Sapphic Cat Fight

catfight 2[Blind Gossip] There is a really interesting sapphic brawl going on right now among several female celebrities!

You might hear that there are four women involved, but there are actually only three, and we’re going to give you the scoop on all the drama behind the scenes!

The pretty woman in the middle of the fight is a foreign-born female model. The two who are bickering privately over who has more of a “claim” over her are an over-30 actress and a under-30 female singer.

The actress and the singer are both bisexual. The model and the singer have been lovers for at approximately two months now, and the actress is a bit newer on the scene.

The actress and the singer can’t stand each other. For now they just texting each other. The text messages are pretty wild: “Back the f*ck off!”; “No you step off b*tch!”; She doesn’t want to be with some butch d*ke!”; “I’d beat the sh*t out of you but you would probably enjoy it!”

It would be fascinating if this argument spills over to Twitter, but we kind of doubt it will, because both the actress and the singer have big egos, and we don’t think either one wants to put themselves out there publicly and then wind up the public “loser.”

The fourth woman who some suspect is involved – but is not – is a very hot young singer who has been caught kissing the model in the past. It was definitely more for the cameras than anything. The young singer is not making a bid for some sort of exclusive relationship with the model and is not part of this cat fight. Too bad, because that would have been kind of fun!

What does the model think? Well, she is just enjoying all the attention, and isn’t committing to anyone.


Over-30 Actress:

Under-30 Female Singer:

Young Singer:

BG Note: The over-30 Actress and the under-30 Singer both recently came out as bisexual. The post has been updated to reflect that fact.

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