Husband and Wife Mack Team

how you doin[Hollywood Street King] She greets her TV audience by asking them “How you Doin’?” — but when it comes greeting her hubby, “What cha been doin’?” could be a better question. Don’t believe me… Just ask the L Brothers.

One “Mercedes Ladies” lyricist tells us… the 70′s rap brothers is an entourage which our switch-hittin’ blind item subjects once made a point to roll with. Know why? For the groupies!

“She macks on the ladies and he macks on the dudes.”

Here’s the drop:

“He recently paid off a transgender prostitute to go away. He’s in the closet, but he forces his wife into threes*mes with other women. The Wife is into women, but she wants to be with them like he is with men.”

When her show is on hiatus, she enlists Dr. Michael Jones to head her body makeovers. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?



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