Freak Out After First Kiss

felicity oliver arrow[EOnline] We just found out that one of the hottest could-be couples on TV – a pairing with a decidedly devout “shipper” following – is finally going to lock lips for the very first time, and it is filling our Grinchy-sized hearts with so much glee.

It is a first kiss. And it is epic.

The smooch, which will happen pretty soon in the new year, will alter the course of these two characters for the rest of the series. And we can tell you this about how it happens:

They kiss. One of them freaks out. And then one of them gets a new love interest.

But….Wait, wait, wait! Let’s just get back to the kissing part.

‘Cause we’re guessing some of you might want to know which two TV characters we’re talking about?

Here’s your list of suspects, and if you Twitter fiends retweet this story link, with #KissingTVCouple, we’ll knock off one pairing for every 100 RTs, until the list is down to only two couples.

  1. Abbie and Ichabod, Sleepy Hollow ELIMINATED
  2. Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries
  3. Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project
  4. Huck and Quinn, Scandal ELIMINATED
  5. Felicity and Oliver, Arrow
  6. Haley and Elijah, The Originals
  7. Nolan and Emily, Revenge ELIMINATED
  8. Jake and Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ELIMINATED
  9. Carrie and Quinn, Homeland
  10. Daryl and Carol, The Walking Dead
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58 comments to Freak Out After First Kiss

  • ginnynotjenny

    Well, it can’t be Carrie and Quinn as it says it takes place “pretty soon in the new year” and Homeland is over for the year. Same for Daryl and Carol. Really, really hoping it’s either Danny and Mindy or Felicity and Oliver!

  • Atalanta

    I think it’s definitely Carrie and Quinn! They’ve had the sexual tension brewing for a while now… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the first episode out when they return from the break.

  • Erin

    I’m going with Mindy and Danny. I’ve seen a few things on various spoiler boards that fit with this being The Mindy Project.

  • lrg

    Daryl and Carol

  • memommamo

    Has to be someone from Glee…. Santana and Rachel? haha.

  • smd1004p

    carrie and quinn

  • robirob052

    Devout shipper following lead me immediately to Teen Wolf’s Stiles and Derek or Sterek (Dylan O’ Brian and Tyler Hoechlin), but they are not an option.

    I would love it to be Felicity and Oliver from Arrow, but my guess since this is about shipper following I’d guess either Carrie and Quinn from Homeland or Daryl and Carol from Walking Dead since they have some kind of ‘nerd’ following.

    • Mrs.DarylDixon

      Watch what you say about my husband! J/K but you know The Walking Dead is the most highly rated tv show right now, right?

  • Columbus

    Oh, I so hope it is Felicity and Oliver.

  • BritishPound

    Carrie and Quinn. Get in!

  • katt388

    Iwas hoping for Jim Parsons character and Amy on the Big Bang Theory but they are not on the list.

  • Jazzy

    Please let it be Felicity and Oliver…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • phoenixfire

    plot twist: it’s going to be none of these and it’ll end up being stiles and derek from teen wolf 😀

  • BilbOno

    Danny and Mindy…please!! :)

  • jacqueline

    Carrie and Quinn, Homeland (references to Glee and The Grinch, Jim Carrey was the Grinch, Quinn character in Glee).

    • Whatzmyname

      They are not talking about Jim Carrey. They are talking about Carrie. A female character on Homeland.

      • DannyM

        Yes but the name “Carrie” and the last name “Carrey” sound similar so in theory the clue could refer to Carrie. Just like Quinn on Homeland is not Quinn from Glee but the Glee clue could still refer to that.

  • MzDBDB

    I have never heard of any of these couples, except for the Walking Dead. So, you can rule out the Walking Dead couple. hahaha

  • Katmandu

    Not Hook and Mr. Gold (Once Upon A Time), LOL???

    No idea, picking at random…Darryl and Carol (he’s probably missing her and she almost looks pretty now that her crewcut is growing out).

  • nellyboo

    I’m going with Daryl and Carol because I have a feeling she’ll be back for the second half of the season! I consider The Walking Dead to be a shipper following. I hope i’m not wrong.

  • nomnom

    I assume they wouldn’t use that pic if it were Felicity and Oliver, but I so want it to be!!! I don’t understand how the show keeps pretending Laurel is cuter than her.

    I love Daryl, but I don’t want to see him and Carol kiss.

    I’m guessing Danny and Mindy, with her being the freaker outer.

  • timmybeaverhausen

    Mindy & Danny. Mindy Kaling has tweeted that they get naked in tonight’s episode. I am all for Chris Messina gratuitous nudity.

  • ravenglass

    Daryl & Carol

    I love Daryl but hate Carol so I don’t really want this to happen.

    If it does, Daryl will be the one to freak out.

    Daryl should be with Rick.

