Husband and Wife Mack Team

how you doin[Hollywood Street King] She greets her TV audience by asking them “How you Doin’?” — but when it comes greeting her hubby, “What cha been doin’?” could be a better question. Don’t believe me… Just ask the L Brothers.

One “Mercedes Ladies” lyricist tells us… the 70′s rap brothers is an entourage which our switch-hittin’ blind item subjects once made a point to roll with. Know why? For the groupies!

“She macks on the ladies and he macks on the dudes.”

Here’s the drop:

“He recently paid off a transgender prostitute to go away. He’s in the closet, but he forces his wife into threes*mes with other women. The Wife is into women, but she wants to be with them like he is with men.”

When her show is on hiatus, she enlists Dr. Michael Jones to head her body makeovers. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?



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  1. 3snaps says

    So, obviously it is Wendy Williams because of the “How you doin?” reference but everything else in this confuses me. Everything.

    • Sea Turtle says

      You have to read between the lines/look for what is not being said/implied with Hollywood Street King. What I take from this blind is that when it says “The Wife is into women, but she wants to be with them like he is with men.”, it means that Wendy (insinuates is transgender by stating “He recently paid off a transgender prostitute to go away”) wants to be with a woman and intimate with a woman as a man, like her husband. Which is confirmed, in my opinion, when it goes on to say “she enlists Dr. Michael Jones to head her body makeovers”, whom is a plastic surgeon.

  2. breanna_monique says

    Wendell Williams. Ugh, she’s always talking about other people’s relationships and marriages and just look at hers.

  3. jocar says

    Gross, ugly Wendy Williams. I hated her on radio and I cannot stand to look at her on tv! Can’t fathom how her talk show has lasted so long.

  4. channel orange says

    Honestly, the biggest shock to me about this blind is that she’s actually a she. I’ve always thought she was a dude.

  5. DebinTx says

    Wife: Wendy Williams
    Husband: Kevin Hunter

    These are my guesses but I find it hard to believe Wendy is into women. On occasion, I have watched her show and she is a huge flirt with the MALE guests.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Sorry, the flirting doesn’t mean anything. Rosie O’Donell used to flirt as well on her talk show before coming out. Even Ellen will occasionally flirt with her male guests (and female of course). Queen Latifa also openly flirts with her male guests and is strongly rumoured to be gay – pictures on the net of her and her current rumoured GF seem to support this. This is Hollywood. Don’t believe all you see…it’s the world of smoke and mirrors to build and sell/protect images and billions in profit every year.

  6. jonesing says

    Wendy Williams-does she love her husband or was he just a sperm donor and beard? Why am I asking? Just bearding all around.

  7. mugofmead111 says

    Oh, Wendy.

    Wendy Williams Hunter (as she is known in private life) and her husband Mr. Hunter.

  8. Cityslicker says

    Wendy williams!!!!!! and she looks like a transgender chick or whatever…… oh my god!!!!! all makes sense now!!!! damn!!!!!!

  9. WildChildCandy says

    Wendy Williams and her husband. Its crazy, she said on her show that she and her husband went on a double date boating with Jenna Jameson and her ex husband back it the day… if that’s not an odd date I don’t know what is.

  10. FiyahHotFlashy says

    Wendy Williams and her hubby Kevin Hunter. Not surprised at Kevin but Wendy into chicks…NAH! One of her staffers dished to the NY Daily News saying her hubby call all the shots on her show. WW won’t book any female celebs taller than her and most of her staff is male. She has a problem working with other women

  11. mugofmead111 says

    Re:”Dr. Michael Jones”

    I think Wendy’s copped to having had work done in the past, but she’s still having procedures done?

    • thebutlerdidit says

      All thru the blind is talk of gay sex/transgendered sex, full body makeover says to me he enhances bodies that are transgendered, IYKWIM.

  12. mizzavrid says

    Wendy Williams. She has had that show WAAY past the due date for cancellation. Such hypocrisy, she’s gross.

  13. jacksonian says

    Personally, I like her and think she’s really pretty. She also seemed very nice on Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network cooking show the other day. As for her not enjoying working w/ other women…join the club, Wendy, join the club. Perhaps they are catty to her like many of you are being.