again…i thought they were still separated.
    He is a cheater,but she’s a cheater too.Remember she was cheating on him too when he was with Cancer and she tried to file for divorce,but gave up because of the disease…she’s not a poor victim.She’s as guilty as him.
    If she’s “tired” of his games,she shouldn’t have had cheated on him in the first place.Both are idiots and cheaters.Too late,Catherine,you are not a victim.

  22. KatarinaJ says

    If this is Michael and CZJ it is oddly worded. Makes it sound like the first time around a BODY PROBLEM WAS THEIR PROBLEM and that wasn’t supposedly the case. Acc. to blinds she almost left then stuck it out and stayed because of the Cancer aka body problem. Obviously the other problems this year have been all over, including Catherine’s bipolar, cheating rumors etc.

    But am I reading wrong? It sounds like a body problem was the reason for the split the first time around? They didn’t split WHEN Michael was diagnosed or undergoing treatment or because of it were they on bad termsI don’t think.