He Thinks He Is The Center of Attention

[Blind Gossip] This guy wasn’t just demanding to be the center of attention while he was on stage at the Golden Globe Awards. He was like that at the after parties as well.

He brought two dates and multiple menacing bodyguards into an after party. It was like his own private entourage and Secret Service contingent. Dude, it’s an industry party! You’re not that special! You weren’t even nominated for anything! There were a hundred people in the room more important than you!

If you wanted to say hello to him or wanted to take a photo with him, he would have his bodyguards block you. The exception? If he thought you were really good looking (male or female) or really famous, he would motion to the bodyguards to let you through. Then he would chat or flirt with you and take a photo.

Even if you got through, it didn’t mean that your encounter was going to be a pleasant one. One notable female celeb (who was there supporting a nominated friend) did get through… but walked away muttering, “What an assh*le!”


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