Golden Globes Delusion

golden globe nominees 2014SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This reality star clearly has a very high opinion of herself. She actually had her publicist contact the Golden Globes, extolling her virtues and accomplishments, and begging for two tickets for this Sunday’s awards ceremony.

The Golden Globes? Really? Does she actually think that she belongs in a room having dinner with Chiwetel Ejiofor, clinking glasses with Sandra Bullock, and making small talk with Judi Dench? The Golden Globes may be Oscar’s drunk cousin, but come on! Girl should consider herself lucky if she gets invited to an after party!

Reality Star:

farrah abrahamSOLVED!

It’s Farrah Abraham! Source:

Yes, this Teen Mom and porn star thought that her presence was warranted at the Golden Globes Awards.

Farrah’s publicist pitched her to the ticket committee as “… a New York Times best selling author and the #1 Googled reality TV star of 2013. Farrah can currently be seen starring in the VH1 hit series Couples Therapy.”

Unfortunately for Farrah, the short-sighted folks at the Golden Globes don’t understand that Couples Therapy is the new Breaking Bad and declined her plea for two tickets to the awards ceremony. To add insult to injury, she wasn’t even invited to any of the after parties. Better luck next year, Farrah!

Congratulations to Ravenglass, who was first with the correct guess!

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    • iamahere says

      I sadly have to agree. Can we move her to Singapore?? They still do the caning there? even worse, that is still to good for her

  1. whatnow says

    I wanted to say Kim K but Kanye would be mouthing off about this same as when he said he thought she should have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

    Drunk cousin seems to be a clue. A well known drunk reality tv star. Brandi Glanville or one of the many housewives of wherever?

    Betthany Frankel? IDK another one of those I should know but don’t

    • CatBallou says

      Think you are onto something with the drunk cousin / Brandi Glanville thing. She did wear something rather inappropriate that got her attention at an awards show last year and if I remember folks were surprised she got into that one – was it the oscars? Been a while so dont remember. But with that attention, would figure she would want to do that again.

    • Nayilem says

      Totally this!
      First thought was Kim K but after reading it again, there are lots of references to drinking and isn’t her book called Drinking and Tweeting (or the other way…??)

    • mugofmead111 says

      Kim Richards (Paris Hilton’s aunt!) from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She completed a stint in rehab not too long ago, and she was a child actress.

  2. mugofmead111 says

    This can be any number of them from Kim K. to any of the Real Housewives to one of the original reality stars, Paris Hilton.

  3. bg565 says

    This is without a doubt Kim Kardashian. Wants her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, too. Puhlease!

  4. whatnow says

    I change my answer to Lindsey Lohan. She is a realty tv star doing Oprah’s show and today on lainey the story of her being out late and drinking.

    The list of actors in this blind makes think that she thinks of herself as an actress first and may also have actually been an actress with potential at one time in her life.

    • Booboo1068 says

      But I think Lindsay is still considered a film actress even if she was lucky enough to be hired by OWN. BTW first the interview with the KKlan and now the train wreck Lindsay Lohan…Oprah’s bar has gone WAY down.

  5. ravenglass says

    Probably Farrah Abraham
    One horrible porn & she thinks she’s Meryl Streep.

    While we’re on the subject of the Golden Globes; how is it that Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) from Game Of Thrones has never been nominated? I think he’s one of the most brilliant young actors working today.

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      Best answer so far! You’re right…she does consider herself an actress first and reality star second.

    • waysouthofheaven says

      I agree 100%. First person I thought of … her accomplishments being Glee & the New Normal. She is definitely full of herself.

  6. Mtlmeee says

    I don’t think this is Kim K. I think a clue is “drunk” so I’ going to guess either Snooki, Brandi, Farrah or Lindsay orrr any other reality star hahah

    • im_not_here says

      LOL Brandi was the first person I thought of when I read this. She was at the Oscars last year(wearing that horrible dress)and she’s a lush.

  7. Weazle says

    PLEASE tell me it’s the ever-delusional Farrah Abraham. She is like stinky, used kitty litter and dumber than rocks.

  8. LeahLynn28 says

    Kim Kartrashian?She’s very delusional…
    Two tickets…to take Kanye with her?They are hated by many people,their reputation is bad,both are delusional and crazy.
    She loves attention,but begging for two tickets?That shows what people(famous and not famous) think of her…lol

  9. makingburritos says

    Long time lurker, finally commenting :) I’m going to go with the obvious choice here, Kim Kardashian. She asked for two tickets, I doubt Kanye was invited and we all know she thinks highly of herself…

  10. slantrhyme says

    Kim K? That Bethenny person? Seacrest’s old beard? So many delusional ladies to choose from…

  11. redstilettos says

    Way too vague. This could be a Real Housewife, Jersey Shore person, Kartrashian, or one of the zillion ‘stars’ who have reality shows on E! or Bravo, etc.