British Singer’s Lawyers Prevented Outing

microphone 4[Daily Mirror] Which British male singer is breathing a massive sigh of relief after his lawyers intervened to prevent a book from being published, outing him?

Blogger Jaiden Michael’s tome, Celebrity2013, was published yesterday via Amazon Kindle, but removed two hours later due to “libel content.” It made claims about the singer’s quirky peccadilloes, and, once seen by the star’s legal team, was promptly removed online. I’m told, “Jaiden was ordered to re-write the chapter, minus his claims, and the book is now back on sale.”


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  1. lorelaigilmore says

    Harry Styles. The book’s disclaimer states that “no homosexual boyband members locked in the closet were harmed during the making of this book.”

    • ECR says

      “no homosexual boyband members locked in the closet were harmed during the making of this book.”
      I’m laughing so hard

  2. Elesdee says

    From briefly reading his blog, he seems to dislike Max from the Wanted, referring to him as “bent as a candy cane”. In which case, I nominate Max.

  3. whitesox23 says

    Harry Styles??? Louis Tomlinson??? Someone from the Wanted??? I really don’t know many British Singers….

  4. YoGo8c says

    Hmm, well could be any British male singer. Or maybe ‘sigh of relief’ – Comic Relief? could be a clue.

    A few obvious names will be shouted out for this but really there aren’t that many clues to go on here. Clearly all the big male names should be there if it’s about 2013 celebs: One Direction, The Wanted, Bruno Mars, Olly Murs, Union J, there are scores of them.

    • Totally_Sam says

      I honestly think that if anybody from One Direction were to come out, it would be Louis AND Harry. Also, Bruno !are isn’t British. Third, Jaymi from Union J is already openly gay (and engaged).

  5. YoGo8c says

    It might be unrelated but someone posted about Jaiden’s book on his Twitter page asking him for a brew (brit slag: tea) and he answered: ‘Green tea for me’.

    Could be totally unrelated but if it were to be a clue there is Professor Green, who’s a British singer-songwriter/rapper.

      • mostlylurker says

        hard to out a guy who was never in. Plus he wrote his autobiography which includes his relationships with men. I know a member of the former smiths team and morrisey apparently is very much as advertised.

  6. graysonsmama says

    According to his intro (you can “look inside” on Amazon), I think I will go with a One Directioner. He mentions Harry Styles an awful lot in the opening, but when he addresses the cease and desist, it seems to point more towards Zayn Malik.

    • Mtlmeee says

      i guess you don’t have a teenage daughter. Everyone in the “fandom” knows that Zayn is definitely not gay. He is the biggest man slut when he is on tour. My daughter knows first hand of his antics…

    • Kyiaj says

      Zayn Malik is NOT gay…He had to put a ring on it to make up for all the one night stands he has had in the last tour with female fans and groupies.

  7. JenJenJen says

    Conor Maynard? He had a song called “Breathe” and as he is supposed to be the British Justin Bieber, I can see why they would try to hide his sexuality.

    Also Harry Styles perhaps?

  8. mrose says

    sorry to disappoint I don’t think its who you think it is. This blogger has been saying things like this about the guy from the Wanted for awhile now

  9. sugarspice says

    Quick stab at Harry Styles or Max George. Couldn’t give a stuff about Max but do care about I mean his happiness. Coming out should be something an individual does when their ready not when other people decide to do it for them!

  10. Visha says

    I’m going to go with Robbie Williams here although its not that shocking really considering everyone has always thought he is gay

  11. Booboo1068 says

    I’ll guess the obvious: Robbie Williams. Same peccadilloes (minor indiscretions etc) as George Michael?

  12. Ask Me, I'm Alice says

    I’m assuming its either half of Larry because its obvious neither of them are completely strait, but onto a bigger question: does anyone know how to find the first copy of the book? I assume *someone* had to download it before it was “corrected.”

  13. Deusex says

    Bent to a degree, Louis & Harry, Mick Jagger & David Bowie, Garry Barlow, Robbie Williams. Possibly Robbie, as big enough to have a legal team.

    Or for the rough trade fantasy Max George who would ride hard, then knock your lights out if you ever mentioned anything to anyone, le swoon.

  14. RuHa says

    Lord, this isn’t about Harry is it? Not that he is the only male Brit singer, but he does seem to be wearing the bulls eye tee shirt lately. I hope after the next tour he just comes out and gets it done. That’ll cut down on the blinds. Now what about those peccadilloes?

  15. LeahLynn28 says

    Oh,”massive sigh of relief” has to be a clue,right?
    “Massive” reminds of one of Muse’s song “Supermassive black hole”.
    I may be wrong,but he could be Matt Bellamy.

