Midget Hand Job Leads to Bash Bust

munchkins[Hollywood Street King] This December-born dude’s birthday antics may have been a little too much … even for the leading Hollywood guests who attended his party.

Know why? We’re told our blind item subject may have shared a little too much of his birthday celebration’s  ‘Living Color’ — bragging, “I just had the midget jerk me off.”

That could be why, just one week later, the 46-year-old Academy Award-winner’s Christmas bash went bust. “No A-listers showed up.”

He shares the same birthday with Morris Day. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Birthday Dude:

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  1. bbc says

    “living color”, Academy Award winner, turned 46 on 12/13 (same day as Morris Day)

  2. sssss says

    Jamie Fox – His birthday is December 13th and the hint “Living Color.” And he is an Oscar winner.

  3. MikeInSanJose says

    Without googling… I’m gonna go with Jamie Foxx…

    NOW I’m gonna start googling and see if I’m right…

    • MikeInSanJose says

      BAM! Jamie and Morris share a Dec 13 birthday… Jamie born in ’67 makes him 46…
      He was on In Living Color… Got the Oscar for ‘Ray’

      I think we have a winner!

  4. 2BEAUCOUP says


  5. ravenglass says

    Jamie Foxx

    It doesn’t say if the little person was male or female or if they performed the act willingly.

    I’m sick & tired of celebrities using little people as props & party gags.

  6. Aerin says

    Obviously Jamie Foxx. And it’s disgusting. Luckily not all december-born peeps behave like this 😉

  7. OoLaLana says

    Dick Van Dyke, Christopher Plummer, Taylor Swift and Steve Buscemi all share December 13 birth dates with Morris Day.

    But my guess this is about Jamie Foxx.

    • sugarbread says

      soooooooo taylor swift and tom cruise is what your sayin riiiiight??
      oh !! taylor doesn’t have an Oscar yet.. my bad!!

  8. minx says

    Well, Jamie Foxx turned 46 in December and is an Oscar winner, so I’m going with him. Naughty boy.

  9. Candicane502 says

    Jamie Fox!!! In “living color” was 1 clue and then he won an academy award for Ray. Gotta be him and eww that is nasty!

  10. whatnow says

    Jamie Fox has a December birthday same as Morris Day and was in the show “living color” and won academy award

    Easy Easy one