    Carol should have died instead of Hershel.

    I really hate Carol.

  • ostrich

    Was hoping it was Amy and Sheldon

  • Divide by Zero

    No idea, but was I the only one half hoping to see Dean & Cas on that list?

  • Soulfire


  • ckfreak

    I hope it’s Danny and Mindy.

  • Fan

    I don’t understand the big deal…characters kiss on TV all the time.

  • stolidog

    I thought for sure this was going to be Chord Overstreet and Darrin Chris. Hmm.

  • Jaimet

    This is DEFINITELY going to be Stefan and Caroline from TVD. I thought of them before I even saw they were an option.

    • Pinks

      I really hope not but it would make since given the bomb that Damon dropped during the last episode. They’ve got to keep Stefan and Elena apart.

    • TheEnglishTexan

      Same here. They’ve been hinting at that for a while now.

  • Jaimet

    It could also be Carrie and Quinn from Homeland. I’ve never seen the show, but “Quinn” is a character from Glee. So, it could be a clue.

  • Rooster

    can it be mythical or dead, I hope it’s at least human.

  • lily is my puppy

    3. Danny and Mindy — they need to kiss soon!!

  • graysonsmama

    Mindy & Danny pleaassseee! They are the only two I ship left on this list.

  • LBoogie

    Olivia and Harrison, Scandal

  • dween2000

    Danny and Mindy

  • mary76

    Daryl and Carol. The new love interest is Tyrese. Not a Caryl shipper but it was bound to happen eventually, still don’t see it though.

  • sugarbread

    must be carrie and Quinn so they no longer have to hide it

    • sugarbread

      guess walking dead is only one left.. I don’t watch it.

  • PrettyInPink84

    It is definitely The Vampire Diaries-Stefan and Caroline.
    They have a fan base (even though they have never showed anything more than friendship between them, not even a hint, but they are both currently single on the show, and TVD is ALWAYS using the word epic. ALWAYS. I was hoping that it would have been Klaus and Caroline on the list instead, because they have a HUGE shipping, even though they gave him his own spin off The Originals. He will be doing a cross over for an episode coming up and she could always cross over to The Originals. She’s really starting to bug me on TVD.

  • aclynch1978

    Carrie & Quinn? The “shipper following” is maybe military personnel are really into the show?

  • rocketbeach

    Stefan and Caroline – The Vampire Diaries.
    The phrase ‘and its epic’ makes me think this.. reminds me of “we met, we talked and it was epic”. Caroline will be the one to freak out

  • PatioPrincess

    The only kiss I want to see on a current TV show would be one that involves Lizzie Keen and Don Ressler on “The Blacklist.” That would be hot!

  • Superficial.

    Stefan and Caroline

  • meowmasita

    Danny and Mindy I don’t know why, but the grinch reference made me think of Danny, and the glee reference to Fox, The Mindy Project’s home network. Maybe I’m off, but the fact that it’s a picture of Felicity and Oliver from Arrow makes me think (albiet sadly) that it’s not them.

  • Ginger KyD

    Ok, so it’s Mindy and Danny. Dindy, if you will.
    Cliff is going to dump Mindy, Danny is going to trick Mindy into going with him to see his estranged father because he needs her support. They do, after all, have each other’s backs.
    They will kiss. I believe it will be on a plane?
    I think that Mindy is going to bug out and Danny is going to date Peter’s sister. They are bringing in Joanna Garcia.
    Super sucky that the show is being shelved until APRIL. Get you s*it together, Fox. Seriously.

    “Mindy scribe and co-star Ike Barinholtz confirms the sexy storyline ahead, teasing to TVLine, ‘There will be something significant happening for Mindy and Danny… At this point, we’ve loaded it up and aimed the gun. At some point you’ve got to fire, otherwise people might just be like, ‘Come on already!’ So, we will definitely see their relationship go to another level — for at least a bit.”

  • drunkinlove014

    Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project

    It’s the show that’s on FOX and I guess the small clue I took from it was Glee (who recently aired a Christmas based show and the Grinch is something that’s associated with Christmas). I could be wrong but it’s not like I’ll be losing any points anyway.

  • lynda

    Probably another kiss from a gay glee.

  • jonjayh

    Personally, I was hoping for Oliver and Diggle on Arrow. THAT would be hot.

  • ChiveOn

    Watson and Sherlock on Elementary…. just because this is not on the list and I like to take wild guesses. Ha. :)

  • socal13

    Oh please be Danny and Mindy. But that she goes (back) out with Cliff. I definitely want Glenn Howerton to keep guesting on the show.

  • dena37

    Haley and Elijah almost kissed (it was pretty epic) and a new love interest was just introduced on the same episode.

  • ECR

    I really hope it’s Stefan and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries, I’d ship the hell out of them.