  16. 3snaps says

    Guessing Harry Styles since he is the subject of oh so many blinds. I don’t listen to his music and I don’t care if he is gay or not but sheesh this must be terribly exhausting/draining remaining in the closet in this day and age. If I were any of these closeted clebs I would just say F it and be me for all the world to see.

    • Bamadex says

      Oops. That’s “… from your Kindle.” So it’s unlikely any Kindle owners have a copy of the original text.

      Re: The Wanted, they’ve made some gay-related jabs at 1D, which might lead you to believe they have nothing to hide. Still, it’s hard to imagine they’re all straight.

      BTW, Max dated LiLo for a while, or was screwing her, or she was stalking him…depending on what version you believe.

  17. ItzNyssa says

    So I did a little research and read some of his blog. He seems convinced that Max George is gay so I’m going to go with him….

  18. ClosetOrganizer says

    Harry Styles, Max George, or Nathan Sykes if it’s the ‘under-28’ set. ‘Over-28’ would be Robbie Williams or Olly Murs.

    • YoGo8c says

      Well this would actually tie in with BG’s item about Zippy if one of the conquests was Max. He has a ‘hot model girlfriend’ as well, always a suspicious thing, lol!

  19. tiana.h says

    I think its some from the Wanted
    but i also go a feeling that it may be one of the 1D Lads
    or I could be complete of cause it may be some one a lot older.

    Just my opinion I don’t know,.

  20. kandeestyles19 says

    I don’t thuink it’s about Harry Styles…wouldn’t he and Louis want to come out? Mu guess is Max George

  21. lizt says

    I don’t think it’s the Wanted. Rumour has it that they’re about to be dumped by their record company/management, so I can’t imagine anyone bothering to spend money on legal fees. It sounds to me more like a solo singer: I’d guess Olly Murs who never seems to be pictured with any sort of partner , male or female. No-one’s that squeaky clean! I reckon he’s not prepared to go down the fake PR girlfriend route, so has agreed to keep a low profile.

  22. says

    harry styles or louis tomlinson for sure. Clue is possibly the “massive sigh of relief”. whenever One Direction wins an award they say “massive thanks to our fans”.

  23. lottie says

    harry styles? he’s often described as “quirky”, one direction are known for their “massive” thank you’s and his lawyers work hard to keep him in the closet…

  24. nicofs says

    Man, people are thirsty for anything remotely related to Harry Styles and homosexuality. Don’t think it’s about him.

    It’s a singer – seems like a ‘singular’ performer here. I’m going with Olly Murs. The use of ” peccadilloes” and having the double LL here kind of hints at his name. Also, that image of the microphone is kind of that ‘old school’ brat pack time that Olly’s style tends to channel.

    Also, filing for ‘libel’ content means that the content is false and damaging to their reputation. Everyone is so convinced Harry Styles is gay so doubtful his lawyers could sue for libel.

    Very vague though. Not many obvious hints here for me.

    • jezzadezza says

      I don’t think it’s Olly.

      And just because a lot of people are convinced Harry is gay doesn’t mean his lawyers couldn’t sue for libel. It’s show business. Entertainment lawyers threaten and sue in order to cover things up all the time and often it’s to protect the celebrity’s private life and reputation, whether or not the said content is actually true or false in reality. Also, this singer’s legal team just threatened Jaiden. They likely didn’t have to actually prove anything. And they know a threat is enough, as it often is in a situation like this. Especially when dealing with a gossip blogger like Michael. For him, a threat from a big legal team is enough to rewrite something about a certain celeb rather than dealing with a lawsuit. I’m just saying.

      You’re right though, this one is quite vague.

  25. BoredPerson123 says

    Singer: Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) OR Max George (The Wanted)

    Louis has been the subject of “homosexual rumours/controversy” ever since One Direction were formed. Also, during one of their Twitter arguments, Louis shot back at Max, calling him “Chlamydia boy”.

    I think that’s enough to infer from. Plus “relief” is probably from “Comic Relief”, and both bands have participated in Comic Relief before, so. \(^_^)/

  26. ClosetOrganizer says

    nicofs actually raises a good point. I’m changing/narrowing my guess to Olly Murs, especially since he, like One Direction, is managed by Modest! Management–who seems to have a track record with “closet cases”.

  27. biguisan says

    This couldn’t be Harry because I think Harry’s been wanting to come out for a long time now… I’m gonna go with Robbie Williams.

  28. nwilts1678 says

    The blurb in the book says the singers FAT girlfriend. Surely that has to be a big clue? Robbies wife is thin. Harry currently dateing the skinny kardashian. Can I pop out Gary Barlow? surely he must have some vice?

  29. elle23 says

    It’s say a member from a boy and and British also they’re not saying he’s gay, so could be bi-sexual. My guess is Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams basically anyone from Take That.

  30. chicagourl says

    Either Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson, Harry was openly Bi in school and had a boyfriend(I believe I heard it was Will who was in White Eskmo with him)