They Have Interesting Couple’s Nights

will smith jada pinkett smith[Hollywood Street King] He’s a South Side of Chi kid who didn’t only make it to Hollywood, he put a ring on one of the city’s leading p*rn stars. Insiders say our mystery man decided to get at her after he saw her sex tape… Just ask Blac Chyna!

He and his soon-to-be wife are a match made in hell because she’s down with all the isms he comes with … Tisci, Tyga and all! Know why? Because they’re part of the Hollywood sw*ngers club, the B-Rated version. A-rated Will and Jada would agree!

Our blind item subject and his baby momma are Bound 2 Blac and Rack Cities. That’s because the quartet make smash sounds together… and do couple date nights too! Don’t believe me… Ask Luke Wilson.

“They all go to the movies together. Their big night was ____’s birthday party in Vegas… at the MGM Grand.”

Blac Chyna has our bearded-lady blind item subject to thank for her Woodland Hills beauty bar. Her sponsoring of her smashing sista isn’t just a good look for a fellow working girl, but a play to keep her bisexual-men-lovin’ kind close. Don’t believe me… Ask Gucci Mane.

BG Note: Isms = antics

Chicago Kid:

His Fiance:

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  1. ShockingDayGlo says

    Woops I mean:

    His Fiance: Kim Kardashian

    Boyfriend: Ricardo Tisci

    LOL I cannot multitask

  2. PC1 says

    Chicago Kid: Kanye West (born in Atlanta, GA, but was raised in Chicago, IL)
    His Fiance: Kim Kardashian

  3. ladyk707 says

    Obviously Kanye and Kim Kardashian. But what I want to know is, what does Luke Wilson have to do with this?

  4. RedScience says

    So Kim has resorted to sleeping with Blac Chyna in order to keep the Kanye gravy train going as long as possible huh? *Yawns* *Returns to reading*

  5. Dawn2 says

    Kanye West and Kimmode KrapTrashian. This woman is a sociopath and will do what it takes to stay famous. I think Kanye is more gay than bi because the only time he looks happy is in Paris and only when Kim is not there.

  6. Booboo1068 says

    Their poor child. Another rich/ famous offspring headed for a life of exploitation and addiction…great. Some people should NOT have kids. Period.

  7. GayleStorm says

    Let me get this straight…Lard-ashian and Gay Fish double date with this Blac Chyna person and Tyga person?

    What does Luke Wilson have to do with it??

    All of them are truly disgusting. How can they live with themselves? Which is bad enough. Yet, they had to bring a poor, innocent child into this life of depravity.

  8. PapillonLover says

    So let me get this straight…..The Piss Princess is not only a Beard but a Carpetmuncher too?
    No wonder she looks so haggard!!

  9. curlyandclever says

    How did ALL of you get this right? As usual I understood not a single word of this HSK blind. :o(

    • Lisha says

      It’s a matter of playing “six degrees of separation” name game, catching certain references of events, then connecting the dots. If you don’t have prior knowledge of certain people (i.e. Blac Chyna), Google pretty much does the work for you. Tisci, Blac Chyna, Tyga …all three of them have KANYE WEST in common. From there it’s easy to guess Kim Kardashian as the fiancee. Since Blac Chyna’s name keeps coming up, Google gives you her boyfriend Tyga…put two and two together that these couples are the swinging quartet.

  10. NYCAccountant says

    Please stop insulting Kanye. He is a phenomenal human being and easily one of the Top 5 most talented people in music today. It is amazing that he shares his gift with us and we get to hear his music FIRST! We even get to see him on television for free. We need to be more grateful when somebody is both so simultaneously generous and awesome with us.

  11. iheartkoko says

    Thank you Blind Gossip for referring to Kim K’s actual career: one of the city’s leading p*rn stars! I’m just sad to read Luke Wilson associates with them.

  12. Lisha says

    Kanye West verse on 2Chain’s Birthday Song:

    “Ya’ll been together ten years, you deserve a ménage, especially if you put that BMW in the garage, especially if you paid a couple payments on her mama crib…. She said how ’bout I get you jewelry from the West End? How ’bout she hit the Westin and get her best friend.”

    Lmao art imitating life.