He Thinks He Is The Center of Attention

[Blind Gossip] This guy wasn’t just demanding to be the center of attention while he was on stage at the Golden Globe Awards. He was like that at the after parties as well.

He brought two dates and multiple menacing bodyguards into an after party. It was like his own private entourage and Secret Service contingent. Dude, it’s an industry party! You’re not that special! You weren’t even nominated for anything! There were a hundred people in the room more important than you!

If you wanted to say hello to him or wanted to take a photo with him, he would have his bodyguards block you. The exception? If he thought you were really good looking (male or female) or really famous, he would motion to the bodyguards to let you through. Then he would chat or flirt with you and take a photo.

Even if you got through, it didn’t mean that your encounter was going to be a pleasant one. One notable female celeb (who was there supporting a nominated friend) did get through… but walked away muttering, “What an assh*le!”


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    • ivyleaguer says

      Diddy has been replaced in the music world by Pitbull…he’s only still A-list in his own head.

  1. vbw81188 says

    Man, I’m on a roll today with figuring these out. This is P-Diddy! He was making me feel so uncomfortable every time he was up on stage acting SO TRY-HARD. The shades in the picture remind me of the glasses he always wears. Why was he there…?

    • valley of the dolls says

      The difference being Kanye has every right to his ego. Kanye is a musical and artistic genius. Diddy is…well, we won’t go there.

  2. melly123 says

    It’s gotta be Sean Puff Daddy P. Diddy Combs. I’m going to guess the girl was Hailee Stainfield. She was at an after party with Taylor Swift who was nominated.

    • lexicross says

      Agreed. Have no idea who she is though, or why she’s “notable”. Am I missing something?

      • fizzle says

        She was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA a few years ago when she was 14ish. She was also Juliet in the version of Romeo and Juliet that came out recently, and I think she was in Ender’s Game. Also, she always looks really cute on the red carpet.

  3. KD_Dugue says

    Guy: P. Diddy…Diddy…Puff Daddy… Sean Combs….whichever alias he using now….

    Female Celeb: Have no Clue

  4. Elmerblues says

    P Diddy – the Daily Mail has pictures of 2 dates etc.

    Gonna roll with Jennifer Lawerence as the actress.

  5. Markray19 says

    This has to be P. Diddy, who was desperate for attention while he was presenting. No idea about the female celeb, though.

    • Katmandu says

      Poor Orlando Bloom, he’s stuck right here in the middle of the column, drowning in a tsunami of Puff Doodles!

  6. kcphilly says

    Sounds like Diddy or whatever name is he going by these days. Guy seems like he’s still living in the 90s when he was relevant in music.

  7. ravenglass says

    Assh*le: P.Diddy

    Female Celeb: Reese Witherspoon ?

    They should have let him accept the Cecil B. on behalf of Woody Allen. They’re one in the same as far as I’m concerned.

  8. lina31 says

    Hahahaha…..I so want to say Bono just because he wears his sunglasses ALL the time but his record was nominated, and won. So I have no idea. Probs P Diddy.

  9. Pinda says


    He waited until his name was announced to walk out and literally shoved his way to the center, between Kate Beckinsale and Puffy (or whatever he’s calling himself these days

    Female: no clue.

  10. sssss says

    Guy: Puff Daddy/P Diddy whatever the f his name is. He was so obnoxious on stage when that man won an award for best song or something, took his microphone to talk about partying in St. Tropez with him. Was wearing sunglasses like the picture.

    Female Celeb: Reese Witherspoon? “Pleasant one” – she was in Pleasantville? She was there for Matthew McConaughey (they were both in Mud). He was nominated/won for Dallas Buyer’s Club

  11. guessingnotknowing says

    P.Diddy. He photobomed Alex Ebert’s win (he’s standing right behind Ebert on the stage as he speaks). And he spoke too before Alex could – talking about some random encounter which was totally inappropriate.

  12. geewhiz says

    Gotta be the ahole on stage w/Usher. Not gonna feed his ego by saying his name but you all know which ahole I mean!

  13. Fan says

    I saw Usher awkwardly push his way to the center when he was on stage with Sean Combs and Kate Beckensale. My first thought is him or Sean Combs, since they weren’t nominated for anything.

  14. Franciss says

    RDJ seemed pretty all about him when presenting. However, isn’t he a method actor? As my guy said when he briefly looked at the TV last night, “He actually thinks he is Tony Stark, doesn’t he?”

  15. Robin99 says

    If this is referring to Sean Combs, he was FUN! I enjoyed him as much as anything aside from seeing Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Samberg win! Cute fun awesome!

    Sean Combs

  16. Tkdgypsy says

    The guy had to be Diddy (and his drunken ego). And probably every female there thought he was an a-hole

  17. cgrant0423 says

    Has to be Diddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, whatever the hell he’s calling himself today. He was obnoxious at the awards – I can only imagine how he behaved afterwards.

  18. boyjack4 says

    Puff Daddy! Completely obnoxious on stage! Pushing his face in where it wasn’t wanted,so irrelevant nowadays!! Idiot!

  19. CrossingTheLine says

    Sean Combs aka Diddy aka P-Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka WHY WAS HE THERE AND WHY WAS HE PRESENTING!?!?!???
    a) learn to read
    b) who cares if you were on a boat with the dude in St. Barths
    Ugh. Couldn’t stand him (in case you couldn’t tell)

  20. Nic81 says

    Has to be P Diddy or whatever the hell he calls himself these days. He was hogging the stage last night like he was the most important person there. All he did was make an ass of himself SMH

  21. judithannegg says

    Matt Lauer. Picture of someone in sunglasses on red carpet. He had a stage (Hint stage) on red carpet and was wearing these dorky sunglasses while interviewing people. Everyone knows he is an a-hole. He and his wife have an “arrangement” so he can still have women on the side.