Megastar Actor Would Help CIA in Exchange for Coke

spy versus spy[RadarOnline]  In his new book, Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA, whistleblower John Rizzo, who served as the acting general counsel for the entire CIA, admits, “the CIA has long had a special relationship with the entertainment industry, devoting considerable attention to fostering relationships with Hollywood movers and shakers: studio executives, producers, directors and big-name actors.”

“There are officers assigned to this account full-time,” he reveals, adding many Hollywood denizens offer up information to their country — at a price.

Movie industry vets are “receptive to helping the CIA in any way they can,” Rizzo claims, “probably in equal parts because they are sincerely patriotic and because it gives them a taste of real-life intrigue and excitement.”

On the other hand, for the government, “their power and international celebrity can be valuable,” Rizzo explains. “It gives them entrée to people and places abroad. Heads of state want to meet and get cozy with them.”

“But things can get complicated,” he admits.

In one instance, Rizzo claims, the agency was approached blindly by “a major film star at the time” who “somehow knew that another big star’s production company had an association with the CIA’s clandestine service over the years… Now this guy was offering his own name and services to us. Free of charge. Anything he could do. Just out of patriotic duty.”

But it wasn’t exactly a case of no-strings-attached, Rizzo would soon find out.

“As our guy related his story, I wondered to myself, why is he telling me this?” he admits. “It all sounded perfectly fine to me. It was kind of cool actually. And then he got to the kicker.”

“There is one little kicker,” Rizzo claims his underling said. “The actor refuses to take any money, but he told us that instead all he wants of us is to score him the best fifty-thousand-dollar stash of c*caine we can find. He seems to think we can get the real primo stuff. So that’s why I’m here. Is it ok for us to do it?”

“‘Uh, no,’” I managed to get out of my agape mouth,” Rizzo remembers. But the other agent wouldn’t back down from the potential deal.

“We know a way to get some easily,’ our guy added hopefully,” Rizzo writes. “I definitely wasn’t eager to learn how, so I just repeated my response ‘No. No way. Forget it.’”

“I later learned that the actor did provide some assistance to the CIA on a particular project,” he admits. “I was assured that his services were totally gratis.”


Another Big Star (whose production company had association with CIA):

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  1. tawse57 says

    Actor: Waylon Smithers

    Another Big Star: Glenn Quagmire

    It makes sense. These two hang out at the same sauna.

  2. IAmSage says

    Actor: Charlie Sheen

    Another Big Star (whose production company had association with CIA): Ben Affleck

  3. Elmerblues says

    I am sure the production company was Robert Evans and I would guess the star to be either one of his friends (J. Nicholson) or someone working on a production of his (Cotton Club, China Town, Black Sunday, Urban Cowboy).

  4. jonesing says

    Not so much for clues in the item but for the fact that his dad was in the OSS, my guess is Dennis Hopper. Also, he was know for his chemical indulgences.

    • jonesing says

      Okay, now that I’ve reread and I notice “megastar” I’ll change to Jack Nicholson.

  5. PatioPrincess says

    I’m old school so, a bunch of coke for our Country sounds like a win to me. Now we’re stuck with “patriotic celebs” like Jay-Z, Goop, Aniston, Penn, Rodman etc. How far we’ve fallen and how sad it is that our beloved country is circling the drain and run by morons. Our “heros” are a bunch of dimwit twits. The coke sounds like it was a good plan.

    • tarap says

      It is sad Princess. To further your point, I’d add these no talent reality stars whose patriotism starts and stops with a twitter ‘thanks heroes’ their publicist wrote on Memorial Day or something like that. And yes, the coke would have worked. If it motivated people to get the goods then so be it. Everyone knows the CIA was likely the worlds biggest drug dealers from the 60s on.

  6. tarap says

    Here’s a thought and take it as that- just a thought. Dino DeLaurentis was a mega producer suspected of using his private jet to take Roman Polanski out of the country unnoticed before his sentencing for abusing the young girl. Any chance there was a quid pro quo? I’ll help all you want, you pretend not to notice or check passenger kists on my plane flying to France, which conveniently doesn’t extradite to the US for sex crimes.

    A real stretch but I did always wonder how there didn’t seem to be much effort placed in determining how Polanski safely fled.

    • QubbuQ says

      I like this idea for the production company of another star, and Jack Nicholson for the mega star. It was Nicholson’s house that the rape of the young girl took place and he was a good friend of Polanski. Perhaps not THAT good. Good coke = better deal than friendship with creep who’s ship was sinking.
      Alternately…. Nicholson was close friends with Marlon Brando, who had lots of legal issues with his kids and lived and travelled abroad- perhaps he worked with the CIA, and surely he’d tell his good friend Jack about it over their many drinks. They lived next door to each other.

  7. smoolie says

    Rizzo became acting counsel in 2001. Ocean’s Eleven was released in 2001. George Clooney has admitted to doing coke. I’m going to guess Clooney as the actor trading spy work for blow.
    I’m going to guess Robert De Niro as the other celebrity with a production company because De Niro co-founded TriBeCa Production in 1989. 1989 to 2001 is 12 years so that seems like it might fit in with the quote from Rizzo stating: “somehow knew that another big star’s production company had an association with the CIA’s clandestine service over the years…’

    Clooney and De Niro.

  8. katt388 says

    My guess is Ryan Oneal. It states that he was a big star at the time. Most of the people guessed are still pretty important stars. Ryan is not and he was known for his excesses.

    • Lisha says

      Omg you helped me here! My first thought when reading this was Travolta, so thanks for giving me the other big star!

  9. doubledeuce12 says

    I believe the actor is now dead. It was a male and he is now dead. It’s not Dennis Hopper. Any ideas?