Tight But Stinky Down South

serena williams[Hollywood Street King] Because this Hollywood harlot ran some serious mileage up on her NaNa, she’s said to have turned to plastic surgery to re-tighten that coochie. Just ask AJ Johnson. But even surgery can’t squash the reported odor she’s got goin’ on down south… Ask Serena Williams.

Sources say that’s because our blind item’s been bustin’ it wide open for pro-athletes for years! She was once catching her ex-hubby’s football — but when she discovered the NFL basically irons out to ‘Not For Long’ careers, not only was she shopping her punany with the NBA [just ask Jason Kidd and Darren Sharper] she divorced her dude!

That’s when she’s said to have taken her ho’in hustle overseas to hook up with wealthy tycoons… Ask Essence Atkins. In addition to diggin’ for gold, this heaux has a thang for married men. She’s even roasted one acting Chesnut over an open fire!

Threes*me smash sessions and sw*nger parties are plays she used to lure her current NBA baller away from his wife and kids. Since then, she hasn’t only discovered her NBA All Star’s reported fetish for Latino trannys, dude’s brought a new baby momma into the picture! Just ask Aja Metoyer.

We’re told the reason why he proposed marriage to our mystery lady is because his team demands their players keep a family image. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


Athlete Fiance:

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  1. ravenglass says

    Star: Dwayne Wade

    Fiance: Gabrielle Union

    Sounds like she’s got something soap & water won’t cure.

  2. sugarbread says

    easy peasy
    gabyy’s punany.
    Dwayne and his tranny’s.. isn’t any baller / rapper straight???
    walgreans..cvs.. u know???

  3. Fan says

    Gabrielle Union?? I didn’t realize she was such a ho….I thought Wade was the problem in that area. I did notice her going on talk shows blabbing how she did so much self improvement, blah, blah blah. Then when they asked her about Paula Deen, she went ghetto-obnoxious on everybody, showing that she probably hadn’t changed at all. When I saw her behavior on one of the shows (The View or The Talk), I immediately disliked her preachy attitude.

  4. PC1 says

    This one is easy… Long history of people talking and rapping about Ms. Stinky
    Star: Gabrielle Union
    Athlete Fiance: Dwyane Wade

  5. ahmarna says

    Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

    Aja Metoyer was the woman who is pregnant with his child currently

    AJ Jojnson is Gabreille’s trainer

    Chris Howard is her NFL playing ex hubby

  6. Snookie says

    This can only be Gabrielle Union for the win. Have been lurking on the site for a while, decided to finally post.

  7. TruthtellerAlways says

    It’s GABRIELLE UNION. She used to be married 2 an athlete and she did a movie with morris CHESTNUT. & Aja metoyer is dwayne wade’s (her finance’s) mistress.

    • GossipProblem says

      I thought this blind was trying to say she slept with Morris Chestnut.

      “In addition to diggin’ for gold, this heaux has a thang for married men. She’s even roasted one acting Chesnut over an open fire!”

      Yeah, definitely saying that she had an affair with him. That’s the only surprising thing in this blind. Dumb Chestnut!

  8. mumu987 says

    Star: Gabrielle Union – She was married to Chris Howard a returned NFL player from 2001-2006
    Athlete Fiance: Dwayne Wade

    These celebrities are too scandalous!

  9. redstilettos says

    Gabrielle Union and the basketball player she just got engaged to. Ew. I always thought Gabby seemed like a classy lady. This is nasty. lol

  10. GayleStorm says

    Star: Gabrielle Union

    Athlete Fiance: Dwyane Wade

    Skanky AND stanky! Sheesh….these people are gross!!!!

  11. AngelLight says

    Easy peasy on this blind…
    Star: Gabrielle Union, her ex husband is former NFL player Chris Howard
    Athlete Fiance: Dwyane Wade, who left his wife, Siohvaughn Funches for Gabby

  12. curlyandclever says

    Is anyone else wondering how Serena Williams knows what GU’s no-no zone smells like? :o()

  13. ClosetOrganizer says

    Sounds like Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. The scandalous lives of the celebrities…

  14. duuuhhhhh says

    Come on people, stop jumping on the bandwagon.
    It’s clearly EVELYN LOZADA!!!!
    Or whatever her name is. She was married to a nfl-re before. Chad ochocinco. Daughter with Jason Kidd. Known to be a video/industry ho for a while. Easy blind.

    • nellyboo says

      Negative. Evelyn is with a baseball player NOT an NBA player. She was once married to an NBA player not an NFL player.

    • HmmLetMeSee says

      Um, unless you’re just kidding – this is not Evelyn. Evelyn just became engaged to a Baseball player, not an ‘NBA baller’.

      G. Union was all up in D. Wade’s marriage, and she is rumored to have had something going on with Morris Chestnut — who she’s been in a few movies with.

      I think the bigger picture here is the fact that she’s such a heaux – and that her NaNa reeks. That’s sad, because I actually like her as an actress.

  15. nellyboo says

    It is Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, which everyone else has said. But, i’m going to explain the clues.

    Gabrielle used to date Darren Sharper and Jason Kidd.
    Her BFF is Essence Atkins
    We all know Dwayne Wades new baby momma is Aja Metoyer
    Dwayne is an NBA Baller
    Gabrielle is also friends with Serena Williams and they are often spotted court side at games.

  16. palypal says

    Ugh union is so fake preaching about mean and acting. Her whole persona fake. Vindictive. I wish she would get outted. Pretty sad that is what convinces him!

    Essence A?? What?